The Luna Destiny

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White Lies

Roisin awoke in the medical bay of Ishtall labs and groaned, she saw Dex in a chair beside her bed.

"Why do I always end up here" She joked, as she rubbed her sore head. Dex leaned over and kissed her, before brushing the hair from her face.

"Hey sleepy" He smiled.

"What happened?" Roisin asked, as she noticed Ruby sat watching from the windowsill. Ruby waved with her small hand.

"We were kinda hoping you could tell us that..." Dex chuckled.

"Hmm... I was in the Underworld I think..." She began.

"Amber theorized you may have ended up there somehow" Dex nodded.

"I can't really recall much" Roisin lied, as she felt the Light Matter sat in her pocket. "It's a bit of a blur, I think there was someone there?" She said, as she rubbed her head and sat up.

"I'll get them and show 'em what for!" Ruby said as she punched at the air.

"I don't know where you get this stuff from, Ruby" Dex laughed.

"I saw it on the TV!" Ruby smiled. Roisin smiled and looked at Ruby, Dex held her and stood up.

"I'll go and tell the others what you told me. Saves them interrogating you" Dex winked.

"Thank you, Dex" Roisin smiled. "I love you" She added, as he walked through the door and closed it quietly. Ruby flew across the room and landed at the foot of Roisin's bed.

"What did you see?" Ruby asked, tilting her head.

"Hmm?" Roisin shrugged.

"You brought something back with you, Rosie, I can sense it from here" Ruby said, sternly. "You've never really lied to Dex before, so... you must remember" She said, as she slowly walked toward Roisin.

"It's the key, to defeating the Senior Partners" Roisin admitted.

"Why keep that secret?" Ruby prodded. Roisin gazed down and frowned.

"It will kill the Senior Partners, and seal the rift... but it will kill me" Roisin sighed deeply.

"NO!" Ruby roared with her tiny voice. "I won't let that happen! I can't! Please, Mum!" Ruby stomped her tiny feet. Roisin looked at Ruby sadly, her heart broke seeing tears falling from the small dragonet's green eyes.

"I wish there was another way, Ruby, I truly do" Roisin shook her head. "It's either I die, or everyone dies..." She added.

"I'll find a way to stop it..." Ruby shook her head. "I'll do both!" She added.

"I can't stop you" Roisin nodded. "Please... keep it between us for now, I can't bear anyone else knowing" She pleaded. Ruby exhaled air from her nostrils.

"Okay" Ruby nodded, as she walked up to Roisin's hand, and headbutted it, as a sign that she wanted to be patted. "But they deserve to know too" She added, as Roisin began patting Ruby.

"I know, you're right" Roisin sighed. "I... just..." She continued.

"You need to stop trying to save the world by yourself" Ruby interrupted. "In the stories, you always throw yourself at whatever stands in our way, at the cost of yourself. You're not invincible, and you're not alone. I'm here, Dex too!" She said, in a stern tone once more.

Roisin gazed down, recalling the events of Rivenlake.

"My life... has cost others theirs..." She said, quietly. "People died so that I could live on, so that I could carry out my destiny" Roisin continued. "If I don't carry out that destiny, those sacrifices would have been for nothing" She added. Ruby frowned.

"Please don't leave me..." She mewed, quietly.

"I..." Roisin couldn't find the words she wanted to say. She knew it was possible to save Crystalla, and live, but once more, it would cost another person their life. Ruby frowned, and curled up on the bed, her head facing Roisin.

"I promise I'll save you, no matter what" Ruby whispered. Roisin smiled gently, as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Thank you, Ruby" Roisin said, as she placed a small bit of a chocolate bar in front of the little dragonet. Ruby nodded and nibbled at the chocolate, as Roisin laid back and closed her eyes.

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