The Luna Destiny

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The Lost City

Aran walked into the ruins of Imperistia, along with Brannam. The city had all but completely collapsed as time had passed, and the sky was dim.

"It is a pity that this is what became of the nation of Elvman" Brannam sighed. "In their dreams, this city appeared so grand and so beautiful" She added.

"It was" Aran sighed. "They warred with Raryst and Pyre. Back then, it seemed unjustified, but with the knowledge we have gained since, perhaps they fought with good reason" Aran sighed.

"Did you know Arwyn?" Brannam asked.

"You never saw him in my dreams?" Aran asked, with a shrug.

"He didn't seem to ever appear, mostly it was Lumina, Trel and Abyssia in the dreams of yours" Brannam smiled.

"I guess" Aran nodded, as she looked up at the great palace that was the only remaining building standing in the Upper City. "I knew Arwyn well, you obviously know his brother, Hiran" Aran smiled.

"Indeed, he has pledged himself to the protection of the nation of Brannam. He has turned into a protector of the people" Brannam smiled.

"Arwyn is different from Hiran. While he lived for the nation of Imperistia, he had always hoped to change their isolationist ways from within" Aran explained. "Given time, I believe he would have accomplished his goal. If he had not died in defence of Hiran and I" Aran sighed.

"His defence of you both gave time for the city to be evacuated. I believe, I saw in the dreams of those who lived in this nation, a man stood atop the Palace with a blade in the air. A man who looked much like Arwyn" Brannam smiled. The two of them soon reached a spot in the centre of the city.

"This shall make the perfect place" Brannam nodded, before placing a hand on Aran's shoulder and closing her eyes. As she did a bright light illuminated the Undercity, it's blinding light consumed everything before suddenly disappearing.

Arwyn opened his eyes to see the old broken struts of the Upper City jutting out of the platform the Palace sat upon.

"Ugh... I'm still alive?" He muttered.

"Hey there, Arwyn" Aran smiled, as she spoke, Arwyn jumped backward in shock, before squinting his eyes.

"Araneia?!" He asked, confused.

"Yeah, it's me" She smiled.

"But, you aren't grey any more?" He asked, still confused. "And who is this pink haired girl?" He said, pointing to Brannam.

"Uh... long story. Basically it's been several years and... you've been dead" Aran shrugged.

"You'd have thought an Eternal would have learned who to speak with a little more grace by now" Brannam shrugged. "I am Brannam, a Crystalla from the Isle of Farenai" She introduced herself as she bowed.

"Uh, Crystalla?" Arwyn scratched his head.

"Another long story I'm afraid" Aran shrugged. "We need to get back to the Chamber of the Council now, we can't stay here" She added.

"We're leaving Imperistia behind? The Council have returned?" Arwyn asked.

"Nobody lives here any more. Most people are concentrated in either Inchaya, or Aodhan now" Aran explained.

"Aodhan?" Arwyn sighed, sounding frustrated.

"The new nation on the other continent, comprised of the cities of Ishtall, Sanctuary and Haven" Brannam elaborated.

"Uh, Sanctuary? Haven?" Arwyn shrugged. Aran grunted in frustration.

"Let's just get back to the Council Chambers where we can fill you in..." She shook her head. Arwyn smiled slightly.

"You've changed..." He chuckled.

"Well, yeah?" Aran shrugged.

"No, I don't mean how you look" Arwyn shook his head. "You seem... less scary, I guess?" He said quietly.

"Uh... thanks?" Aran shrugged as she walked on ahead.

"Smooth" Brannam chuckled as she followed Aran.

"Some things never change, I guess" Arwyn smiled as he took one final look at Imperistia before following the other two.

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