The Luna Destiny

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Keegan and Amber finally reached the walls of the southern nation of Ysdrilla. The sky had recently turned lighter once more, signalling that Arwyn had been made into a Crystalla. The walls had partially collapsed from recent fiend attacks, so the two headed through into the snowy tribelands of Ysdrilla.

"You can see the Aurora Polaris from here" Amber noticed as she looked into the sky.

"Strange, I wonder if this is why the tribelands have survived throughout this?" Keegan pondered.

"Strange how the darkness never blocked them out, though, like it did with the sun" Amber shrugged. As they walked ahead, an arrow hit the ground immediately in front of the pair.

"Woah!" Amber jumped back and raised her hands in the air.

"We're here on peaceful terms" Keegan shouted. Two Lacermen archers ran out from the nearby woods and kept their bows knocked.

"If you were an Elvman I'd have killed you where you stood" One of the Archers said. "Fortunately, we have no quarrel with Humans and Hubuns. So we will give you a chance to explain" They continued.

"We're from Aodhan, on the eastern continent" Amber explained.

"I've never heard of a place called Aodhan. But we have limited contact with the world outside of Ysdrilla" The archer nodded.

"Basically, we're trying to prevent the end of the world" Amber continued.

"Well, more like, the end of everything, ever" Keegan nodded.

"This is related to the endless night?" The archer asked. "You must be able to clear the night, it seems, as the bright skies follow you" They said as he looked at the dim sky above that had recently been pitch black.

"That's right" Keegan smiled. "I am Keegan Luna, and I have the power within me to bring the light back to your realm" He nodded.

"You are possessed of the Moonblood?" The archer asked. "Your name, Luna, says as much" He nodded.

"I guess so, but I don't think I've heard it referred to as the Moonblood before" Keegan replied.

"Okay, you may lower your hands and follow me to the Jarl's house" The archer nodded. "However, we did notice you came from the direction of the Elvmen, so we are still suspicious of your intentions, even if you do have the Moonblood in your veins" He warned. Amber stepped forward and sighed.

"The nation of the Elvman, Imperistia has long since fallen. It is part of the reason why the darkness was able to set in" She explained.

"The city has fallen?" The archer pondered. "The Jarl will be most interested to hear this. If it is true" He smiled.

"It's just a ruined graveyard of a city" Keegan shook his head. "I saw it with my own eyes. I know the Elvmen of Imperistia weren't the best, but they didn't deserve the fate that befell them" Keegan explained. The archer smiled and nodded.

"You truly are possessed of the Moonblood. Young human. I see empathy in your eyes" The archer nodded. "But I also see guilt and grief, well beyond your years" He explained. Keegan nodded and sighed.

"I am trying to atone... I lost my way" He frowned. The archer walked up to him, stood over 2ft taller than him, and placed his scaled hand on Keegan's shoulder.

"That you admit you were wrong is more than any Elvmen ever did" He smiled. "Maybe more than any Lacerman ever will. Our kind are not innocent, but we do try to atone for what we do, when we can" The archer explained.

"Thank you, Sir" Keegan smiled.

"Come, we shall head to the Emerald Fjord, where the Jarl's home of Jorvik awaits" The archer nodded. "You may call me Einar the Battlebroken, or just Einar" He smiled.

"I'm Keegan, as you know" Keegan nodded.

"I'm Amber Woodraven, chief scientist of Aodhan" Amber smiled.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Keegan and Amber" Einar smiled. The other archer stepped forward.

"I am Gyda the Bravesister, or just Gyda" The other archer said. Keegan pondered for a moment.

"Forgive me, if this is rude, I had assumed you were both male" He bowed his head in respect.

"Ah, yes, with Lacermen being rare outside the walls of our home, your knowledge of us must be... limited" Gyda smiled. "We are an asexual race, as I believe you outsiders call it. We are neither male or female" Gyda explained.

"Indeed, although, having gained knowledge of the other races, in recent centuries our kind adopted roles similar to Hubuns and Humans, male and female. With the difference being that our kind are able to chose between the two" Einer smiled.

"That is also a thing in the outside world too, at least in Human and Hubun society, we support those who wish to change their assigned gender to one that fits them. We also have non-binary sexualities for those who believe that neither gender fits their personal identities and beliefs" Amber explained.

"It seems that your kind are more open minded than we had assumed" Gyda smiled.

"It's still a work in progress, there are those who wish to drag us backwards but the majority of us wish to continue making progress and will eventually win out, I believe" Amber smiled.

"Perhaps our Jarl will consider opening our borders one day, so that we make partake in your society more and aid you in these endeavours" Gyda nodded, as the group began walking through the snow filled woods.

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