The Luna Destiny

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The waterfalls that surrounded Jorvik thundered as the Aurora Polaris illuminated the land below in its green glow. Einar and Gyda led Keegan and Amber to the longhouse in the centre of the city, as Lacermen watched from their homes.

"This place is cold as heck..." Keegan shivered.

"Yes, it reaches below freezing most nights, and we've been in nighttime now for so long that it's colder than usual" Gyda explained.

"When you enter the longhouse, please be respectful towards the Jarl. We haven't had outsiders here in centuries, so you will want to make a good impression" Einar explained.

"Right" Keegan nodded.

"Might be best if I do the talking then, no offence, Keegan" Amber smiled.

"None taken" Keegan chuckled.

"Hmm, the Jarl will want to talk to the Moonblooded" Einar explained. "So it may be best it Keegan was the one to talk" He added.

"I'll do my best" Keegan shrugged.

They soon reached the doors of the longhouse, the doors swung open to reveal a large firepit in the center, and the warm air flowed past them as they walked inside and closed the door. Einar escorted Keegan toward the Jarl, who was sat on a simple wooden chair at the head of the house.

"My Jarl, I have returned" Einar knelt before the leader.

"Rise Einar the Battlebroken, and introduce me to our guests" The Jarl smiled.

"Of course" Einar nodded. "This is Keegan Moonblood, or Luna, in Human tongue" He smiled. Upon hearing Moonblood, the Jarl sat upright and looked at Keegan.

"Could it be, the Moonblooded have returned to us after millenia?" The Jarl asked.

"My Lord, I am Keegan Luna" Keegan bowed. "I come here to assist you in clearing the darkness that has befallen this land, and brought the blighted fiends to your walls" He continued. The Jarl stared into Keegan's eyes for a moment.

"You are earnest in intent" The Jarl smiled, before turning to Amber. "Please come closer" He motioned to her, Amber nodded and walked over to Keegan. "Who are you?" He asked, in a warm tone.

"I'm Amber Woodraven, Chief Scientist of the Aodhan Labs" Amber bowed.

"Pleased to meet you, Amber" The Jarl smiled.

"If I may ask a question" Amber bowed her head.

"Of course" The Jarl nodded.

"The darkness descended elsewhere, but the sun was blocked out, most light in general was blocked out" Amber began. "Here in Ysdrilla, the Aurora Polaris are visible, despite the black sky" She continued.

"Ah" The Jarl nodded. "This is connected to the Life Crystal Cairn, it grants us the light" He explained.

"Life Crystal Cairn?" Keegan asked. The Jarl nodded and stood, he towered over the other Lacermen.

"Yes, connected to those with the Blood of the Moon" The Jarl nodded. "It was brought here many centuries ago, by a young Hubun, named Caera Luna, she had the gift of the Crystal, and helped ward off the invading Elvman. She lived in this city long into adulthood, earning the name of Caera the Moonblood, as the moon seemed to improve her strength depending on if it was full or not" He continued.

"I have a Hubun ancestor?" Keegan pondered.

"Yes" The Jarl smiled. "However, eventually she told us that her time was over, but before she left, she told us that we had to build a huge monument for her greatest gift. So we built a huge pyramid like structure, with rounded rocks, like the cairns that dot around our land. The day she left, she told us that we must protect the cairn with our life, for she left the most powerful Crystal on this star inside there. The Life Crystal" The Jarl explained.

"Amazing" Amber gasped. "It had been believed by outsiders that there was no soul Crystal, because the power lived on through the Luna bloodline" She explained.

"I guess before Caera, there wasn't one, and she built one... leaving all of her power in there" Keegan pondered.

"The tale goes that one day, the little rose will come and take the power to forge the world anew" The Jarl added.

"Little rose?" Amber pondered. "That's not Keegan" She chuckled.

"Roisin" Keegan nodded.

"Roisin?" Amber asked.

"Roisin means Little Rose, in the old tongue" Keegan nodded.

"Huh... so it's Roisin's power" Amber nodded.

"Right, she will have to venture here later" Keegan nodded. "But I still have a purpose here" He smiled. "I can restore the day" Keegan stated.

"You and your kin are always welcome in these lands, Moonblood. Please rest for tonight, and we shall discuss more when the day begins anew" The Jarl smiled. Keegan and Amber bowed and walked to the door of the long

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