The Luna Destiny

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The following day, the villagers in Jorvik gathered around the center of the village, where Keegan stood, he closed his eyes and focused on the Crystalla energy inside him. Amber stood alongside Einar as Keegan knelt and placed his hand on the ground.
Keegan slowly opened his eyelids as beams of light shot to the ground in front of him, and a person began to take shape. A few seconds later, a smaller Lacerman was laid on the floor in front of Keegan. Keegan fell backward in exhaustion as the Lacerman stood up and looked around.
"This is... home?" They murmured. The Jarl approached the Lacerman and bowed his head.
"Welcome home, friend" He smiled.
"Who are you? You wear the garb of the Jarl, but I do not recall you" The Lacerman asked.
"I am Jarl Erik of Jorvik" The Jarl nodded.
"I am Ulf, it is good to meant you Jarl Erik" Ulf bowed. Amber headed over to Keegan and helped him up and took him to a nearby tavern to rest.
"Why'd you bring me here?" Keegan groaned as he sat on a tall bench.
"Honestly? It felt as if we were out of place out there" Amber smiled, as daylight slowly began to stream through the windows. "Ya know?" She asked.
"Yeah, we're kind of strangers here" Keegan nodded.
"How are you feeling?" Amber asked.
"Weak, but I'll recover" Keegan smiled.
"The way you released that Crystalla..." Amber pondered.
"Yeah, it was different from how Roisin has been doing it" Keegan nodded. "I guess these powers have different ways of manifesting" He shrugged.
"I guess we should rest here for the night, before heading back to the Chamber of the Council" Amber nodded.
"Yeah, I don't really feel like heading up through those hills tonight" Keegan chuckled. "I wonder how Roisin and Syl are doing with their missions" He pondered.
"I'm sure Roisin has everything in hand" Amber smiled. "Syl... he's probably doing okay too" She chuckled. Einar slowly opened the door and walked in.
"Oh, found you both" He smiled.
"What's up, Einar?" Keegan asked.
"Oh, I just came to check on you, the Jarl and Ulf went to the longhouse to talk" Einar nodded, before walking over and sitting down next to Keegan.
"I'm okay, just tired" Keegan smiled.
"I'm not surprised" Einar nodded. "The villagers are all outside basking in the sunlight, they have you to thank for that, Keegan" He smiled.
"It doesn't make up for the past..." Keegan said quietly. Einar sighed.
"We all do things we regret, but you've taken a good step toward redemption. Which is more than most can ever manage, you saved our tribe and our nation and for that we will eternally be in your debt" Einar smiled.
"Thank you, Einar" Keegan smiled slightly, before looking at Amber, who beamed at him with a happy smile, the sun illuminating her face.

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