The Luna Destiny

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Who We Are

The Wild Rose II flew silently over the ocean that sat between the Eastern and Western Continents. The airship was on autopilot and almost everyone was asleep. The others had explained everything to Logan, and he was sat along in the lounge pondering over what he had learned since being brought back to life in Rosefall.

The door to the lounge quietly slid open and Dex walked in with two steaming cups of what was presumably, coffee.

"How are you holding up?" Dex smiled as he placed the cups down and sat on the opposite couch.

"Lost? I dunno... it feels wrong that I live when Hannah and Yana remain dead" Logan sighed.

"We should have made you come with us... I'm sorry" Dex frowned.

"Hey... since you woke up, did 'that' feeling ever go away?" Logan asked, looking uncomfortable.

"No" Dex shook his head solemnly. "I... I found it hard to cope with at first too, knowing that I'd died, that some part of the old me still exists somewhere out there" He explained.

"Yeah..." Logan frowned. "Did they ever find me, Hannah and Yana's bodies?" He asked.

"I don't think so, sorry" Dex sighed.

"Hey, it's okay, you guys have been through more than I ever went through" Logan smiled faintly. "I don't know how to describe this feeling though, it's like part of me is missing" He frowned.

"I guess part of us is missing" Dex nodded. "We were Hubun, and, uh... Human, now we're not. We're immortals" He continued.

"It's strange, that I am the literal embodiment of the Earth Crystal. It's as if I carry the hopes and dreams of all those who lived in Terrana on my back" Logan sighed.

"I've often questioned myself, wondering why it was me who became the Embodiment of the Fire Crystal. The Healer" Dex said as he took a sip from his coffee.

"Because Roisin loved you. You always would have been the one person who merged with her soul" Logan smiled.

"But, why not her Mum?" Dex pondered.

"I guess, she'd long since let go of her. Whereas her relationship with you is something she hadn't let go of" Logan explained.

"You know, for someone who is technically eight years younger than me, you're pretty wise" Dex laughed.

"I bet you're glad I introduced you to them all" Logan chuckled.

"Yeah, strange to think something so small as introducing someone to another person, is something that has changed the world we live in. That such a small decision could have an untold impact" Dex was lost in thought as he continued to sip his coffee.

"About what happens, when we save the world..." Logan sighed.

"Roisin..." Dex frowned.

"We've gotta know more about what the method she is going to use to destroy that Robo-god guy that you guys mentioned" Logan nodded. "Once we have learned that, I think we might have a better idea of how to save her" He continued.

"Right, you're right" Dex perked up.

"Fresh set of eyes and ears can help a lot" Logan winked. "I'm not going to let Roisin die so that we can live. If there's a way to stop that, I'm going to take it, even if it costs me this second lease of life" He explained.
"You'd throw this new life away? Just like that?" Dex asked.
"It's not mine to throw away. I got this second life on the back of Roisin's path to saving the world. If I can repay these new days, I will" Logan continued.
"I guess you're right" Dex sighed. "But hopefully it won't come to that. I wanna find a solution where everybody lives. We've sacrificed and lost so much this past decade. To end it all by losing yet again. I can't stand for it. I won't. I'm done playing by the rules of fate and destiny. We'll win this time, and we'll earn our happy ever after. No matter what" He stated.

"You convinced me, bunny boy, I'm in" Logan grinned.

"Bunny boy?" Dex rubbed his bunny ears.

"Yeah, sorry... was trying to say something cool..." Logan chuckled.

"Don't worry, lanky" Dex laughed. The two carried on chatting as the ship flew across the moonlit ocean.

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