The Luna Destiny

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Into the End

The radio beacon at the top of the Crystech Spire in Disceath sprang to life, sending out a Morse code message.


Atlas breathed a sigh of relief when several minutes later an small rescue airship arrived at the top of the tower. Lotte climbed aboard before helping Atlas aboard. Once they were safely inside the doors of the rescue ship closed.

"Welcome aboard" The pilot waved from the cockpit. "I've been instructed to take you back to Ishtall from here" He explained.

"We need to get to the Council Chambers on the Western Continent..." Atlas sighed.

"The teleporter can take you directly there, will save you a long trip by air" The pilot said, as he steered the ship away from Disceath, finally the snow seemed to stop, almost as if balance had finally been restored to the continent.

Lotte looked down at the city below, most of it had been buried under mountains of snow. She sighed, remembering the city as it had once been.

"Did you come across anything down there?" The pilot asked.

"We shut down the Crystech Network for good, hopefully slows down this Infernus guy's plans, even if for a little bit" Lotte explained.

"That's not all..." Atlas sighed, as he looked out at the ocean.

"Hmm?" The pilot asked.

"Rychard cloned Roisin. Put his mind in the clone's body..." Atlas' voice seethed with anger and hatred.

"Hmm" The pilot paused for thought. "That might help explain something" He continued.

"She turned up in Ishtall?" Atlas asked.

"No, Sanctuary. Attacked Director Celeste, she's in critical condition, but we apprehended the perp, calls herself Hazel" The pilot explained.

"Hmm, that's her" Lotte nodded, as she held Atlas' hand.

"I can stop us off in Sanctuary if you want to see her?" The pilot asked.

"I'd rather just get to the Chambers and reunite with the real Roisin" Atlas sighed.

"That sounds fair enough" The pilot nodded with a smile. As the airship flew across the orange skies, the light from the setting sun bathing the airship in it's warm glow.

That night, in the Ishtall teleportation chamber, Atlas and Lotte awaited transport. A scientist approached the two and waved cheerfully.

"Ah, you are the final ones to arrive" He beamed. "We just teleported Syl and Seb the other day, and Roisin and the others have just arrived at the Council Chambers via airship.

"Seb?!" Atlas' eyes widened.

"Indeed, from what I hear, Logan is back amongst the world of the living too" The scientist smiled, as he walked over to the main console. "Miss Wynd, if you would like to step onto the teleportation pad" The scientist gestured.

"Right" Lotte nodded as she walked over to the teleportation pad. Moments after she stepped onto the pad, she vanished in a flash of light.

"Did she get across safe?" Atlas asked.

"She's arrived safe and sound, don't worry, Mr Luna, we ironed out any previous bugs" The scientist smiled. "If you would like to step onto the pad now" He added.

"Okay..." Atlas sighed deeply as he stepped onto the pad. In moments, he vanished in a flash of light...

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