The Luna Destiny

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Red Rose

Atlas groaned as he opened his eyes, the air was damp, and he was surrounded by mist, and trees.

"This isn't the Chambers..." He groaned as he rubbed his back.

"No, it isn't" Rory shrugged as he looked at his fingernails.

"You!" Atlas roared as he ran at Rory. Rory knocked Atlas backward, before rolling his eyes and sighing.

"I'm dead already, you can't kill me" He said as he extended his hand to help Atlas up. Atlas grabbed Rory's hand and jumped forward, punching Rory in the nose.

"I can still hurt you though" Atlas breathed heavily. Rory looked at him and shook his head.

"We don't have time for this. The longer you act like this, the less chance we have of saving your niece" Rory explained.

"Tell me, why should I believe the bastard who killed my son?" Atlas asked, as he tried to summon his Celestial Blade.

"This is the Underworld, I'm afraid you can't summon your weapon here" Rory shrugged. "Look, you can choose to not believe me, but the price will be Roisin's life" He added.

"You hated her" Atlas frowned.

"I loved her" Rory replied, as he looked Atlas in his eyes. Atlas stepped backward in shock.

"Look, one of the old gods, or Tolmen as they named themselves, gave Roisin a shard of Light Matter. A shard from the birth of the universe. With that shard, the user can charge it with the power of every Crystalla, and gain a small sliver of the power of creation. With the power they can seal the beasts from beyond from our reality, forever. The cost of doing so, is the user's life. The user also must be possessed with the Crystalla of Life power. Or in other words, be of your bloodline" Rory explained.

"And Roisin plans to be the one to use this power?" Atlas asked.

"Yes. She would never willingly let someone die in her place. Which is why I chose you, Syl might have agreed, but I know that you would never let Roisin die in your place" Rory continued.

"Hmm, this shard..." Atlas began.

"She keeps it on her at all times" Rory nodded.

"Gods dammit Roisin, how could you be so stupid!" Atlas growled, as he punched the trunk of a tree, splitting it. His eyes glowing red. Rory smiled to himself as he faded away.

"Wait! Where the hells do you think you're going?!" Atlas yelled, as he did, light began to engulf him as he was thrown back into the teleportation screen. Within moments, he appeared on the other side, in the Teleportation Room of the Council chambers.

"Sir, what happened?" The Chambers teleportation officer asked, Atlas turned to him, with glowing red eyes and stormed out of the room. He walked into the grand hall where everyone was gathered and talking, he spotted Roisin with the others and marched towards her.

"Uncle Atlas, you finally arrive" She chuckled. Atlas walked up to Roisin and slapped her, knocking her to the floor, the entire hall fell into silence.

"You stupid, stupid child!" Atlas roared.

"Get the fuck away from her!" Syl growled as he ran toward Atlas. Atlas turned to Syl, who backed away when he saw the depth of his Uncle's anger. Roisin looked up at Atlas, in tears, holding her cheek.

"Why... why did you hit me?" Roisin cried.

"I can't lose anyone else! Why did you keep it secret!? Why couldn't you just tell me?" Atlas shouted, as tears fell from his eyes, he grabbed Roisin's jacket and pulled out the pure white shared of Light Matter.

"NO!" Roisin frowned as she stood up. Atlas held it in the air.

"You're not going to be the one who dies Roisin, I won't let you" Atlas sighed.

"You don't get to decide that for me!" Roisin's eyes turned red with anger. Atlas immediately looked away and closed his eyes.

"I watched you die once, I'm not going to let it happen again..." Atlas stated. Roisin suddenly backed away.

"Wh... what?" Roisin stuttered. "Do you mean after the Rivenlake incident, I didn't die then... I mean, I was injured, but I didn't die" She cried.

"No... you died long before that" Atlas loo

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