The Luna Destiny

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White Rose

Twenty-two years ago...
Ruby and Darenth were sat beside a hospital bed, holding a young Roisin's hand. Atlas sighed as he walked in, Roisin looked so weak since he had last seen her.
"I took Syl to his friend's house, he's going to stay there for the night" Atlas said quietly, as he sat down next to his sister. "How's the little warrior holding up?" He asked, as he looked at both Ruby and Darenth.
"The doctor..." Ruby sighed, as she held her daughter's tiny hand.
"She's not going to pull through, the trauma from the crash is too severe" Darenth muttered, as he ran his hands down his face.
"If I find that damn drunk driver, I'll..." Atlas growled.
"Atlas..." Ruby frowned.
"Sorry, Ruby, I just..." Atlas sighed.
"I know" Ruby nodded, as she rested her head on her brother's shoulder.
"She's so young, it's not fair..." Atlas sighed, as he rested his head against Ruby's. The door unexpectedly creaked open, and the sound of boots against the cold tiled hospital floor echoed through the small room.
Atlas and Ruby turned to see Deux Wynd looking at them both.
"The Luna twins" He chuckled. "You two caused quite the bother at the Academy" Deux smiled.
"No offence, Professor Wynd, but my child is dying..." Ruby frowned.
"I know" Deux's face turned serious. "That is why I am here" He nodded.
"Can you help her?" Darenth asked.
"Greetings, Mr Culbert, I wish we could have met under better circumstances" Deux bowed his head. "To answer your question. Yes. I can" He smiled.
"How?" Atlas asked.
"There is a price" Deux sighed.
"There, always is" Atlas frowned.
"A life for a life. Once your daughter passes away, I can bring her back as something we call a 'Crystalla', but for that... I need the energy of another living Luna" Deux bowed his head.
"I'll do it" Atlas stood up.
"Always the first to offer yourself up, Atlas" A voice from the corner of the room spoke up. A younger man stepped from the shadows, he looked similar to both Atlas and Ruby.
"Ah, I didn't see you there, Sylvaria" Deux nodded his head.
"No offence Headmaster. Why Roisin?" Sylvaria asked.
"Because, this is a power that only exists in your family" Deux admitted. "But fear not. I myself am a 'Crystalla', my power is borrowed from the Wind Crystal, to sustain myself, so I could pursue knowledge of future events, and learn from the forgotten past" He continued.
"So, what, you want to take Roisin under your wing, as some kinda weird understudy to your magic bullshit?" Sylvaria asked.
"No, Roisin would be free to live her life as anyone else" Deux smiled.
"There's gotta be a catch" Sylvaria asked.
"There is, the loss of another person's life, to give young Roisin a shot at hers" Deux explained.
"You know that our parents are no longer around..." Ruby grunted. "You know this..." She continued.
"I do, and I know what I am asking" Deux frowned. "It is an option. One that I thought I should make you all aware of" He added.
"That's bullshit" Sylvaria growled. "You know that we can't pass up this chance, you know none of us would be able to live our lives under the weight of letting Roisin die. You came her knowing that if you presented us this option, one of us would take it" He shouted. Deux remained silent and bowed his head.
Sylvaria walked up to Deux, as he did, Deux braced himself for an attacked.
"I'll do it" Sylvaria stated.
"Sylvaria, no!" Atlas panicked.
"Are you sure?" Deux asked.
"I am. My life, for hers" Sylvaria nodded.
"Sylvaria, you can't, please!" Ruby stood up. Sylvaria turned to look at both Atlas and Ruby.
"Roisin is going to need her mother, and a good Uncle" Sylvaria sighed. "I am neither of those things. It has to be me..." Sylvaria smiled faintly.
"Sylvaria..." Darenth looked over.
"Darenth?" Sylvaria asked.
"Thank you..." Daranth smiled sadly. Sylvaria gave Darenth a nod, before following Deux outside.
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