The Luna Destiny

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Crisis Meeting

Across Crystalla, all television screens, computer screens and comm device screens suddenly crackled and cut to a shot of the ruined city of Utopia.

"Greetings, Crystalla, We... I am Infernus. You may have heard the titles I, no, we have been given across this world. Such as the Senior Partners, the Ancient Ones. These titles do not matter, I do not matter and neither do you. I am not here to declare war. War would be pointless. Your existence is pointless. This reality will reach its end point in two years from today" Infernus explained.

"You may resist if you wish, but perhaps it would be more pertinent to treasure what time remains, than waste it on a pointless exercise. I have identified key players on this planet that will likely try to stop me" He declared.

"Roisin Luna, 24, also known to us as the anomaly, high priority risk of uprising. Strengths: Unbreakable spirit in the face of adversity. Weaknesses: Stubborn, easy to provoke, high levels of anger" Infernus spoke as if accessing a record.

"Abyssia, age unknown, origins unknown, deceased. Was identified as a 'Celestial Harbinger', reason of death is unknown. Lumina, age unknown, origins unknown, deceased. Reason of death is unknown" He continued.

"I have complete access to records about every person on the planet of Crystalla. I have complete access to the whole database of Crystech Industries, and any networks that are attached. Which means I have complete access to your international communications network, and can neutralize any real threat almost instantaneously" Infernus explained.

"However, there will be no real threat, and my compromising of your international communications network is also, meaningless. Unlike the last time I... we visited this world, there will be no bargains, there will be no deals or sacrifices. The end will not be postponed. This reality, like many others will be erased, the dark matter will seep into every corner of your world, before it rapidly spreads throughout your solar system, galaxy and universe" He finished.

"We will not speak again. Goodbye" He signed off and all the screens across the world resumed their functions.

In the laboratories of Ishtall, scientists ran around quickly unplugging everything from the network. Lotte and Atlas were in the briefing room, as Amber walked in.

"Thankfully, Sanctuary operates on a completely new network" She explained as she walked in. "We will be starting work on bringing that network to Ishtall as soon as possible, she said before sitting down.

"What about Inchaya?" Atlas asked, as he leaned forward from his chair.

"Since our only current way of communicating with them is the old Crystech Network, we will have to head there in person to replace the systems" Amber explained. "It will take quite a large amount of people" She added.

"We can take one of the old Dreadnoughts that Sanctuary is retrofitting in the Araneia Plains, there should be more than enough room to carry a decently sized team there" Lotte suggested.

"Then there's the more pressing matter" Atlas frowned, as he sat back in his chair.

"The apocalypse?" Amber asked sarcastically.

"Yeah... we need to formulate a plan" Atlas nodded.

"It seems the Crystalla are tied intricately to our survival, but I have no idea how" Lotte sighed, as she was deep in thought.

"Hmm" Atlas nodded. "We'll need a couple of different teams, each with one of the Luna family, hopefully having a Luna in several key locations will help speed along the process" He suggested.

"Yes, that seems advisable" Amber nodded.

"Then Keegan will head to Inchaya with you, you can assist the teams over there and help Keegan along his path" Atlas suggested.

"You trust Keegan implicitly?" Lotte asked.

"He's Ruby's son, no matter what, I trust him with my life" Atlas nodded. Amber smiled slightly.

"You need to tell him that someday" Amber smiled, Atlas nodded knowingly.

"I will" He smiled.

"Roisin, Ariel, Ashe, Dex and Ruby will head to Camp Almost Heaven, in the desert of Terrana, see if we can re-establish contact, and get them fixed up with a Crystalla to push back the darkness" Lotte suggested.

"Roisin works best with her original team, I agree" Atlas nodded.

"I'll head out with you, Atlas, to Disceath, the Ice Crystal is still active there, even if its power is waning, it's worth taking stock there" Lotte nodded.

"That leaves Syl..." Amber paused for thought. Atlas also pondered for a moment.

"We'll send him with Roisin, I believe she has mentioned in the past that Seb became entwined with her soul, like Dex once did, if Seb does return, he will head out with Syl, if not, Syl can provide extra support to Roisin's team" Atlas nodded.

"Then it's decided" Amber agreed. "We'll present the plan to everyone once the Sanctuary network has been installed here. Dismissed" Amber smiled. Atlas and Lotte nodded, before heading out of the office.

Amber sighed and walked to the window, pondering on how she'd ended up with so much responsibility. When she looked down into the main lab floor below, she saw Roisin, Syl and Ruby playing football together, and smiled.

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