The Luna Destiny

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Black Rose

A young Roisin awoke in a closed off chamber of the Wynd Academy. Rychard Pyre, Deux Wynd and Ruby Luna were all stood around her bed.

"How are you feeling, sweetie?" Ruby asked.

"I don't hurt any more..." Roisin smiled softly. Ruby looked at Wynd and Pyre and mouthed 'Thank You', they nodded and left the room. Moments later, Darenth and Atlas walked in.

"Uncle Atlas! Dad!" Roisin smiled.

"Hey Roisin" Atlas smiled. "I got you something!" He winked as a tear fell from his eyes, he handed her a small bear, with a 'Happy Bonanza Chocolate Bar' in its hands. Roisin smiled as she hugged the bear.

"Hmm, we haven't really let her have chocolate before" Ruby smiled. "Though, I guess we should cherish every moment we have from now on" She said, as she watched Roisin cuddling the bear.

"I'm glad you're okay, sweetie" Darenth smiled as he kissed Roisin's forehead.

"Why am I in a castle? Did they make me Princess?" Roisin asked excitedly.

"Not quite" Atlas chuckled. "The magician here made some special potion to make you better!" He smiled.

"Yay!" Roisin smiled, as she began to eat the chocolate bar. "This is tasty! Thanks Uncle Atlas!" She cheered.

"Only the best for the Princess!" Atlas winked.

"I thought you said I wasn't princess?" Roisin asked.

"Oh... uh" Atlas awkwardly laughed.

"Where's Uncle Sylvaria?" Roisin suddenly asked. The room fell silent, and everybody looked at each other.

"He..." Darenth sighed.

"Sylvaria, he gave his life, fighting a huge winged beast that had attacked the castle!" Ruby smiled, before sighing.

"Mummy, what really happened?" Roisin frowned as she looked deep into Ruby's eyes, Roisin's eyes glowed slightly red. Although Ruby didn't want to tell the truth, she felt compelled to do so, she was powerless, as the red eyes peered into her soul.

"Sylvaria... gave his life, so that you could live" Ruby stuttered.

"Ruby!" Atlas gasped, Ruby snapped to look at Atlas in shock.

"I... her eyes" Ruby stuttered.

"Wynd mentioned she may come out of the other side with unexpected powers..." Darenth nodded. "I guess, her eyes are part of that" He shrugged.

Roisin sighed and looked down at the bear.

"Why did he do that..." Roisin's eyes teared up. Atlas walked up to Roisin and held her small hand.

"Uncle Sylvaria did that because he loved you more than anything. He wanted you to be safe and happy. He wanted you to promise to live your life to the fullest, and to never be afraid to be yourself. Roisin, he wanted you to follow your dreams" Atlas explained.

"I understand" Roisin nodded, as she looked down at the bear and frowned. "If he was hurt like I was, I would have done the same for him..." She sighed.

"He knew that" Atlas smiled.

As the years passed on, Roisin and Syl slowly forgot about the events of that day, and their young memories forgot about the Uncle they once had. The Uncle that Syl was named for.

Sylvaria Luna. The bravest man that Atlas ever knew, the impossible shoes to fill.

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