The Luna Destiny

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"Deploy the satellite array, we'll have to inform Aodhan" Mizu ordered her second in command. As they discussed the recent broadcast from Infernus.

"That will expose our... advancements, ma'am" The second in command warned.

"Look, if all reality is coming to an end, I think perhaps now would be the time to reveal our hand, and our findings" Mizu shrugged. "It's time for Inchaya to join with Aodhan, to forge a future for this star" She added.

"As you say, Mizu" The second in command nodded before leaving the room. Mizu sighed and walked over to the curved windows of her office, that overlooked Aquala University's main hall, the whole of the university was located under a big blue dome that sat half a mile from the coast of Inchaya city.

She placed her hand on the window and a holographic display came up, showing a satellite network that spanned the globe. This had been a top secret project of Inchaya, as no nation aside from themselves had been able to go any further than the atmospheric barrier of the planet.

A communication screen popped up on the window, obscuring the view of the University, on the comms screen, Amber was stood looking confused.

"Uh...? This isn't the Crystech Network" She said, as she scratched her head.

"Hello Amber, I hope everything is going well at the Aodhan Joint Science Academies" Mizu smiled.

"Well aside from that big scary message, yeah. This is a secure, completely non-Crystech line, correct?" Amber asked, as she typed away on the console.

"Yes, you're correct, can I ask, are Ishtall and Sanctuary now completely disconnected from the old network?" Mizu replied.

"Yes, Sanctuary was already on a new non-Crystech network to begin with, Ishtall wasn't, but we're in the middle of exporting all of our systems and data to the new Sanctuary network. It's a big task" Amber smiled wearily.

"I can imagine, make sure to upgrade all of your airships, and issue new comms devices. For contact with Inchaya you can use this satellite network" Mizu said, with a slight smile.

"Satellite? I thought that idea was only theoretical... how did you break through the atmospheric barrier?" Amber asked excited, as she adjusted her glasses.

"We will share all our advancements with you in due time, in exchange, we would like access to the Sanctuary network" Mizu smiled.

"Of course, we had already made plans for one of the retrofit Dreadnoughts to bring staff and supplies to make that a reality, along with Keegan Luna and myself" Amber replied.

"Keegan... you trust him?" Mizu asked, cautiously. "He was the one who basically destroyed Demi and Aranei" She added.

"You know about my personal feelings for Keegan already, Atlas and Lotte will also vouch for him along with Dex and Roisin" Amber smiled.

Mizu nodded and made a note.

"Okay, I'll take your word for it" Mizu agreed.

"Hmm, the teleporter project was successful too" Amber stated.

"The issue with Roisin?" Mizu asked, as she paced around her office.

"It was someone or something in the Underworld, perhaps a spirit?" Amber replied. "Anyway, I was thinking that perhaps we can bring along enough supplies for two more teleporter pads" She queried.

"Of course, if it works, it will cut travel time down massively, which is what we need at the moment. One pad will be for Aquala University I presume, what about the secondary one?" Mizu asked.

"I was thinking we could use the Chamber of the Council as the rally point" Amber suggested.

"I had heard Abyssia had planned to revive the Council of the Academies, so there may be something there which could help us, good thinking, Amber" Mizu smiled.

"Okay, I'll get back to working on the Sanctuary Network. Stay safe, Mizu" Amber smiled and waved.

"The same to you, Amber" Mizu nodded, as the communication shut off, and the holographic display closed, leaving Mizu staring across the ocean once more, she smiled as the seagulls cawed overhead, and the sound of the ocean relaxed her.

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