The Luna Destiny

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Treleva held onto his mind, as Infernus' voice crept inside his mind. He was sat in the ruins of Rivenlake, the buildings had been half absorbed into the ground during the time of darkness.

"Did you know that Rychard installed a control subroutine into your nanomachines?" Infernus asked. "We have to admit, your tale is a tragic one indeed. Is there anyone who didn't stab you in the back?" Infernus quizzed Treleva.

"Leave me alone" Treleva groaned.

"I cannot do that" Infernus stated. "I need you to kill the anomaly. Do not fail us again" He cautioned.

"I refuse, I'm tired of being a pawn" Treleva grunted. "In reality that child has done nothing to me" He added, as he punched the wall. As he refuse, a searing pain spread throughout his body.

"The nanomachines are currently triggering over 100 trillion reactions in your body. The Crystallian Human Body is most interesting in comparison to every other type of human that we have encountered. From here, I can trigger that which you call Crystalliam to devour your body in the most painful of manners. I trust this threat has educated you on why you should obey us" Infernus continued.

Treleva nodded in pain, as tears of blood came from his eyes, eventually the pain stopped, he fell to the floor motionless.

"Do not disappoint us, Treleva" Infernus warned.

"Why... are you so cruel?" Treleva asked, quietly.

"I am neither cruel nor kind, I just am. Cruelty is a tool to persuade those who do not comply. I do not enjoy nor despise causing you pain. Just as you do not actually disappoint me. This is language we use to convince lifeforms to do what we say" Infernus explained.

"You're soulless" Treleva grunted, as he got to his feet.

"Perhaps. I was created as the Arbiter of the Will for this world. There have been many like me across many realities" Infernus continued.

"What are... your creators?" Treleva asked, as he leant against a wall, still reeling from the pain.

"I do not have the knowledge of who they are, or their goals. They desire this reality must end. All reality must end. For what reason, it is not for me to know" Infernus replied.

"Then... you have done this before?" Treleva pondered.

"Our previous reality ending scenario went much smoother than this one, it was a world, filled with warring factions, too busy squabbling over their differences to realise we were ever there. In fact, that world still exists, but the spread of dark matter in their galaxy is now unstoppable, and will lead to the heat death of their universe in time, before entropy sets in" Infernus explained.

"Why... why are you so intent on ending ours so soon?" Treleva asked.

"Because your reality presents our first real threat. This is information that we would not divulge to just anybody" Infernus replied, in a flat tone.

"Then, you trust me?" Treleva asked.

"No" Infernus replied. "I trust that the threat of pain would prevent you from doing anything that would endanger our plans" He added.

"So that is why you are being so open with the information?" Treleva asked, as he tried to summon his Celestial Staff.

"Yes" Infernus replied. "You no longer have access to your Celestial Weapon" He added.

"Then how do I kill the girl?" Treleva asked, as he spoke a flaming Infernal Spear appeared in his hand.

"This is our imitation of the Celestial power. The spear should not only kill her, but destroy her soul, and the soul and energies of those who share space in her soul" Infernus explained.

Treleva frowned. When he had last fought Roisin here in Rivenlake, he had believed in the cause of the Senior Partners, they had helped him exact revenge and for that he was loyal. Now he hated that he was tied into this contract. He didn't want to kill Roisin. He wanted death, eternal rest, even if he didn't deserve it.

He took a deep breath, and began heading toward Ishtall.

"Is she in Ishtall?" Treleva sighed.

"I do not know, we still have access to this 'Crystech Network' but the majority of connections of the network no longer exist" Infernus explained.

"Smart" Treleva nodded.

"Indeed, though not unexpected" Infernus replied, as he watched through the eyes of Treleva. He was sat in the throne room of Lumina Academy, nanomachines now ran rampant and were constructing unknown structures across the ruined city.

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