The Luna Destiny

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Treleva watched the siblings hugging, as he began walking closer, summoning his Infernal Spear. Before he could react, Roisin had thrown several Celestial Daggers in his direction, he narrowly dodged them, falling to the floor.

He wasn't here to kill her, but he could not yet reveal his intentions, as he knew Infernus would be watching. Syl charged at Treleva, summoning his Celestial Warhammer, but Treleva dodged him easily, and tripped him sending him rolling down a grassy hill.

"Roisin" Treleva spoke.

"Leave me alone!" She yelled as she stabbed his chest.

"Wait!" He urged her. Roisin relented as she held the blade at his throat.

"Say your piece" She grunted. This was his chance, he took a deep breath.

"Infernus thinks you stand a decent chance of... ARGH!" Treleva roared in pain, as the nanomachines turned on him. "NO!" He said through gritted teeth, looking at Roisin, who was backing away in shock, as nanomachines slowly covered his skin. Treleva fought back against the searing pain that covered every part of his being, as he stood up.

"YOU. CAN. KILL. HIM!" Treleva roared through the pain. "HE. KNOWS. YOU. CAN" He continued.

Roisin's eyes widen in shock, as she realized her mortal enemy was in fact assisting her.

"I'M. SORRY. KID..." He groaned in pain, as he tossed the Infernal Spear to the ground. "KILL. ME." He added.

"Wha...?" Roisin mumbled.

"PLEASE" Treleva continued. Roisin summoned her Celestial Katana, suddenly, Treleva's eyes flashed white, and he stopped writhing in pain and stood up straight.

"Roisin Luna" Treleva's face was emotionless. Roisin backed away as she realized what as happening.

"You... you're Infernus, speaking to me through Treleva?" Roisin asked, cautiously.

"Your file did say you were clever. Correct, Roisin" Infernus nodded. "Treleva was meant to kill you, he was... damaged. Not up to the task. I will kill you" He shrugged.

Suddenly he was sent rolling down the hill from the impact of Syl's Warhammer, his arm had been broken. The Warhammer, faded and Syl ran to Roisin, grabbing her hand, and running ahead, pulling his sister along behind him.

Roisin soon began running, as she held onto Syl's hand, they soon caught up with the others who ran as fast as they could from the battle.

Back at the bottom of the tall grass hill, Infernus groaned as he held his arm.

"This is... pain?" He grumbled. Before sitting up, and ripping his arm off, revealing a long sharp steel blade, that the nanomachines had crafted, he groaned from the pain once more, but it soon faded as the nanomachines severed the nerve endings in his body.

"Pointless mortal senses" He said to himself, as he made his way back up the hill slowly. When he reached the top, he gazed around, and noticed some footprints on the ground, leading away from the scene.

"No!" Rychard's voice echoed through Infernus' mind.

"You still cling to existence? Why?" Infernus asked. "Your assistant was eager to be gone, and I made it so. But you persist, why?" He questioned, Rychard, who still fought Infernus for control.

"Because, unlike Treleva. I believe in something, and I'll fight until I see it done" Rychard grunted.

"You do not have fear?" Infernus asked.

"I have fear, which is why I fight. I do not have Apathy" Rychard replied.

"Hmm, Apathy..." Infernus pondered. "Indolence, laziness, uncaring attitude. Yes" He added. "You believe yourself to be fighting for something then?" Infernus asked, curiously.

"Yes. I am the hero, and I'll end you and save this star" Rychard replied.

"Hmm" Infernus shrugged. "You also have a large ego" He added.

"Perhaps" Rychard's voice sighed.

"You were also wrong about Treleva" Infernus stated.

"How so?" Rychard asked.

"Despite being stabbed in the back again and again. He still fought. He had courage, not fear. I believe you misunderstand fear. I believe that you have fear in a great quantity. You fear being the one responsible for the end. You always believed you were the hero, the protagonist, in your mind, but in the pursuit of that idea you became the villain" Infernus replied, flatly.

"Treleva did a great number of evil deeds, his so-called courage led to him also becoming the villain" Rychard argued.

"And yet in the end, he did more good than you" Infernus stated. Rychard then resumed his silence,

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