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"I'm not afraid of death; I just don't want to be there when it happens." -Woody Allen ____________________ "Don't you get it!? I love you" "I dont want you to love me! I want to keep yoy safe" The story the new world era. The era of the end of humanity, for we where not meant to last long with our destructive ways. Now because of our picking at something we weren't meant to we, the virus had begun.

Scifi / Romance
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⚠️Warning suicide mention⚠️

Tears cascading down my face, hanging on my eyelashes making my eyelids heavy. The sound of beeping was loud in the semi-empty room, machines in every corner, the walls, and floor a bright white, with a woman in a bed, her face pale and sickly.

This woman was my mother, she was a wonderful woman before she was bedridden from the disease called covid-31. It was named after a virus from the late 2000′s, the virus itself had lasted ’till 3012. At that time I was at the age of 12, catching the virus at the last second it was deemed safe, though I was easily treated, the fact I had caught the virus was what deemed me safe from the evolving virus.

My mother, however, was not as lucky.

The sound of her heartbeat echoing the room was the only thing keeping me sane, the fact she is still alive.

Even when she was dying she still looked gorgeous, her hair was flowing around her like a halo. Her lips were pale but you could tell she once had full rosy lips.

Gripping her hand harder, I let out a sob. She wasn’t going to last long.

Hearing the sound of the door open, I turned my head lightly to acknowledge the person joining me in the room. Soft footsteps echoed the room as the unknown person put a hand on my seat, knowing it was my father by the rhythm of his footsteps.

Looking up at him, I could tell he wasn’t doing well, with his wife on life support. his hair was oily and messy, with stubble growing on his face. He smelt of alcohol and smoke.

Sighing I leaned into his hand, trying to find comfort in something.

Yet he moved away from me and sneered down at me.

“I told you no touching. ”

His voice was deep and scratchy, he never spoke these days, unless to yell at me.

My once loving father had gone and now a shell of a man stood in his place, just like me, my mother was the one thing keeping us sane, yet he gave up too early.

Sighing I stood up and knocked my shoulder to his, leaving the room to go home.


The sound of the tv turning on in the living room was proof of my father finally arriving home. Glancing at the door where the light was seeping from the cracks, I slowly got out of bed.

Opening the door as quietly as I could, I walked down the hallway to the entrance of the living room.

Entering the room I froze at the sight I saw.

My father hanging from the roof

Breathing heavily, I fell to the ground, my knees shaking too hard to keep up.

screaming out for my parents, I cried in sorrow. Glancing at the coffee table I saw a note.

Crawling as fast as I could, keeping an eye on my father's hanging body. I reached the table, grabbing the piece of paper.

“Ashley, when you see this I’m.

I’m sorry.

Sorry for leaving and giving up. Sorry for being the one to tell you, that your mother and I, have to go.

I’m sure you know what that means..

But I want you to be the strong one for me okay? To live a long life.

I’m sorry I had to leave you.

Please forgive me, princess”


Sobbing on the ground I cried in pain. The feeling of a ball in my throat choking me. The sound of the TV in the background. The world crumbling around me as I sobbed.

Glancing at my father's corpse, I turned my attention to the TV.

The sound of a siren coming from the box.

"Attention, please stay indoors at all times, and lock all doors and windows, keep your loved ones safe. Dead bodies are rising from the grave. Said to be cannibalistic. If anyone you know has the following symptoms please leave the area


•high fever



•fungi growing from them

Please stay safe, and if needed to go outside. Cover all body parts, and wear a mask and eye protection. ”

Crying out in panic I crawled into a ball, panic rising fast, too many things happing at once.

Looking at the backdoor, one that leads to a thick forest. discarding the TV's words. Not thinking straight I did one thing cowards do-

I ran.

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