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Tales of Midbar: Exiled Angel

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Fifteen year old Tom Moon (aka Tenacious) is determined to rescue his colony. They were in the Malchut universe where magic, and even knowledge of it, is suppressed but human's make extensive use of nanotechnology. Tom's a Spartan Angel with superhuman strength and the ability to sprout wings and fly. He's also an anav (powerful psychic) and teleported to another universe when the mysterious wyoklug attacked his colony. This is book 4 and contains spoilers for "Religious Intolerance", "Secret Priest" and "Heretical Gods". The wyoklug seem to have deployed an anti anav weapon so Tom can't return to his universe. His needs a wormhole manipulator or a passage to another planet but neither are easy to come by, especially when he's trying to avoid learning about magic so he may return to his universe. Haprihagfen (religious order of anavim) give him some help and he joins their defence force. Umangela has similar problems to him but dislikes Haprihagfen. He gets a job with a shopping company in but those in charge there seem to be making disastrous decisions. Escree wants a wormhole manipulator to rescue her people from the mysterious blins. Then Tom meets an anavah with lots of magic! The Mysterious Monsters have a winged anavah and are attacking people for unclear reasons. There's a wormhole problem, a battle brewing and the Prophesied Ruination is starting.

Scifi / Fantasy
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Strange New Worlds - part 1

So there I was in agonizing physical pain and feeling more miserable than I ever had, laying on a hillside covered in some grass-like XT photoorganisms, looking up at a clear blue sky with a large red light, obviously Alpha, and a smaller, bright yellow one I didn’t recognize, watching ghosts of the battle I’d just left. Picture this; a fifteen-year old 200cm tall boy, very muscular because I’m a Spartan Angel, naked from the waste up with only rags below, covered in cuts and bruises, a bad wound in my side and I’d lost two fingers on my right hand and had retracted what was left of my wings. I was wet and breathing heavily because I’d just swum as far as I could underwater. A gentle breeze was blowing, drying me but it didn’t make me feel better. Part of me wanted to return and I could still see ghostly images of the enemy’s meca. I tried extending my wings but it just made my back hurt. I’d probably lost most my wing nanites. I remembered what Porsha had told me. She’d been laying on the Pardels’ living room couch, covered in bandages with the older Moon and Pardel kids gathered round and Wolfgang staring at her like he’d never seen a woman before. She’d told us what she knew about the wyoklug and Xanadu and that this was a lot bigger than just Midbar, then she pointed at me and said, “Survive and find a way to warn other humans.” That felt like cowardice but I didn’t know how to go back and I’d probably just get killed or captured if I did. I needed to recuperate and get a weapon or, better still, lots of weapons and an army. Two lardins walked up to me, like small bears but with anteni where the eyes should be. They’re normally peaceful and didn’t like phenylalanine although they used L amino acids. Their anteni vibrated frantically, probably weren’t sure what to make of me.

“I am a human,” I said in Crosstalk.

Did they speak Crosstalk? It was a language designed to be more or less pronounceable and audible to a wide range of intelligent life forms but would that work in this universe?

Two strong bursts of psychic energy, quickly faded to very strong vibes. I made a painful effort to look in that direction. Two humans, a dark skinned woman with blond hair and a light-skinned man with dark hair. Even in my weakened state I felt the woman was the most desirable I’d ever seen. They were strangely dressed and seemed unmodded. Never felt vibes like their’s before so I was sure they were anavim. They walked towards me with wide eyes staring at me and their mouths open.

The lardins made some squeeks.

“We’ll take care of him,” said the man. I didn’t recognize the language, it was neither Universal Human nor Crosstalk but somehow I understood.

“My colony was attacked ...” I said. What language was I speaking? Universal Human? “We need help! I must warn other humans!”

“Midbar-Malchut?” asked the Man, this time speaking Universal Human.

The lardins backed away.

“Do you belong to Haprihagfen?” asked the woman, crouching down to look me in the eyes.

“What?” never heard the word before but I was pretty sure it was some organization.

“I’ll just take a look,” said the man and dematerialized with another explosion of psychic power.

The lardins didn’t seem at all phased by this.

“You’re in a terrible state,” said the woman. “Can you stand up?”

“I think so.”

I staggered to my feet, with the woman’s help.

“It will be best to teleport you to our beit but it will be better if you materialize feet down. Where’s Rellin?”

Somehow I knew Rellin was the man who’d been with her.

“How long does it take to check if there’s an attack?” the woman asked, pursing her lips. “I don’t like this.”

“This was an invasion! It was really obvious, I can still see the ghosts.”

She looked around, “Fornication! Why didn’t Rellin just do that?” She stamped one foot. “Anyway, now hold my hand and don’t think of other places. Oh, you’ve already teleported once, if I teleport you, you really should get training so you can control it properly but then you’ll have to live as an anav.”

“Is it bad?”

“What bad?”

“Living as an anav?”

“No, it’s a lot of fun.”

“Then I think that’s OK.”

“Here we go then.”

She already had her hand on my bare abdomen and I suddenly got a weird sensation like having a very strong, painless electric shock.

Next moment we were in a small room with white painted walls and a single bed, a few centimeters above the floor. We dropped to the floor which jarred all my wounds and hurt a lot. The woman layed me down on the bed while calling for help. Things got confused. I don’t remember very clearly, I think they gave me some sort of sedative that clouded my memory, must have been good considering my nanaites! What was left of my trousers were removed and a lot of people came and looked at me, tryed various sorts of psychic and technological healing, although I told them I had regenerative nanites. Kept trying to tell them about the wyoklug but they didn’t seem to take any notice. Another anav was dispatched to my universe to find Rellin but he didn’t return either.

The next thing I remember clearly was laying on a bed in a different room. Picture this; no windows, walls and ceiling seemed to be made of glass, except for one wall, the only one with a door, that looked more like polymer. Various bits of medical looking equipment. Two long haired, bearded men, at least one was a navi but it’s hard to tell who vibes are coming from when people are close together, cuddling and kissing each other. Eww gross! Heard of such things and knew it was contrary to the religion of my colony. Also heard such people tended to be hostile to our religion and often persecuted us.

“Yuck, do you have to?” I said. “It’s an abomination to God.” Not too diplomatic but I wasn’t thinking too clearly.

Men turned to me, with amused expressions. One had much darker skin than the other and they looked unmodded. One man, touched a wristband, opened his mount and spoke something uninteligable. Imediately I heard a male voice vibrate through me speaking Universal Human, “Did you bring any women?”

“What?” I asked.

Still somewhat sore but better than I’d been.

“Play your recording again!” said the other man, again he spoke some strange language but a male voice gave me what I think was the translation.

“What?” I asked.

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