The Other Side

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A new government ruled the world, there was no escaping their policies, and there was no point in trying to deny their rules. My kind, the Varian’s, were held in prison for many generations because of their special abilities, and never was given any rights. I was their leader; I was brave, stupid, and naïve, I believed we could make it; I forced them into battle; I drained their physics because I needed to defend our honor. To honor the dead… but I was wrong, and I caused the death of my close friend. He sacrificed himself for me when our dimension shook wrongly. Earth was my only escape to change my path, and of course, I knew, it was only a matter of time before they found me; I knew I couldn’t run, but I did it. And today… I face a war I never wanted, but also hunt for…

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This will only be one book J

I started writing this book when I was still working… actually on Wattpad, when I started writing this book… it was once again something to expand my curiosity and also my knowledge…

I didn’t write this book in female love… I actually wrote it as friends, but decided later on, that I should choose the females to rather have romantic interest… that way they’ll get to know each other and understand their different cultures.

I don’t know much about how female love is... to be honest… but I’m trying though… although I have never experienced it before haha I’m trying to write something out of pure imagination haha

Anywho… any questioning, I’m all ears… really… any help… I think I’m sort of good at making up histories and also about writing imaginative cultures… I think so…

But please enjoy J thankieyoo for reading everyone

I made a trailer for this book which will be for viewing on my YouTube page

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