The Spark

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A world, ruled by a monarchy, has become invaded by parasitic aliens. The only hope for world falls into the hands of two people, Kahlia and Marcus, who cannot stand one another. Can Kahlia and Marcus work through their past issues and save their people or will they let their bitter rivalry bring down their world. Only the Spark that knits their world together truly knows.

Scifi / Fantasy
D. A. Elderwood
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Chapter 1

There was only one way to save this god forsaken planet; we needed to free the true king and the guard disguise was all we had. Time was short. We had received word that the hierarchy was moving forward with the execution.

The parasites from the Messier 82 Galaxy had worked quickly to subdue the monarchy. It was hard to determine who you could trust or who was a slave to the nasty little brain invaders. Oddly enough, a few of us were immune to the little thieves.

Those of us with “the spark” weren’t compatible with the parasites. It would have been easier if the beasts could have took us all. They could have wiped us out without any resistance. Now, their only option was to execute those who opposed them.

It was said that the King had the greatest spark among all men. As we led him down the long corridor, I was almost certain that the rumors were true. I could feel the my skin tingle static under the heaviness of the metal armor. I glanced over my left shoulder to my mentor. He did notice glance back, but the way his movements were so rigid, I knew he felt the spark coming from the shackled King.

“This way,” he shoved the King down an empty hall. He was playing the part of a guard much better than I was.

I felt the are prick at my nostrils as air charged around us. It intensified when the King realized that the hall would not lead back to his cell. He did not say a word but I knew he was gearing me for a fight. He probably thought we were leading him to the execution chamber.

I breathed in the charged air and let it soak into my core. The tingling air pricked at my lungs before it absorbed into my own spark. I would need it to release the collar from the King. One quick burst from the right point and I could disable the electric system. Anything from within the collar would only activate the bomb.

His pale blue eyes flashed at me and to my mentor. His brown hair almost danced under the electricity of his spark. I was not looking forward to a fight. I had spent too much of my spark making our way to the King.

When we reached the end of the empty hall, the King looked over his shoulder. He growled, “I don’t know why you’ve brought me to this dead end unless it’s meant to be my end or yours. Either way, I think we should get this over with.”

“Markus, would you shut up?!” my mentor huffed.

He lay down the gun and quickly fumbled to remove his gloves. Turning quickly to a large grate in the metallic wall, he shot a precise spark along the frame. Screws twisted out and shot across the hall. The sound of tinging metal made me jump. I picked them up quickly. We would need them again.

“Vairren, is that you?” The King looked suspiciously. His demeanor instantly softened.

“Yes, now shut up!” He said, looking back at him as he removed the grate from the wall. He stepped away from the gaping hole and motioned for us to enter. “Get in!”

The King looked between me and Markus suspiciously before walking in the gaping hole. I followed behind but the bulky body armor stuck in the frame. It clanged loudly. The sound echoed down the empty hall. I felt a violent shove from behind me pushing me through the opening.

I turned to look at Markus. I could see the ocean blue of his irises flash to the white blue of lightning. His head turned to look down the hall.

“They’re coming. Get the King out of here. You know the plan.

Panic ran through me. I shook my head no. I wanted to beg the old man to come with us but the words didn’t come. I watched him shove the grate over the opening. Before his hands left the metal frame, I seen a flash of blue. A spark to hold the grate on.

“Go. Now!” His voice never sounded more stern or desperate. It brought me back to the present situation. Footsteps grew closer and inaudible voices rang out. I heard Vairren’s footstep run away from us and toward the on-comers.
I turned to the King and nodded him on down the ventilation His eyes filled with disdain but he begin the long march down the ventilation system.

The walk was silent. He never looked back and I was glad. I didn’t want him to see me. The guard’s helmet hid my face but it couldn’t hide the tears in my eyes.

The closer we came to the end, the louder a whoosh of the fan at the end became. My mind whirled through the options. The fan couldn’t stop completely. If it did, it would set off sensors and alarm commanders. I would have to slow it long enough for us to squeeze through. I wouldn’t be able to do that in this armor.

When we reached the fan, the King turned to me and gave me a sharp glance. “What now?!”

First the armor. Taking it off meant that he would know who I was but I had to get him out of here. I didn’t reply as I stripped off the heavy boots and clanky body armor. His eyes followed down my body and registered every curve. My white body suit did nothing to hide any of my figure but it was the only thing that fit under the guard’s armor. His smirk was almost devilish as his eyes travelled back up my body. I felt my cheeks redden. I couldn’t get flustered now. I had to get us out of here.

I lifted the helmet slowly off my head. My brown hair fell down along my shoulders. His eyes caught mine and a look of disbelief spread across his face but anger soon followed.

“You. He brought you to free me?” He questioned.

“Turn around,” I snapped. “Let me get that collar off you.”

“I can’t believe this. He brought the one damned person that he knew I would not want to see?”

“Like I wanted to be here, you majesty.” I let the words fill with poisonous venom. He huffed but he turned around.

“Just don’t get me killed undoing this collar like you did Vairren.” His venom was stronger. The bite was too fresh.

I choked back a lump in my throat and blinked back tears. I needed to focus. I breathed in and out. I pulled in more air. My body pulled the charge from the very atoms around me deep into my core. Precision. I had to be on point with this spark.

I looked over the collar. It’s circuitry was part science, part magic. It fed off the very spark that flowed through it’s captive. I brushed my fingers over it gently, feeling the current flow through the wires. Finally, my fingers felt the weak spot. The minor tick in the flow. A quick pulse would trip it up.

“Hold still, sir.” I readied my body.

“Just hurry up and don’t miss.”

Before the words could leave his mouth, I watched the blue light flash from my fingers. There was a quick sizzle and the collar fell to the ground. His shackled hands broke free and the metal cuffs piled on top of the collar. He stretched his neck back and forth slowly and rubbed his newly freed wrists.

“At least you can do something right,” he spat.

“I don’t have time for this banter. You heard my father, I need to get you out of here.” I tried to keep my composure
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