Trinary Chaos: The Azalea Effect

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Private Investigators Caleb Azalea and Paris Chambers investigate a haunting. Meanwhile, an archaeological team is kidnapped by a clandestine agency to work for them. The reason- dinosaurs, monsters, conspiracies, and Time Portals. Somewhere else, a hidden society plots to discover and steal valuable pieces of technology that may just be alien. Though all their paths may seem different, time does work in mysterious ways...

Scifi / Action
Dawn of Portals
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Trinary Chaos | The Azalea Effect

By Amadeus Schwann


Book One: The Azalea Effect

A Distinct Paranoia

Dawn of the Portals


Sukie Everlie

Angler Fish

When Darkness Falls

Geologic Time Shift




A Glow in the Dark

Beneath a Blanket of Snow

Keep Calm and Blow Bubbles

Ghost Stories

The Impossible Train

Dam It!

Signs and Wonders

Attack of the Smilodons!

Paradigm Shift



The Azalea Effect


The Azalea Effect

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