Trinary Chaos: The Azalea Effect

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The Impossible Train

Our eight heroes, Xavier, Daena, Kitten, Stacy, Jack, Leo, and Sukie, had arrived at a rather nondescript building. They all piled out of the vehicles and entered the building. Inside, several suited individuals welcomed them. They were briefed on the situation, and told that their main purpose was to make sure they all got inside safely. One of the men gave a short speech, and they began to give away all of the weapons they had given them.

“You want us to give our guns back?” Kitten complained.

“These will be more than enough to handle any threats. Please don’t feel the need to keep carrying weapons with you.” Milo replied, handing them small tasers.

“Thank you. You will not need your cell phones, weapons... and your shoes,” As they all obeyed, the speaker continued.

“Wait what?!” Stacy stepped back, appalled. “Our shoes?!”

“Ahem,” an agent began, “department policy number 29.325. You won’t believe what shoes can do.”

“I don’t care, which department came up with that crazy rule? What happens if there’s a terrorist attack or something? We’re going to get blown up if we wear these ridiculous shoes!” Stacy complained, putting on the ridiculous new shoes.

“Thank you for your cooperation,” it was the same man, but now in a more authoritative tone, “the elevator is this way. If you get a chance, please admire the architecture. We just restored this building. Thank you. And thank you for your worry. It is much appreciated. We do our best to keep New York as safe as possible.”

“We’re in New York?!” Kitten exclaimed, “I wanna see the Statue of Liberty! Did you know it has like, seventy hidden cannons?!”

The elevator hadn’t moved, and the man was looking at Kitten, clearly annoyed.

“Now, just get on these hover pads,” an agent ordered.

“Kitten, I didn’t know that! Now I just don’t see the point in wearing shoes where I can touch the ground, assuming I even feel the need to walk. This is stupid,” Daena complained, “let’s get out-”

“Would you guys stop being so dramatic?” the agent angrily yelled, “We’re in the middle of an elevator, and you can’t see how much fun this is? We have to do this for two minutes? Come on, I’ll give you a taste of the experience.”

He puts his hands against the sides of the elevator, and the doors close.

A vibration begins to run through the elevator, and the man’s smile widens as he takes a step back.

“Put your hands against the walls,” he leads, “feel it? The ground is moving.”

The four new agents put their hands against the walls, and you can feel the vibrations running up your arms. The walls of the elevator contract and expand. It feels like a leaf being blown by the wind. The four can’t decide what’s scarier, the man in front of them, or this experience. No one says a word, but fear is written on every face. The man’s hand begins to glow.

“Welcome to the Void,” he beams, and he begins to dance.

He takes a step forward, and the wind around them increases. All four closed their eyes and felt as though they were falling. They feel their hands grabbing at the sides of the elevator. All four grit their teeth and braces themselves for an impact due to the speed. An impact that doesn’t come. The four opened their eyes in time to see that they were still in the elevator, or what’s left of it. The man was gone.

“What the...?” Leo asks.

“That guy’s a sentient hologram. He’s always grumpy, and acting weird,” Xavier explained, “as you can see, welcome to our second most advanced base- the Void.”

Xavier and some other agents began to click many buttons, activating consoles and computers none had ever seen before.

“Can I try one?” Maizie inquired.

“Sure,” an agent replied, “Just don’t break it.”

Maizie types in ‘Shoes’ as a password. To her surprise, a document opened up, one of every ‘special human’ in New York City.

“Wow… what is this?”

Maizie clicks on a file of a person named ‘bearded spectacle man?’. The ‘man’ in question’s file had a subheading, titled ‘possesses telekinesis’, which is followed by two more words, ‘not sure why’.


There were plenty of other files, even people under the label ‘VIP’, which whoever was in charge of the database put a description being, ‘people always escorted by guards for some reason’.

“What’s that?” Jack asked, “May I?”

“Sure,” the agent responded.

Maizie and Jack clicked the ‘Scorpion category’ button, ‘then random file in this category’ button, and the name of someone named Nathan Holgard appeared.

A picture of a man appeared on the screen. He had strange, light skin, long white hair, and wore a long, dark blue coat that went down to his knees, with odd symbols all over it. His eyes are entirely black. He smiles at the camera, and holds a strange pistol-like object in his hand.

‘Wanted for crimes against humanity. Engine of destruction. Extremely dangerous. Engages in deadly sports, including hunting people. Encountered alone, always kill him. Watch out for the elevator gun.’

“What the hell is an elevator gun?!” Jack exclaimed.

“Just… don’t ask,” Milo Krassant stated. “You might encounter him on your next mission.”

“Hey, uh, Milo,” Maizie began, “whoever made your database is really bad at descriptions. Because really? Engine of destruction?”

Lloyd R’Vaeren is uh… let’s say… he never takes anything seriously.”

Jack types in ‘Scorpion’ and searches. He scrolls, and stops on a picture of a man with strange armour, with a peculiar symbol on the helmet. He smiles at the camera, and holds a pistol by his side.

“That’s Frank,” Xavier realized, pointing him out, “I remember him.”

“You met this man?” Milo asks, surprised.

“Yes. He was an agent who was assigned to my unit a few years back. We became friends after that. One day, he just... just... he just vanished. I asked you not too long ago to look for him, but there wasn’t any information on him. His file had been erased. He probably went insane and lived out his life as a hermit. I guess we’ll never know what happened to him.”

“Peculiar. This man is Claudius Valentine, the most infamous assassin on the planet. We always thought he had a DAE background...”

Leo and Stacy joined the two others and continued to browse through the files, stopping at one that says ‘Wade’.

‘Loves hunting people. Dangerous. Stay away. Went berserk during a hunting expedition. Killed four men and took his father’s gun, which he used to shoot a boy. Escaped alone. Also, he has an awful taste in music.’

Stacy sighed as she saw a young man with dark black hair and light eyes. He smiles for the camera, holding a microphone in his hand. She recognizes it as the one he used to play with. He looks happy and carefree, and inspired one to smile along with him. Of course, that was before he went berserk.

The four continue to browse through the files, stopping on one that says ‘Sasha’.

‘Wanted for mass slaughter of humans. Also has a criminal record involving drugs and human trafficking. Desperate. Extremely dangerous.’

“Enough.” Milo closed the computer. “Some stuff in there isn’t good for you. You might encounter some of those guys in your next mission.”

“What?” Stacy said. “I thought we were gonna do an easy mission.”

“That’ll be after this one,” Daena guessed. “Maybe.”

Milo beckoned for the other to follow, and they all went into a large briefing room. But, to preserve the essence of the story, we will not look at the briefing.

Thirty minutes later, the eight, plus four squads of other agents began the flight to Colorado. Soon, they arrived in the wilds of Colorado. Peering out of their SUVs, our heroes see a large warehouse. Our heroes went on foot, preparing for the raid. Inside, you see, was the Scorpion Levitating Train.

A siren rings.

“Look out!” Leo shouts, pushing as many people as he could to the floor.

Several bullets slam into the SUV, and then several more after that. Agents scramble for their weapons, counter attacking the enemy force. Life after life, people fall, dead or injured. But the experience of the agents allows them to outsmart the Scorpion soldiers, who retreat inside the warehouse.

“Everyone up!” Milo shouts, while firing his automatic rifle and killing a soldier. “Agent Kane, Agent Carter, get us some time!”

Xavier looks behind him, seeing the damage taken to the car. There’s a hole in the roof, and the windows are shattered. He sighs and says to our heroes, “Now’s our chance. Go!”

As the eight run, a bullet almost hits them.

“Sniper!” Agent Carter yells.

“My team will deal with it!” Agent Kane responds, already thinking of his next move.

As the team got near the building, several men with assault rifles leaned out of the windows and around the corners. One of them, a large man with a huge gun and a huge beard, opens fire.

“That’s Wade!” Jack recognizes.

Above, the sniper is shot off the roof by Agent Kane. The sniper falls on an enemy soldier, who panics and fires bursts of gunfire everywhere, inflicting friendly fire.

Leo, being ever the hero, fires his shot gun into a window, surprising the enemy. Kitten jumps through the shattered glass and begins to attack with his twin electroshock batons.

A large monocled man approaches Kitten, blocking his view of a large, long train.

“Prepare to die!”

The man launches a punch at our dear Kitten, but one strike with his twin batons brings the man down.

“Let’s move in!” Kitten yells, informing the others.

A soldier surprises Daena, smiling like a madman. Daena smiles back, and fires her shotgun. Buckshot appeared in the soldier’s chest, as the body fell to the floor.

An exceptionally armed soldier approaches young Maizie, but Stacy fires a bullet, killing the soldier.

Around the warehouse, sounds of both agents and soldiers are heard. Blood splatters, bodies fall as the battle rages on. The eight agents rush towards the Scorpion Levitation Train.

“Maizie, get us in!” Leo cheered on.

“And… got it!”

Maizie completed the hack and soon, all four were in the train, which seemed to be empty. It was styled like a hotel room, patterned silk carpets being the floor, but it had circular windows.

“Now just to-” Maizie began.

Without warning, the train lurched forward. Through the windows, they saw the train move forward, crashing into the wall.

“Aagh!” everyone screamed.

The wall cracked, and shattered, sending sticks, bricks, and debris all over the battlefield.

Now, the train was outside, inches off the ground. Still, it was still a levitating train. The train began to head up the mountain, away from the battle scene when-

-Gunfire, from across the room.

“Get to the conductor’s room!” Xavier ordered, “Kitten, Sukie, let’s deal with this.”

In the other room, three soldiers prepared to attack. The team rushed to battle, firing pistols and getting the advantage.

One was about to shoot Daena when she shoved another soldier into the gun, killing the other instead. Daena took out her electroshock batons and defeated the last soldier.

“Wait, let me deal with the conductor room,” Daena suggested, wanting to protect Maizie.

The others nodded.

Maizie hacked the door open and Daena burst in, finding only a man in full armour. However, this wasn’t just any man. This was Claudius Valentine, the most infamous man on the planet.

Daena lifted her batons and assumed a fighting position.

“You brought batons to a swordfight,” Valentine mocked.


Valentine activated an extendable saber. He charged, and Daena deflected his attack. Valentine, however, was quite an expert, and managed to slash Daena. He laughed in dark sadism. Daena took the distraction and struck the man, but the armour appeared to have protected him.

“Fool. Doctor Zhao designed this to be baton-proof. Now, prepare to die.”

Valentine pressed a small, dark blue button on the hilt of his saber. His blade crackled, and it suddenly began to glow black. The black energy seemed to cover the blade, which was now pulsing with energy.

“Die.” Valentine charged.

Valentine raised his mysterious weapon and swung it down. Daena dodged the attack, and instead, the blade cut through a cabin door as if it was air. Daena struck with powerful agility at the man, but Valentine slashed through the baton, reducing Daena’s weapons to mere stubs.

“But,” Daena murmured.



Daena activated a non-lethal shockwave grenade.


The grenade sent Daena to the ground, unconscious. Valentine screamed as he fainted as well, resting against a cabin door. Jack peered in, and saw that the battlefield was cleared.


The remaining four ran and opened the conductors room’s door. Inside, was a man who wore peculiar looking glasses and a lab coat. He had a name tag, and it said ‘Dr. Zhao’. The doctor pulled out a pistol, which Jack then knocked out.

“You built this? Right?” Maizie asked.


“Now, tell me how to stop it or I’ll have to hack it and stop everything!”

“Don’t! If you stop everything, the fuel- portal energy will get out of control!”

“Then stop this train!”

“W-well, I can’t! Only that other dude can! The invisible guy!”

“What invisible guy?!” Jack demanded, “Maizie, shut everything down, he’s just lying!”

“On it!”


Maizie tinkered with the controls, and soon, the train came to halt, crashing into a group of trees.

“W-we did it!” Maizie bubbled.

Suddenly, a black pulsing blade pierced through the closed doors. The others jumped in shock. Dr Eddie made his escape, grabbing a small rectangular device and leaving the train through a door.

As if the metal door was cake, the blade cut it in two. The masked and armoured Valentine revealed himself, raising his deadly weapon.

“Go after that doctor!” Kitten shouted from the room behind, “I’ll deal with this clown.”

“What about Xavier?” Jack asked.

“He’s down- unconscious, but he’ll be fine. I left him outside the train.”

The four raced after the doctor, while Kitten faced Valentine, raising his twin batons.

“Won’t work on me,” Valentine warned.

“Wasn’t thinking of that.”

In the portal based engine room, a certain Sukie unpinned a grenade and ran. The explosion damaged everything, and the train began to rumble. This, in turn, sent shockwaves all across the train. One by one, rooms began to explode, and the two could see the rooms just behind them explode.


Valentine jumped through the windows, shattering through them as he jumped. Kitten followed, dragging Daena to safety as he did, but as he jumped out, the explosion knocked him off balance. Kitten got up, a bit dazed, but fine. Kitten chased after Valentine, who was going towards Doctor Eddie. Behind, a cloud of orange and red loomed like some evil monster in wait.

“Come back here!”

But, by the time Kitten had caught up, he saw Valentine pointing his mysterious blade at the others, ready to slash and kill. Behind him, Doctor Eddie pressed a bright purple button, and a portal formed. Dust swirled around the two as a dim purple sphere formed. The purples emitted other colors as well, as it engulfed the two. Valentine disappeared first and-

-Kitten raced and tried to grab the doctor before he could step through. But Kitten was too late, and as his right hand entered the crackling sphere, it closed in mere nanoseconds.

Kitten screamed as the time portal cut his right hand off. They had won, but two had escaped. Blood dripped as Kitten fell to the floor, unconscious.

Behind them, the train gave a final explosion.

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