Trinary Chaos: The Azalea Effect

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Dam It!

For the next few days, everything went surprisingly smoothly. Although the warehouse had been destroyed, another warehouse still stood a short distance away, where a siege was taking place. The other warehouse was menagerie for animals Scorpion had captured. Why they didn’t know, nor any prisoners. They only got a message from the leaders.

“Ow!” Kitten winced.

“Stop that! Or the nanobots won’t be able to attach this new hand!” Daena shot.

“Fine! We didn’t even get that much information on the mission!”

“No, but we now know that they can create stable portals and mask them.”

A peculiar machine was sending out bubbles out floating dust that went into Kitten’s arm. Attached to his cut off-wrist was a new, mechanical hand. It was metal, and it looked very skeletal.

“There,” Daena began, “now the nanobots should pair with your nerves, allowing you to touch and feel and all that nonsense.”

“Good, but I’ll need a damn glove.”

“Fine, here.”

Daena produced a dark blue glove for his mechanical right hand. Kitten tested out his new hand and found that was perfectly fine.

“Can I get back to my mission now?! Takedown Scorpion?!”

“Our mission, Kitten. Our.”

Kitten got up when Milo appeared.

“Sit down, agent.”

“Why- the warehouse!”

“It’s been dealt with. We won.”

“Aw, damn-”

“Wait, Kitten. We have a mission for the team.”


“All the um, dinosaurs and stuff have escaped from the warehouse. We detonated an EMP and it knocked out all the cage electronics. Some dangerous animals are free now. By now, who knows how far they’ve gotten. So- first mission- Kaprosuchus, and if you can, track down Amargasaurus as well. Kaprosuchus is not a dinosaur, but extremely dangerous if the files are correct.”

“Fine. I’ll get on it.”

“Good, Xavier is waiting on the plane. We managed to shoot a tracking dart into one of the Kaprosuchus’ before the rest escaped.”

“On it.”

Daena and Kitten left the tent and headed to the plane, where an exhausted Xavier awaited them. As the two got on the plane, Sukie got off, along with the mysterious future artifact.

“Okay,” Xavier began, now that everyone was together, “we will be searching the woods for an approximate area. The tracker was damaged in the process. Leo, Daena, Kitten, and Stacy will be conducting the low search. The rest of us will be using pinpointing from the skies.”

Somewhere far away, a certain someone was dancing. This man was relatively young, had dyed dark purple hair, wore a gray trench coat, and wore gold, circular glasses. The room was gold and shiny, and it looked very royal. Banners strung in random orders kept saying ‘donate now to preserve animal life’, and other similar items.

“What did you say your name was again?” asked the young woman who was dancing with the man.

“Stick around, and you’ll find out,” hinted the man, kissing her right hand.

The man began to walk around the room, soon stopping at a small booth.

“Sir, everything is ready!”

“Good, good. Prepare the device. How do some Dragon Wasps sound?”

“Good, sir.”

The woman who had been dancing with the man headed to the stage and chose a microphone. As soon as she stepped up, everyone stopped socializing and paid attention.

“You all know me, I am Angela Whitestone, founder of ‘Let Animals Live’!”

The crowd cheered. In the corner booth, the purple haired man booed. He was mostly ignored, only getting a couple of dirty looks.

“I despise them,” muttered the man, “pretending to save animals when the only way to do so is eradication of human development.”

“And today, we have some new sponsors- Nopirocs Industries!” Angela announced, pointing at the man’s booth. “Would you like to introduce yourself?”

“I think I would,” the man replied, going up onto the stage.

“We bring you- Nopirocs Industries!”

“Hello, do you know who I am?” asked the man. The crowd cheered, but did not know who he was. “Here at Nopirocs Industries we believe animals deserve to be saved! That’s why we’re bringing out our new candy selection- made from one-hundred percent organic materials. I bring you us, and me- Jacob Nopirocs!”

The crowd cheered as candy fell from the ceiling. Everyone rushed to taste the new flavors, all believing the lies.

“Sir, tell me how good this is!” Whitestone queried.

“Oh, very good,” lied the man. “Now action!”

“What? Action? Is this a Nopirocs Surprise?”

“Just you wait...”

Without warning, Whitestone fell to the floor and vomited. As if on cue, the majority of the audience did so as well.

“Ahem,” he began, “here at Noprocs Industries, we believe animals deserve to live. We can only achieve by the destruction of human development.”

“Y-you’re insane!”

“Ah, humans. So naive.”

“B-but you’re a human!” another protested.

“I know. When the time comes, I’ll bear the sacrifice as well. Now, ACTION!

All over the room, beams of light met each other in the center. Dust rose up, quickly forming a sphere. Chairs and tables did as well, warping and transforming into something else.

“Now, here there be dragons.”

The portal opened, and a flurry of color danced on the sphere.

“W-what the hell?!” Whitestone shrieked.

“Oh, hello. Wanna know my name?” he taunted, turning to whisper in her ears, “I’m Hage Quazi. I see a new world come alive.”

The time portal began to warp and swirl as something began to come through. But not something big, but something small, about the size of vultures. But these were not vultures, rather, wasps.


Hage and his troops left the building, locking the doors in the process. Dozens of large wasps came through, attacking the poor humans. There was no escape, but death. Whitestone shrieked as one such wasp landed upon her, injecting two stingers into her neck.

Meanwhile, the portal did not close, but it only got bigger, and bigger. Everyone watched in horror as the portal engulfed them all.

“Ah, how wonderful,” Hage marvelled, “humanity.”

The portal engulfed the whole building. Hage flicked his wrist, and the portal shrinked, closing. The large building was gone, now stuck in an unknown time.

In place, was a barren floor.

“Sir, won’t people notice?”

“No one’s coming up this mountain for a while. I’ve rented the property.”

Back in the Colorado forests, a large creature snarled at a squirrel. It was large, the size of a crocodile. But it stood like a dog, and had amazing speed. The crocodyliform’s mouth had several tusks, much like a boar. There was a reason why the Kaprosuchus was called ‘Boar Croc’.

The lead Kaprosuchus snapped at the other, who was chasing a butterfly. The other growled, but paid attention. The five animals now began to head to the river, two adults, a young adult and two babies. They all chirped as the group headed to the river, smelling the strange new fish.

On the other side of the river were two colorful sauropods. They were smaller than most sauropods, just slightly bigger than a human, and relatively thin. Last, they were only about nine meters in length, very small for sauropods. The two drank, ignoring the dangerous Kaprosuchus.

One of the crocodyliforms snarled at the sauropods, then went into the water. The others followed the leader and they began swimming in the direction of the river.

Ahead, the five saw a beaver dam. A family of beavers were happily chopping wood and improving their home. The Kaprosuchus were intrigued, making them remember something. The lead growled at the beavers.

The beavers howled back, mostly annoyed.

Then, the two adult Kaprosuchus charged at the beavers, swimming as fast as possible. The two jumped atop the dam, scaring a young beaver away. An adult beaver charged in defense, sinking its sharp teeth into the fearsome Kaprosuchus. In return, the Kaprosuchus yowled in pain, then bit the beaver, and not letting go.

The beavers were scared, as they had never encountered the boar crocs before. The lead Kaprosuchus bit down, instantly killing the beaver. But beavers stand their ground, and two others emerged to fight. The other Kaprosuchus turned to face one newcomer.

With amazing speed, the Kaprosuchus rammed the beaver, breaking its bones. Then, the fearsome crocodile bit down, crushing its neck with amazing bite force.

The last beaver saw this and abandoned the dam. The Kaprosuchus growled in triumph. The three younger animals hopped up onto the dam. The adults went off to modify the dam, while the smaller three entered the dam. Younger beavers were quickly slain by the conquering Kaprosuchus. The three soon made their way into the underground portion of the dam, where the beavers had made a home. The two babies, weary from their fights, fell asleep. An adult beaver waited outside the entrance returning from the woods, unaware of its fallen comrades. When they failed to return, it became very alarmed. It made a loud, horrid noise and began frantically looking for them.

It eventually found them, lying in the corner of the beaver’s home. They were dead and horribly torn up. Then, it was crushed by the jaws of the mighty Kaprosuchus.

Meanwhile, the agents watched the battle all unfold. The air team had located them, and now, Leo, Daena, Kitten, and Stacy were ready.

“Got a plan?” Kitten inquired.

“Those things look pretty vicious,” Daena pointed out.

Behind them, an Amargasaurus snorted. For the most part, the small sauropods ignored them.

“And we need to take these guys out too,” Leo reminded.

“Nah,” Stacy countered, “Amargasaurus aren’t dangerous. We’ll deal with those Kappy’s first.”

“Really, Kappy’s?”

“Oh, shut it.”

The four pulled out their TSC pistols, waiting for the adults to return. Soon, the dark green crocodyliforms returned, along with some materials.

“They’re building a dam...” Daena noted.

“Well, dam it!” Stacy joked.

“No. Just, no.”

“Pay attention, they’re all inside.” Kitten pointed out.

“Let’s charge!” Leo declared.

“No, Leo!”

But it was too late, as Leo began the charge. Daena rolled her eyes and followed, leading the others as well. Luckily, they were silent enough that the Kaprosuchus couldn’t hear them. The Kaprosuchus were just ferrying items to add to the dam.

“Plan?” Stacy joked.

“Actually, yes,” Kitten interjected, “we’ll trap them in!”

“Brilliant, and how do we do that?” Daena pointed out.

“Grenade,” Stacy offered.

“No! Not even a shockwave!” Leo rejected, “We could injure them!”

“Odd, you’re always going on about killing stuff.”

“Well, not animals. And we’re to return them alive.”

“Then shock batons it is,” Daena suggested.

Everyone agreed with that, and Kitten and Daena handed the others their extra baton. Now that everyone was equipped with batons, they slowly made their way to the dam’s entrance.


Two red, glowing eyes pierced through the darkness of the dam. Daena prepared but- -the animal disappeared.

“What just happened?!” Kitten exclaimed, “I thought these animals were dangerous!”

“Animals aren’t dangerous,” Stacy countered, “prehistoric animals do not translate to generic movie monsters.”

“But T. rex will still kill people right?” Leo hoped.

“Ehh… no… it might be a scavenger.”

“What?! At least Velociraptors are dangerous.”

“No. Those are um, tiny, dog sized things. Oh, and they don’t hunt in packs.”

“Wait, what about some of the dinosaurs we faced before?” Kitten asked, “Those were pretty dangerous.”

“It might be a territory thing. Our first mission, the Euchambersia was probably just defending itself,” Stacy began, “the Terror Birds were probably just confused and angry, the pterosaurs claimed new territory and probably thought buildings and lights were competitors. The snow dinosaurs were just hunting.”

“Well, I thought this job was about dinosaur hunting. Guess not,” Leo groaned.

“Anyway, Kaprosuchus is a land predator, but it’s too small to harm us. We’ll lure it out or something. Xavier probably thought they were dangerous cause they look really cool. Got a cage?”

“Yeah,” Kitten replied.

A long moment later, a dog was trapped in a cage, with simulators making the animal bark. The barking lured the two adult Kaprosuchus into the cage, where they killed the dog. A quick button press later, the two adults were caught.

“And now the others,” Daena muttered, putting on some gloves and picking out a few juicy pieces of meat from a bucket.

Stacy did the same, and the two tried luring the other three out.

First to leave were the two babies, interested and curious at the sweet delicious smell of blood. They were quite quick, legs built for running quickly finding Stacy and Daena. The meat was drugged, and after a few tiny bites, they slept peacefully. After a while, the last Kaprosuchus investigated, and was fed the drugged meat. With that, the mission was over.

“Where do they go again?” Stacy wondered, asking Xavier.

“Right now, we’re putting them in our containment room on the plane. Later, I’ll show you its enclosure in Wyvern Base.” Xavier answered.

“And the Amargasaurus? How?”

“We’ll find a way to get them to the base.”

“Well, that was uneventful,” Leo groaned.

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