Trinary Chaos: The Azalea Effect

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Paradigm Shift

Paris prepared her plan. For days, she had been watching the secret entrance into Fort Lakise.

A secret basement, through an entrance through the director’s room. Day after day, she had watched black suited people enter.
Once, she had even entered, but it wasn’t long until her paranoia got the better of her and she had to leave.

But from what she had stolen from the winding halls of the research facility, a small disk, told her everything she needed to know.

It ranged from where Azalea was, to the head scientist- a man named Hage Quazi, and guard rotations. But it did not explain what Project SP was.

Armed with a backpack full of supplies, she decided she would retrieve Azalea today.

“Hello,” she greeted the guard who stood watch over the entrance.


The guards thought that the entrance was only known by the workers of Fort Lakise, and so nobody had ever bothered to check who Paris Chambers was.

Paris tugged on a bookshelf, then entered a code. A secret door opened, and Paris entered.

First, she descended a seemingly eternal flight of stairs, illuminated by fluorescent lights. Second, she finally arrived at the main hall, which was the safest. People of all ages and races lived here, and she could see uniform-wearing-parents with children playing on a playground.

She took a map from her backpack. It had been carefully annotated with the guard schedules and everything Paris needed to know.

She gave a guard a reassuring look as she entered the main lab areas. The halls were a bright white, with small decorative dots on the tiles. She had worn a lab uniform, one she had stolen during her first infiltration into the facility. Both soldiers and workers greeted her as she strode down.

And there it was- her target. Caleb Azalea.

Azalea was in a room, strapped to equipment. He was sleeping, or at least, relaxed on a bed. Lab coated scientists surrounded his lying form, taking measurements and data. According to what Paris had gathered, the Fort Lakise were trying to make sense of Azalea’s ability.

Julian Page and his team had once done the same to Azalea, but they gave up. Nobody could understand what the doorways were, nor how the ability worked.

Paris entered the room, greeting the scientists.

“Excuse me, I think I might be able to understand him,” Paris addressed.


“If he’s alone, or with one person- me, it might just work.”

The scientists happily agreed, seeing that whatever they were doing, it hadn’t worked. And so they left, giving luck and good-byes to Paris.

“Oh, poor Azzie,” she muttered.

Azalea was asleep, a device keeping him sedated.

Paris pulled the needles out, awakening Azalea.

“Ah, Paris,” he greeted, half awake. “What are you doing here? These people are great! I might finally understand-”

“Azalea, we need to leave.”

“Why? I’m doing great here-”

“I think these people might have something to do with Jessica Io and the creature.”


“Remember when we first met- a creature would have killed you. I think that creature has something to do with… Fort Lakise.”

“Alright, I’ll just talk to the head of science- Hage Quazi.”

“Caleb, I broke in this place to get you out. Whatever they’re doing to you, it’s got to be bad. Plus, there’s this weird Project SP I keep hearing about. Do you know about that?”

Before Paris or Azalea could utter another word, the door swung open and a large burly man entered.

“Ah, Paris Chambers. We knew you’d try this,” the man laughed. “Now that we have both of you, we’ll be able to understand more.”

“Who are you?” Azalea asked. “I’ve never seen you.”

“Let’s just say I’m a general. Call me Ronald McDonald, you have no reason to know who I am.”

“What do you want with us?!” Paris demanded.

“Well, we want to know how you’re involved with Project SP, and how you found out about the creature.”

Paris gave him a confused look. “We were investigating an… occurrence when someone saw your Venus-Flytrap monster at Jessica Io’s house! We’ve nothing to do with this!”

“Wait, you saw the monster at… a house? That’s impossible, all our specimens are contained.”

“That’s what we were investigating, sightings.”

“Lies! None of our specimens could have escaped.”

“Let us go?” Azalea pleaded.

“No. And how about the first occurrence, years ago when you two met? How did you encounter that? Only we should have known about it!”

“Coincidence?” Azalea guessed. “My psychic powers?”

“Psychics aren’t real.” General Ronald McDonald turned to some guards. “Bah, get these people into a cell. I’ve decided enough is enough to be believing in psychic lies!”

At once, soldiers overpowered the two and cuffed them, bringing them to a dark, damp, cell. They shut and locked the door.

Meanwhile, Xavier and the DCU were on the plane, talking of a new mission.

“We split up!”

“Xavier, what?! Is this even safe?!” Daena exclaimed, “Sukie left to work on that future artifact, and Milo had the soldiers leave for the time being!”

“She’s right, it’s just the seven of us now,” Leo added, “we can’t split up missions.”

“Then, it’s time to improvise! Though I’m not sure how...”


“Anyone have any other thoughts on this?”

The rest of the small team, which were all in the plane’s briefing room nodded their heads in agreement.

“So,” Jack began, “you’re saying that me, Leo, Daena, and Maizie are going to investigate a dinosaur sighting in Africa without a time portal while, Stacy, you, and Kitten investigate a lower-class time portal?”

“That’s right,” Xavier assured, “without our regular soldiers, we have the task of lower-class time portals. Now, the sightings in Africa seem to be a herd of Corythosaurus and some small raptors. The other portal is in Australia, where we believe a Diplodocus is.”

“Wait a min, how’d you guys decipher small and large?” Stacy pointed out.

“Our cloaked highly advanced satellites can detect the size and shape of objects coming through the portal. Dismissed. We’ll drop in Africa, then Australia.”

At last, everyone returned to their respective rooms and places to be. Little did they know their day would be alot worse by the end. Daena was now in her room, where she pushed a drawer to the side.

With a precise and sharp knife, she cut into the wall, easily slicing a hidden panel open. Behind the panel was a small phone and a jumble of wires. The doctor removed the phone from its place and dialed in numbers on a small keypad on the device.

“Daena Santos reporting in,” she whispered in, “it’s time.”

“I see,” replied a masked voice, “report in at the scheduled intervals.”

“Confirmed. What shall I do for now?”

“Play along. Don’t let them know about the plan. Protocol four, we need to record all their communications.”

“Confirmed. Will do.”

“K signing out.”

Daena returned the phone to the spot.

Unknown to her, someone was listening in through a small, carefully concealed hole in the door. It was Kitten, who had a notepad, writing down the entire conversation. Daena began to walk out, and Kitten made himself hidden, pretending to just be on his way.

“Hi, Kitten,” Daena greeted.

“Hi, Daena,” Kitten innocently replied.

With that, the good doctor proceeded to walk away. She walked down the stairs to the ‘basement’ of the plane, where storage of emergency items and plane related equipment was stored. Behind her, Kitten followed.

Daena entered the ‘basement,’ opening a strong metal door and locking it behind her. She found a room labeled ‘communications and data storage,’ and entered. Behind, Kitten silently opened the door and entered.

“...and this goes… here...” Daena muttered, inserting a small chip into a console. She replaced another chip with one she had brought in another. Last, she inserted a program by inserting a thumb drive into the central communications system.

As the doctor left the room, Kitten hid in a storage cabinet. After ensuring that Daena had suspected nothing and was gone, he left and entered the communications room.

Hours later, the plane was descending into a clearing in Africa.

“Those are dinos, all right,” Jack noted.

“Agreed, duh,” Leo added.

Jack, Leo, Daena, and Maizie exited the plane and approached the dinosaur herd. Behind them, the plane disappeared into the sky. The Corythosaurus appeared friendly, just grazing and testing out what grass tasted like. The animals seemed to like chewing on grass, and since it was plentiful, they were happy and content.

“Got a plan?” Maizie pointed out, “I don’t really see the point of me being here anyways-”

“Stop right there Maizie,” Leo cut in, “you may be just a generic young hacker, but you need experience for all sorts of things!”

“Shush,” Daena ordered, “Jack’s gone. Clearly, we have no way to handle this. Protocol says we report this to Agent Napoleon, who will send another team to take them.”

Indeed, Jack was approaching the Corythosaurus. He scanned one and confirmed they were Corythosaurus. Jack returned to the group, who were hiding behind a rock.

“What concerns me,” Daena continued, “is that Scorpion was definitely here. No tachyon traces. Time particles have been masked.”

“Then we should be talking to the villagers,” Jack replied, putting on a device that translated words into his ears.

“Agreed,” Leo agreed, “you guys do that- I’ll notify Agent Napoleon.”

“Agreed,” Jack replied.

Jack, Maizie, and Daena walked to the village, leaving Leo with an expensive satellite phone.

“Leo Weiss of the DCU- sorry, DAE team something reporting to Agent Leo.”

“Agent Leo is… unavailable,” a voice on the other end replied.

“Well, we need a team to pick up some dinosaurs here.”

“I’ll notify the next agent, which is… Agent Villette Villefort.”


Leo turned off the device and felt a strange sensation. It’s as if he felt something bad had happened to Agent Napoleon, with some sort of psychic intuition. He shook it off and reasoned it to having eaten too much waffles with Maizie for breakfast.

“Guys!” he called, running over to the others.

“As expected,” Daena responded, “it was that insane Hage Quazi and Scorpion.”

“Call Agent Napoleon yet?” Jack added.

“Yes. Well, now what?” Leo wondered, “Agent Napoleon was unavailable so it got passed on to another agent.”

“We wait for the other team and join their plane,” Maizie charmingly answered, remembering the answer from her training.

“Good job, Maizie!” Jack praised.

Meanwhile, the plane landed in the Australian wilderness. Soon, the team found the portal and the dinosaur, which was indeed a Diplodocus. Prehistoric birds were picking off sizable parasitic worms from the creature. The worms were attached like leeches, sucking blood and laying eggs.

“Ew,” Kitten commented.

“Amazing,” Stacy added.

“What?! Ew!” Xavier declared, “Agent Sykes, what are you talking about?!”

“Parasites are amazing creatures!”

“No they aren’t!” Kitten countered.

“Yes they are! Now anyways, how do we bring that dinosaur back to that portal.”

“I have an idea,” Xavier began, “Justin and Lily should activate a loud noise and scare it back in.”

“Well that’s anticlimactic,” Kitten muttered, “I was thinking guns and stuff.”

“Like I said, lower class time portal,” Xavier pointed out.

After notifying the plane, Justin and Lily set up some speakers behind the Diplodocus. The noise played a loud and annoying song. In response, the DIplodocus bellowed a whale song and ran the opposite way, directly into the portal.

Last, Stacy and Xavier handled the Time Cube and closed the rip in space time, finishing the mission.

“And I thought dinosaur hunting wouldn’t be boring,” Stacy shared.

“Lower class time portal,” mocked Kitten, imitating Xavier.

“Haha, now let’s get outta here,” Xavier dictated.

Hours later, the team was back together, sharing how each of their missions went. After finding out they were both boring, the team decided to play video games as they headed back to Wyvern Base.

“All right, I think I’m done with this game,” Kitten laughed, “Maizie keeps beating everyone.”

“Oh c’mon Kitten, it’s fun!” Leo joked.

“Whatever,” he retorted. He turned to Xavier and whispered, “come with me.”



Xavier sighed, wanting to play another round of Count Makepiece: The Game with the rest of the team again. They never got to bond, and the world famous game about dinosaur riding and war was a good source of bonding.

Kitten led Xavier to the basement, where he showed Xavier the communications system.

“And?” Xavier asked, “What am I supposed to be seeing?”

“I saw Daena here earlier today,” Kitten informed, “she changed something here.”

“How do you know that?”

“I followed her. I heard her reporting to someone, in her room. It sounded suspicious.”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?!”

“I had to be sure. Now do you know anyone who can check the machines?”

“Yes, Lily can.”

“Then get her here!”

“I will. Now, anything else you’d like to tell me?”

“Yes, actually,” Kitten decided. “I found some Angelbound wiring in the cockpit the other day.”

“Angel? What would they want with us?”

“I don’t know, but they aren’t a primary threat.”

Xavier sighed and ordered Lily to join them. A moment later, Lily appeared and joined them. She carried a toolbox with her in case data had been tampered with.

“So,” Lily began, “you’re saying Doctor Santos is the spy?”

“Perhaps,” Kitten agreed.

“Let’s not jump to conclusions,” Xavier defended, “we don’t know anything yet. Lily, check the machines.”


Lily headed over to a cabinet and opened it. She ran and checked every single chart and board of information. With a strange tool in her box, she removed small devices from the circuit boards.

“So?” Kitten impatiently inquired.

“Communication rerouter,” Lily explained, “these routes it to Daena and someone else I can’t find out about.”

“Then she is a spy,” Xavier reluctantly agreed, “let’s go confront her.”

“And so it must be done,” Kitten exacted.

The three equipped themselves with TSC pistols and made their way to the medical room, where they saw Daena through the glass checking up on medical data. The three entered.

“Oh, hello,” Daena greeted, “what can I do for you?”

“Start by explaining who you’re rerouting information to!” Lily addressed.

“I was hoping none of you knew that!” Daena growled, whipping out her own TSC pistol.

“Daena Isabel Santos, we are placing you under arrest!” Xavier declared.

Daena smashed the glass window with her baton, momentarily distracting the three. Taking the chance, the doctor escaped, running down the hallway.

“Go go!” Kitten yelled, appearing to have been hurt by some glass. “Don’t let her get away!”

The two chased after Daena down the hall, passing the rest of the team in the process.

“Woah, what’s goin’ on?” Leo calmly addressed.

“Daena’s the spy!” Lily informed.

“What?!” Stacy exclaimed, “We need to apprehend her!”

The others joined, and they all chased after Daena. Shot after shot they fired, but Daena always seemed to be too far away. The chase ended when they found Daena on the ramp. She had opened the ramp and had a parachute on.

“Stop!” Jack declared.

“No! I have a mission!” Daena returned.

“Oh stop, we know you’re the spy!” Stacy added, “You’ve already smuggled the data away anyways!”

“What?!” Daena shouted in conclusion, “I’m not the spy!”

“Then who are you reporting the information to?!” Leo pointed out, “Scorpion?!”

“I can’t reveal that to you!”

“Why not!?” Xavier accused.

“It’s classified!”

Xavier then promptly fired his gun, shooting Daena with the tranquilizer and knocking her unconscious.

“Ugh,” Xavier sighed, “villain monologues.”

Leo closed the ramp, and then the team tied Daena to a chair in the containment room. Daena soon awoke to find the team, save Kitten and Maizie around her. Maizie was excluded from the chase but informed of this when Daena was apprehended.

“Come on,” Xavier began, “tell us who your leader is! We’re taking you to Wyvern Base now, where you’ll be safe if you’re being threatened!”

“Good,” Daena replied, “Wyvern Base.”

“What’s that supposed to-” Leo began, just before the plane made an abrupt sharp turn. “Ack! What the?!”

Justin suddenly appeared, opening the door and entering the containment room. He had a panicked look on his face, as if something bad had just happened.

“T-the plane’s being controlled!” he trembled.

“What?!” Xavier roared, “How?! What’s our course?!”

“From what I g-gather, we aren’t heading back to Wyvern Base!” Justin wailed, “According to the data, we’re on a course to an island in an archipelago owned by someone named Oldow Gleass!”

“This is impossible! What the hell is going on?!”

“Someone is controlling the plane?!”Leo exclaimed, “How?!”

“It can be done remotely,” Xavier told, “or by Wyvern Base.”

“Agent Dan Napoleon is dead!” Daena cut in, “I’m reporting to Milo!”

“What?! My brother?! He’s a leader of the American operation! Why would he need you?!”

“To report on the team! I swear, I’m not your damn spy!”

“Can you prove this?” Stacy asked.

“Yes. In my room, I’ll show you.”

` Reluctantly, the team freed Daena and she led them to her room, where she revealed the hidden phone. She dialed some numbers on the number pad, and spoke into it. “Milo Krassant, this is Agent Santos.”

“Why, hello,” Xavier spoke in.

“What the- Xavier?! How do you have this secure line!” Milo’s voice shouted.

“Maybe if you’d told me Daena was one of yours we would have avoided all this! Did you know she was gonna jump off the plane.”

“Ah, yes. Security reasons. We are close to discovering the spy. Someone that is not Daena has been sending secure, encrypted messages to another.”

“Now,” Xavier sighed, beginning, “turn this plane back!”

“What do you mean? We aren’t doing anything to your plane.”

“Oh, so you don’t know that it’s heading to an island in the middle of something called the Magpie’s Archipelago?”

“Uh… no.”

“Can you get us back then?!”

“I’ll try- something’s interrupting-”

The voices cut off abruptly, followed by sounds of gunfire and screaming.

“Milo? Milo?!”

“Damn it! Someone just tried to kill me! Anyways, apparently, all our planes have been tampered with except my personal one. I’ll intercept you and-”


Only silence.

“What now?” Stacy worried.

“Looks like we can’t do anything,” Justin began, “I can’t do anything about this, and we have no way to contact Wyvern Base.”

“Let’s just prepare,” Leo suggested, “we’ll go out swinging.”

“I agree,” piped Lily, “I may be just a pilot, but I’m not letting some insane organization take all our information.”

“Got any plans?” Daena asked. “There’s a spy here on this plane who may be listening to everything we are saying.”

“Well, we’re gonna die anyways,” Leo started, “why not blow up the plane and them in the process.”

“Brilliant,” Maizie piped in, “how?”

“We have bombs,” Daena informed.

“Oh, hi guys!” Kitten called, appearing in the doorway, “What are we doing now?”

“Daena’s not the spy,” Maizie told, “and we’re blowing up the plane.”

So in the next few hours, the team set up the plane with traps. Hour by hour, the speedy airplane maintained a course to the mysterious island, which was named Isla Conseja. While the older adults set up the traps, Maizie read up on the island.

The island was explored by a Spanish expedition team. After they went missing, nobody bothered to explore again until the 2000s. There, another team found the bodies of six of the seven expedition team members. The last, a man named Liam Green was never found. What was most peculiar was that journals were all recovered from caves around the island. The journals were all from the man named Liam Green, and the logs kept going for 70 years after his death. This was thought to be mythology as no such journals had ever been released to the public, though Liam Green was a real person whose body was never found.

Maizie reported the information to the team.

“Alright, all the traps are set and ready,” Leo affirmed, “now how long do we have?”

“Fifteen minutes,” Lily informed.

“Then let’s just wait,” Jack sighed.

The team sat in a circle in the recreation room, all holding guns. The mood was grim and somber as they knew something bad would happen. Death was expected, and they all watched as they approached the island, which was hidden by a thunderstorm. The plane dipped into the dark, stormy, clouds.

Without warning, Jack and Maizie disappeared. They seemed to phase out of reality until they faded into nonexistence.

“What the hell?!” Stacy shouted, “What was that?!”

“N-no i-idea!” Xavier stammered.

“No time for that, look!” Leo demanded, pointing to the outside, which was now an airstrip in the center of a large clearing. People with weapons guarded the area, and there were watchtowers along the field.

Far away, a plane flew in the opposite direction of the island. In the cockpit was none other than Milo Krassant. Milo set the autopilot to send them to Wyvern Base, then walked over to a makeshift living room. As he entered, two bursts of light pulsed.

“Oh, hi Jack, Maizie,” he innocently greeted.

“Where the hell are we?!” Maizie demanded, “How did we get here.”

“Owh,” Milo began, muffled by him chewing on some bread, “telhphorter.”

“What the hell?!” Jack growled, “How- Never mind that, what of the others?!”

“Too late,” Milo explained, “the teleporter broke before I could get the others. It chose two random people. It’s a prototype created by Sukie.” The agent pointed at a large smoking machine in the corner. It was on fire. “Computer! Put out that fire!”

“We have to go back and do something!” Maizie pleaded.

“No chance of that happening. Xavier is smart. I think. Daena can handle that,” Milo decided. “Now, I’m not letting whoever those guys are take down my plane! Too much information here. Oh, and before you tell me to send a fleet, all of Wyvern Base’s planes have been tampered with.”

“So what?! We’re just gonna abandon them?!” Jack accused. “And don’t you guys have other bases.”

“Calm down, Agent Mayflower. The teleporter prototype was created based on some loose models we extracted from the artifact you found. We have our best scientists working on producing a better one and other things that may help us at Valhalla Base. It might help us understand the whole thing. Also, no, we can’t risk exposing any of our other bases.”

“What about us,” Maizie inquired, now calmed down, “where are we going?”

“Oh,” Milo began, with a devilish smile on his face, “The Lost City of Patagonia.”

Back on the island, the DCU’s plane landed.

“Here’s the plan,” Leo began, “I’ve rigged the entire plane to blow up. As Kitten is hurt and can’t actually fight, he’ll be in charge of blowing us all up. The rest of us will be distracting and trying to get as much of those people on this plane. We have to do as much damage as possible.”

Far in the distance, a drill cut through the plane’s ramp. The ramp fell down with no resistance, and people began boarding the plane. They were from Scorpion, as they were all wearing bulletproof vests with ‘Scorpion’ labeled on them.

“Forward!” Christie Gardner ordered, herself marching in the front. “Remember, we need them alive!”

The men and women of Scorpion all chanted yes in agreement.
The army swarmed the plane, going into all the rooms. But the team wasn’t there. There was only silence in each and every room.

“Ma’am, nothing!” a soldier reported.

“Impossible!” Christie rejected. “Search these halls again!”

Suddenly, Leo Weiss dropped down on the woman and knocked her unconscious, causing a distraction. From a makeshift trapdoor in a crawlspace, the other members of the team (except Kitten) dropped down and began fighting the members of Scorpion with deadly force.

Punch after punch, shot after shot, it soon seemed as if the team would regain control of the plane and escape. But alas, the armies of Scorpion outnumbered the few, and they were all captured and handcuffed.

Stacy watched this all occur, having been the one chosen to order Kitten to blow up the plane. The paleontologist crawled through the small crawl space until she found Kitten in the gym. Kitten was sitting on a foldable chair, eating an energy bar as he fiddled with the detonation remote.

“Kitten, now!” Stacy commanded.

Out of nowhere, two members of Scorpion appeared behind Stacy and caught her. Stacy struggled, but the handcuffs were forced on, defeating the valiant agent. “Kitten!” Stacy pleaded.

Kitten did nothing, still eating his energy bar and fiddling with the detonator.

“Wait, can I hear that again?” Kitten mocked.


“Oh, you actually thought I was hurt?!”

“K-Kitten, what are you going on about?! Just press that button already!”

“It was lucky Daena forgot to actually check my injuries.”


“Yes,” Kitten corrected, “I’m the spy.”


“Oh, must I explain my reasons? Surely you know me better than that.”

“B-but I don’t know your reasons!”

“Exactly, I’m not gonna explain my damn life to you!”

“I’ll get you for this!”

“Argh! Take them away!” Kitten roared, “I’m sick of this!”

Far away, a base similar to Wyvern Base floated. This was Valhalla base, and approximately 3,000 people lived there. These were mostly scientists and their families.

In the many laboratories and study rooms were scientists and researchers doing what their jobs demanded on strange objects and peculiar finds. From cursed artifacts to fragments of supposedly powerful weapons were being experimented and looked after.

In the most advanced room, the computer-assistance room was Sukie and a small group of scientists. These scientists were the top in their fields, all chosen by Xavier to assist in the research of the mysterious future artifact.

“Quick, everyone, is this a good idea?” Sukie asked, now having to speak out loud to save the team. Desperate times require desperate measures.

“It’s the only way,” one answered, “we can’t fully understand it- too many pieces missing and too many unknowns! The computer can compute all that way quicker!”

“I agree with Strauss,” agreed another.

“There are dangers…” another moaned, “but it’s our only choice.”

“Then, let’s do it.”

Sukie held the future device and placed it into a box. She inserted the box into a slot for the computer to scan. Specifically, she slid it into a large, pillar-like device that had wiring connected to an unknown place deep inside the base itself.

When that was done, letters popped up on a screen, which popped up from a hidden compartment into the wall. The screen read ’calculating,’ then ’searching for similar objects,’ then last, a smiley face- (:.

“Wait,” Sukie gasped, “is that a smiley face?”

“I think it is,” one of the others said. “How is this happening?”

“Must be a prank,” another decided, “the kids on level twenty are always playing weird tricks.”

“Not on the main computer...” Sukie mumbled, “this shouldn’t be possible.”

Another face appeared, this time being :).

“C-can we get an engineering team here?” Sukie stuttered, announcing the request on a radio.

“Name your reason.”

“I just need one. Now!”

“A team will be arriving in a moment.”


“T-that is impossible!” a scientist snapped. “The computer can’t identify us! It was given fake names!”


“What’s happening?!” the leader of the engineering team demanded, bursting in the room. “You sounded really distressed!”

“T-that...” Sukie stammered, pointing at the screen.

The door leading into the room slammed shut. The locks clicked, shutting them all in. Screens all over the room began to warp, letters flowing from one screen onto another. Deep inside the walls, mechanical creatures clicked and turned. Like snakes, cameras slid out of compartments in the walls, searching as if alive.






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