Trinary Chaos: The Azalea Effect

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Caleb Azalea - An enigmatic investigator investigating the Shadowpath. He has some control over his Memetic parasite, allowing him to sense the emotions of others. This is because he passed from the parallel universe, activating his Memetic powers.

Paris Chambers - An enigmatic investigator investigating the Shadowpath.

Julian Page - The leader of the JPIS.

Jack Mayflower - The leader of an archeological dig. After getting caught up with the strange clandestine organization Scorpion, Jack and his team are taken to be part of DAE- Department of Anomalous Events. Before being in archeology, he used to be part of the military.

Maizie Cloude - Another archeological dig member. Jack chose her due to her ability to hack things and forge their way into any digital protected by governments.

Dr. Stacy Sykes - A researcher working for Jack Mayflower. She is both a Paleontologist and an Archeologist!

Leo Weiss - A mercenary hired by Jack Mayflower for defense against animals and grave robbers.

Agent Milo Krassant - The leader of the American sector of the worldwide organization DAE. He happens to find Jack Mayflower’s team after the temple. When they meet him, they get his name confused with croissants.

Agent Xavier Krassant - Milo’s twin brother. He is sent to lead the Dinosaur DAE team. He has a habit of screaming “GET OUT OF MY PLANE”, or “NOW GET OFF MY PLANE”.

Kitten - A special agent who joins the team.

Justin Wang - One of the pilots on the plane. He also manages the inside drone system.

Lillian (Lily) Rulu - One of the pilots on the plane. She is also in charge of the control of scout drones.

Daniel Napoleon - An agent sent by Milo to supervise the plane. He brings his assistant Kitten as well, not realizing that Kitten is a spy.

Sukie Everlie - The first person to produce time portals and realize Geologic Time Shift. She is rescued by Jack and DAE from an Egypt Scorpion base, but not before Scorpion steals the data for portal technology. She doesn’t talk, except to people who are close to her.

Daena Santos - The plane’s doctor. She is an expert on how to treat stab wounds, bites, venoms, and more.

Eddie Zhao - The head researcher for the villainous Scorpion. He is based on one of his inventions - the Scorpion Train. This train can cross all terrain except for the oceans.

Victoria Kurst - Second in charge of the Council of Five.

Lloyd R’Vaeren |Alex (Lloyd-Maizie) R’Cloude | Victoria (Lloyd-Victoria) Krell - Fourth in charge of the Council of Five. Due to passing from the parallel universe, he has full control of his Memetic parasite, allowing him to possess anyone he had ever spoken with.

Nathan Chang - Third in charge of the Council of Five.

Lynn Ferguson - Fifth in charge of the Council of Five.

Caiden Corvette - The current Prime Director.

Katherine von Schieden - First in charge of the Council of Five.

Earl Quinnely - Governor of Angelbound Aeolia.

Alyssa Solario - Formerly Lloyd R’Vaeren and Alyssa


Acrocanthosaurus - A large beast able to change color. It fights with the Tyrannosaurus on Isla Conseja.

Amargasaurus - Some are seen grazing. Nothing happens.

Andrewsarchus - One ‘perfect’ one escapes and wreaks havoc on a mall.

Arthropleura - The largest bug ever to exist. It is seen in Fort Lakise.

Cave Lion - One such creature is seen in Fort Lakise. It is an upgrade, more powerful version and the basis for the Stalker Cat.

Corythosaurus - The team investigates a strange sighting and discovers a herd of Corythosaurus.

(Unnamed) Dromaeosaurid - A mob of Dromaeosaurs hunts and kills Corythosaurus. Used in the C.R.E.A.T.E.D genome.

Dimetrodon - A ‘perfect’ one appears in Lakise.

Euchambersia - This smallish therocephalian’s bite is venomous, able to kill humans with a single bite. The authorities believe a serial killer is killing people when it is actually a quartet of Euchambersia.

Hybrids - Numerous hybrids are seen, escaping from Fort Lakise.

Kaprosuchus - Seven Kaprosuchus (three babies, four adults) escape from a Scorpion containment facility. The team tracks them down, where they have taken over and modified a beaver dam.

Kelenken - During the nighttime, several come through a portal and start attacking people. They have a weakness to sound.

Laophis - During their first mission, part of the team get stuck in the Pliocene, where they encounter a Laophis.

Leaellynasaura - These fluffy long-tailed beasts arrive in Canada along with the dangerous snow raptors.

Rhamphorhynchus - A swarming group is responsible for the deaths of several people.

Snow Theropod/Pagodromos nivea - These deadly dinosaurs travel through snow and drag unsuspecting victims below. They usually build nests underground and excrete a special liquid that causes snow to harden and stick together. They look more like snakes than dinosaurs. Mistaken for raptors, they are actually a new theropod group that has evolved to dig.

Tyrannosaurus rex - Two Tyrannosaurus chase after the team, and fight against two Acrocanthosaurus.

Mysterious (Prototype) Dromaeosaurid - A strange beast with no eyes and an almost-impossible speed. Hage created the beast at Fort Lakise, where it soon comes to a showdown between it and the Shadowpaths. These were far stronger than what Hage had in mind.

Patagonia Alien - Strange alien creatures who presumably built the Lost City of Patagonia. Several skeletons of these are found as well as one in a stasis tank. Unfortunately, the tank is destroyed in the process of escape.

Patagonia Liquid Creature - The creature attacks the archeology team through various ways into the hidden city. From what is seen, the creature looks like a humanoid form with extremely long, thin arms, and longer legs. They are also the rain, and can take any form.

Patagonia Skeletons - Mysterious skeletons of unknown animals similar to the drawings of the alien text are seen in the lost city.

Future Creatures

Future Spider - A building company is renovating an old Victorian mansion. Unknown to them, many years before, a population of Future Spiders had come through. The spiders eat mammals and have very sticky webs. The team steps on a spider egg spore balloon and are affected by shared hallucinations. They believe what they hallucinate is real when in reality, they are asleep and are being digested slowly by acid.

Future Goat - Mountain goats have better horns, now a single, large, conelike horn. They are spotted near the mansion with the spiders.

Shadowpath - This mysterious beast of the future has the ability to cloak itself. They evolved from octopi and went on land. Perhaps one of the most intelligent creatures, and could potentially become the next civilized life on Earth. They are seen first, as the Venus Creature. It uses hallucinations and shapeshifting to kill its victims. Omnivorous. Millions of years.


The Valhalla Program - Everyone at Valhalla Base has disappeared. A mysterious sentient computer has taken it over, believing the Valhalla program best suited for its abilities. It is revealed that Valhalla had been given self-awareness by one of the alien artifacts. It is using human brains to upgrade computer functions.

Sphere - A mysterious sphere causes everyone to turn against each other in Patagonia. It is revealed that the aliens brought the sphere from the future. The sphere contains a liquid life-form that escaped when Nathan and Maizie opened it.

Organizations and Locations

JPIS - An investigative service, formerly the Angel institute. Later, it is revealed that the JPI(S) was created by the Angelbound Empire.

Temple of Water - The place where the future artifact is found. After the removal of the artifact, the place became a cluster location due to ancient sensors.

DAE - The DAE is a clandestine organization created by the world’s powers. They make themselves immune to corruption by serving no government. Most people who work at the DAE don’t legally exist, and if one is caught on a mission, they will be denied by all governments and the DAE.

Scorpion - An organization of radicals who want to kill all humans and usher in a new future of just animals.

Wyvern Base - A very new and powerful base of the DAE. It can be found traversing the skies of America. It shields itself from frigid temperatures with an unseen technology and a small forcefield.

Lancelot-81320 - The plane in which our heroes live on.

The Doorway - Nobody knows what this is. Those affected have returned to our plane of existence with psychic powers. It is also a doorway to the Parallel Universe. Entering the Doorway causes the human mind to have full control of the Memetic life-form, which allows for psychic abilities.

Isla Conseja - An island of dinosaurs. Due to Hage’s work on portals, the island became a hotspot, causing dinosaurs to fill up the entire island.

The Lost City of Patagonia - Located somewhere between the Andes Mountains, the lost city is revealed to be built inside the mountain. Jack and Maizie are sent to join an archeological dig investigating the site. Later, it is revealed that the place holds significant information about time portals. In addition to a source of [Redacted], the place also had text similar to the Voynich manuscript written by the Patagonia Aliens. The place had doors only openable from the inside to hide from something. About 20,000 people would have lived here, both alien and human. Built by the Koekeux people, who praised the aliens.

Hidden Cities - Storm and Angel, the two sides of the hidden cities. These cities are hidden, like Atlantis and El Dorado. The floating city of Aeolia takes Jack and Maizie hostage to coerce the DAE to hand over portal technology. After explaining the entire situation, Angel, Storm, and the DAE come to a deal- Portal technology in exchange for storming Isla Conseja.

Fort Lakise - A U.S government lab funded by Vibrant news and the DoD studying ‘monsters’. What they don’t realize is that they are actually studying Shadowpaths, which have learned how to escape and mimic humanity to an impossible level. Azalea and Paris find out about Fort Lakise and warn them of what was happening. General Ronald McDonald doesn’t listen and the Shadowpaths take over the small city of Kintain due to Hage’s interference. As the Shadowpaths make their escape, Captain Victoria Kurst arrives with a squad of Storm troops to save them. Meanwhile, an Angel squad marches on to contain the Florida lab. The Shadowpaths still outnumber the humans, and they take over Kintain.

The Parallel Universe - Though it looks exactly like the heroes’ universe, the timeline has happened quite differently in the parallel universe, along with different heroes. The portal entering the other universe is the Doorway, because humans can’t comprehend its pure magnificence.

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