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It's been 280 years since anyone has seen the surface. Those lucky enough to survive have sealed themselves underground. No one wants to leave. But Jaxon has always dreamed of seeing the world outside the Sprawl and has gone to great lengths to achieve it. Now faced with an exam that'll grant him that wish, does he have what it takes to pass and claim his prize?

Scifi / Romance
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Authors Notes

Hello, thank you for choosing to spend your time on Catalytic. The Chapters needed to be split in two due to length as a result I will be posting Part 1 of a chapter on Tuesdays and Part 2 on Fridays. Every other Friday will be a database and will have no upload on Tuesday to make sure you get the best possible content I can give. Please don’t forget to vote if you liked it and I encourage you to leave as many comments as you’d like!

Credit to @john_1290 on Wattpad for the absolutely phenomenal cover

And shout out to @IronCinnamonRoll for their help with editing and tightening the grammar of Catalytic.

If you want to contact me I'm best reached on Wattpad, and I have more of the story uploaded there (about 2 chapters and their databases more usually) but I will respond to DM's here on Inkitt as well.


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