Vorago: Prologue Part 1

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Chapter 2: Common traits

The demon slumps back into his throne with a satisfied grin on his face.

-Well I don’t want to spoil any of the surprises, so... LET THE VORAGO GAMES BEGIN! - the demon shouts while striking down his staff.

-W-what? ... Games? - I think.

Suddenly all the platforms scatter, various navy blue colored spheres have appeared around the wall, one for each prisoner, as one of the prisoners gets close the sphere randomly moves from the inside as if its alive, the platform flips the prisoner upside down, his feet stick to the platform, the platform ascends above the sphere. I look around and it’s happening to everyone in random order as they approach the sphere. I get flipped upside down, I continue to watch the prisoner dangle back and forth, the platform slowly descends into the sphere.

-NO! PLEASE! - he shouts and tries to push away from the sphere.

His arms slowly sink inside it like the sphere is made of something similar to bubble gum, the material of the sphere glues to his arms, he screams in fear, his arms thrust back and slowly gets pulled in again. The material covers his mouth and muffles the screams, I look down and it’s my turn.

- Why don’t I scream? ... Am I this broken already? ... This emptiness, this is what it must be like to give up... - I think as I am swallowed by the sphere head first.

Suddenly I am falling in complete darkness, I feel that same cold slimy liquid as before, I’m moving down fast, making left and right turns as if I was on a giant slide. Suddenly I fall inside a cylinder shaped space, nice and cozy. Here is completely lit up, everything is very clean. There are various screens turned off on the beige walls around me, it has a scarlet colored leather cushion behind my entire body, that is now splattered with a navy blue colored slime. Directly in front of me is a thin glass visor, but I can’t see anything through it, it’s completely dark outside of here. The cylinder I am inside begins moving down, to my right someone has carved symbols onto a metal panel on the wall, these are symbols I have never seen before, but slowly I began understanding somehow, as if flashes of these symbols pass through my mind, memories I’m sure I didn’t have before and suddenly, i understand. The message reads: “I see no god up here.”

- Up here? Up wh- I say and interrupt myself when I see a planet and the stars through my visor.

I hear big metal latches unlock, suddenly two seat belts automatically latch around me, one from each side. Suddenly I start moving forward again, only this time it’s faster, rapidly gaining speed, I close my eyes tight and hold my seat belts. The speed becomes overwhelming, it’s getting warmer, I start taking huge panic breath and sweat a lot. I open my eyes and see a bright red and orange light and the stars rapidly moving backwards.

- T-this feeling... I’m in outer space? - I ask myself, as the speed becomes faster and faster, -What the fuck is happening?! - I yell and gasp for air.

I involuntarily slowly close my eyes; my head feels light and slowly everything in the borders of my field vision start fading into darkness until I can’t see anything. I slowly wake up, moaning in pain, my vision is blurry, it’s dark and there is a strong red light blinking. Suddenly I take a huge panic breath, I frantically look around and then take off my seat belt. I look through the visor again, I see a light blue, slightly violet sky. I get up, holding on to the structure of the ship, judging the upward inclined angle the front of the pod is in,

- This pod just might might have landed somewhere that cushioned the fall... Now, only if I could find some kind of exit - I think to myself.

I notice the back of the pod is the escape hatch and I frantically hit the walls with my hands and feet. Suddenly the circular hatch opens and I fall out the hatch screaming. I’m surrounded by trees, I go through numerous branches, leaves and vines. My body loses control; I start spinning in midair and hit a swamp.

Underwater I notice my entire body hurts, I think I broke my leg. I desperately swim up the thick water; I reach the surface gasping for air. The water is dark green mixed with a dark yellow soil, the bubbles of the water have a dark yellow tone also. I swim through the swamp looking up the enormous white trees with long green leaves, I cannot see the sky. I find a solid flat surface; I break a branch and use it as my cane as I slowly walk through the swamp.

- T-this can’t be earth... Am I in the other world or am I in space? - I ask myself, - This doesn’t feel right! I feel alive! - I yell slightly sobbing ... - Please god, give me some guidance, If this isn’t the other world then whe- ” I say and stop walking, slowly groaning in pain than screaming - OH GOD! WHAT THE FUCK! THERE’S SOMETHING ON ME! - I shout as I look over my shoulder.

I see a cone shaped shell attached to my upper back, its yellow with black spots and i can see it breathing.

-WAAAHHHH! - I scream in complete madness.

I quickly grab it with my left hand, I try to rip it off, I feel various teeth sinking deeper in my back, I scream in pain, suddenly the shell burns my hands, I quickly let go and frantically hit my own back against a trees bark. Breaking the creatures shell and squashing it, I scrape it off my back against the tree; it falls off leaving a purple slime on the tree and on my back mixed with blood.

I walk for minutes, I feel dizzy again, breathing heavy and I’m sweating. I reach a land covered in dark purple grass and the same trees. I lay down in the grass, moments later I feel another sharp burning pain. I slightly sit up, I see another creature, and this one is sucking on the side of my foot with the broken leg, it’s burning my skin like acid. I reach for a tree, I hold on to pull myself and sit up, groaning in pain, kicking forward to throw the creature off my leg but it won’t let go. I reach for the creature trembling, almost crying, no strength left to struggle.

Suddenly a foot kicks the creature off back into the swamp, revealing a big hole of burnt flesh, in fear I quickly crawl back until my back hits a tree and I look up. A tall person stands in front of me, he looks down silently, he is wearing plates of armor all over his body, its made of a hard leather hide and metals, various pouches are tied around his belt. His face is hidden by a shiny black glass face helmet that straps around his head. His hair is tied up in dreadlocks. He holds a halbred, its made out of a long bone, the blade is pale, simple, wide and sharp only on one side.

- W-who are you? Where are we?! - I shout waiting desperately for a response, he continues to be silent - ANSWER ME! - I shout.

The person turns his arm, revealing a brand on his wrist, the same brand I have on my wrist, instantly my eyes open wide and a blade pierces through my entire skull. Horizontally cutting the middle of his nose, the lower half of his body falls to the side and the top half is held on top of the flat blade, his dead eyes slide back into his head. The person quickly pulls his blade back, making the humans head fall and roll across the grass.

- Humans... This is no place for such a fragile race - the person says as he walks away.

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