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Eris and her sisters are mutants. They were born in captivity and treated like lab-rats. When they break out, they find themselves in modern-day San Francisco, but their powers are stronger than they'd like to admit, and push them to commit the worst crimes. Can a friendly neighbour and true love save them from themselves?

Scifi / Romance
Sarah Jamet
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The Mutant

Number 5 / Eris

I leaned against the lamppost, smiling at the thrilling tingling sensation rushing through my body, coasting over my skin, rushing through my veins as his blood-curling scream echoed through the barren streets.

The man lay withering on the ground. His left leg was bent backwards, and the bone splintered through his skin. His right hand was torn off, blood gushed from the wound, coating the pavement and dribbling into the gutter. More oozed out of his mouth, soaking his blue shirt. His whole body was trembling. His pain was so thick I could almost see it.

I thrived on it.

I knelt by his head and stared into his glazed, half-dead eyes.

“Y-you fucking b-bitch,” he managed to stammer, rolling his body towards me and swinging his bloody stub of an arm at me in a final effort to hit me. The blood splattered against my face and clothes.

I smirked at him.

“That's no way to talk to a lady," I told him softly. His eyes bugged out, and he growled with rage.

The tingling in my body was fading. I wanted more. I needed more.

I let the warmth spill through me again, filling my veins, and bursting from my skin. The surrounding air shimmered with heat. I felt my powers reaching for him again.

As his body stopped trembling, his neck snapped, his head lolled to one side, and his life started to leave him, I grew stronger. I felt his strength, his fear, his pain shift from his body into mine, strengthening my muscles, brightening my skin, and heightening my senses.

I felt warm, awash with the tingling euphoria my powers brought me, as his life force skipped around inside me like an excited kitten.

I was strong. I was euphoric. I flexed my powers, gathering in the space in front of me, I guided them to the man's body. They lifted him in the air, higher and higher, until he reached the top floor of the building beside me. Then I dropped him.

His body landed heavily, and blood squished out. I made sure I was well out of the way of the blood spray.

Then I turned and walked away, a spring in my step.

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