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Triplets Eris, Vidgis and Concordia are mutants. They were born in captivity and treated like lab-rats. When they break out, they find themselves in modern-day San Francisco, but their powers are stronger than they'd like to admit, and push them to commit the worst crimes. Can a friendly neighbour and true love save them from themselves?

Scifi / Romance
Sarah Jamet
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San Francisco

Number 5

I leaned against the lamp post smiling at the thrilling tingling sensation rushing through my body, coasting over my skin, rushing through my veins as his scream echoed in my head.

The man lay withering on the ground. His left leg was bent backwards, the bone splintering through his skin. His right hand was ripped off, blood gushed from the wound, coating the pavement and dribbling into the gutter. More oozed out of his mouth soaking his blue shirt. His whole body was trembling. His pain was so thick I could almost see it. I thrived in it.

I knelt by his head and gazed into his glazed half-dead eyes.

“Y-you fucking b-bitch,” he managed to stammer rolling his body towards me and swinging his bloody stub of an arm at me in a last effort to hit me. The blood splattered against my face and clothes. I scowled at him.

“That's no way to talk to a lady," I told him softly. His eyes bugged out, he growled with rage.

The tingling in my body was fading. I wanted more. I needed more.

I let the warmth spill through me again, filling my veins, bursting from my skin. The air around me shimmered with heat. I felt my powers reaching for him again.

As his body stopped trembling, his head lolled to one side, and his life started to leave him, I grew stronger. I felt his strength, his fear, his pain move from his body into mine, strengthening my muscles, brightening my skin, heightening my senses. I felt warm, awash with the tingling euphoria my powers brought me as his life force skipped around inside me like an excited kitten.

I felt strong. I felt invincible. I felt euphoric. My powers surged through me, I felt them gathering in the space in front of me, I guided them to the man's body. They lifted him in the air, higher and higher until he reached the top floor of the building beside me. Then I dropped him.

His body landed heavily, blood squished out. I made sure I was well out of the way of the blood spray.

Then I turned and walked away, a spring in my step.

It was a dark but silent night. No one was out. The moon was slightly covered by a thin cloud casting an eerie light over the big city. In the distance, I heard the restless waves crashing against the beach. I could smell the salt in the air.

I walked down the silent streets slowly taking in all I could with my heightened senses. It was still new to me being too free, I could go wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

A slight wind picked up as I approached the ocean. I stood on an enormous rock staring out at the silent black water as it lapped up against the beach. The wind grew stronger, against my face, lifting my hair and playing with it. I closed my eyes letting my freedom flow through me. I opened them and stared up at the moon, it was free from the cloud, shining brightly, mirrored in the ocean.

I hopped off the rock and marched across the beach, digging my bare feet into white sand. I stooped down to touch the freezing water, it rushed towards me hurrying around my ankles then disappearing again. I sat down slowly wrapping my long arms around my legs and closed my eyes again. The ocean came up again wetting me. Above me loomed the great, iron, red bridge that connected this city to the rest of the world. Its ruddy figure disappeared into the fog in the distance. The image of the dying man flashed in my mind and I grimaced.

I hadn’t wanted to kill him. I didn’t go out tonight looking for a victim. He had got in my way, it was his fault. He shouldn’t have doubted me, he shouldn’t have made fun of me.

I hated killing, the idea of it. I hated hurting, torturing, yet, it was what gave me the purest of bliss. It was my life force.

I could hear someone moving towards me, the soft shuffle of the two pairs of feet and the slight breathing. A hand was placed on my shoulder gently.

“Eris?” a musical voice called my name. I raised my head slightly and peered into the eyes of my sisters.

“He got in my way,” I muttered.

“They always do,” Vigdis snapped. I gazed up at her unblinking. Her sheet white skin shone in the moonlight like a statue.

She sat beside me frowning. I could sense that she hadn’t killed for a while. Her powers weren’t as strong as usual, she was weak. My powers edged me on to take hers. I fought them down.

“She does try Vi,” Concordia insisted moving her hand from my shoulder to sit next to me as well. She tipped her head back to gaze at the moon. Concordia was even weaker. I could see dark shadows under her eyes, she’d lost all the rosiness of her cheeks. Her powers were so weak, she almost came off as a human.

“Well she doesn’t try hard enough,” Vigdis continued. “I haven’t killed in over five days! She’s killed at least once a night!”

I glared at her.

“You weren’t there. You don’t know what you’re talking about,” I snarled back.

“I know exactly what I’m talking about! You’re slipping up. If they find us, it’ll be your fault! You have to restrain yourself! Connie and I do, there’s no reason you should be any different!” she snapped.

I glared back at her. I could feel my powers rushing through my veins, pushing me to hurt her, to rip her limbs off, to steal her weakened powers. I could imagine the strength, the euphoria I could feel from her death, even from her pain. I turned away from her, but not before she saw my expression.

“Planning on killing me, sis? You don’t think you’ve committed enough murders these last few days?” she taunted.

“We aren’t the same, you don’t understand,” I spat at her.

“If anything I understand. You’re just not human enough to have any emotions aren’t you?” she rolled her eyes digging her feet into the cold sand.

“Take that back Vi, you don't mean it,” Concordia breathed.

“It’s the truth, and you know it,” she spat at me.

My control snapped, my powers surged at her. I launched myself at her.

Vigdis was ready, she rolled back pushing me off her and rocking to her feet. She moved almost as slowly as a human. I could anticipate her every step. She came for me. I leapt up and arched through the air above her head. I landed behind her silently and smoothly too quickly for her to keep up. My leg shot up and I hit her hard on the back. She went flying forwards. She crashed against the sand, rolling into the waves. I felt her pain, the bitterness of the sand, the sting of the salty water against her cuts, it all rushed into me. Strengthening my powers and coursing through my body like electricity.

I watched and waited until she reappeared, her ebony hair sticking to the sides of her face. Her teeth were bared. She was still in this fight. I didn’t hesitate, my eyes clouded over until they were completely black. I felt the ripping in my body as I unleashed my powers. They coursed through my body, taking control of my mind, I only had one purpose now. I focused on the water, controlling it, it whispered back to me asking what I wish of it. I answered calmly and it obeyed. I watched as it lifted into the air then crashed down towards my sister. It all took less than a second.

Vigdis jumped out of the way just in time but I was ready with another wave. She sank quickly. I spotted a large boulder on the beach and with my mind, I sent it flying in her direction. It smashed and shattered in front of her just as I planned. A shower of little stones ripped through her skin. She screamed in pain as another wave crashed over her. My body warmed and I let out a chuckle.

I could tell Vigdis was trying to let her powers free as well but I didn’t give her the time, another wave came down and another shower of stones. She screamed again rolling into a ball hugging her legs to her chest. She was too weak to do anything else. I ripped her out of the water with a smile, controlling her body with my mind and sent her flying into a dune. Then I sent her hurtling back into the water. Her screamed etched into the night.

“Eris! Stop!” it was Concordia, she was staring at me with wide eyes. Her body was shaking, I knew she was holding back from unleashing her powers and attacking Vigdis, an easy prey even for her.

“She’s learnt her lesson,” she continued swallowing hard. I blinked once. My powers pushed me to ignore her, to finish Vigdis and steal more of her strength. “Please.”

I groaned and tossed Vigdis to the sand in front of Concordia. I summoned my powers back regrouping them into my heart. Locking them away. My body took a moment to settle.

Vigdis' pain gave me much more power than the man’s death had. I had to let my body incorporate her strength before turning back to my sisters. I felt hot, my whole body was tingling.

I looked down at Vigdis, her skin was torn and her blood soaked into the sand around her. She was shivering, I could sense her pain as it continued to seep into me slowly. Concordia knelt beside her placing her hand on Vigdis' cold wet cheek. Vigdis' long curly back hair was knotted in the sand. Her eyes were closed, her face twisted into a mask of pain. I sighed and crouched down in front of her.

“I’m sorry,” I murmured pressing my hand against her arm. I could feel her pulse under my touch.

“Eris. Please,” Concordia looked up at me, her black eyes sparkling. I took a deep breath then nodded slowly.

We flipped Vigdis over on her back and I pressed my palms against her shoulders. I let my powers flow through me again, my eyes clouding, black. I gazed at her wounds taking their control, pulling them together. This time though, my powers burned through my body. Her relief became my pain, and my life force seeped back into her, weakening me.

Concordia leaned over me, her palms against Vigdis’ stomach. Her eyes were clouded as well, two black eyeballs gazing at the wounds struggling to pull them together. Concordia’s powers weren’t nearly as strong as mine, she pulled a small cut together while I finished off with all of Vigdis' bruises. While Concordia finished with her cut I slowly passed my palm over Vigdis' nose, it cracked back into place with an audible snap. I let my powers go again pushing them all away. My body was drenched in sweat, my arms ached and I felt weak. Concordia looked horrible. She wiped at the sweat on her brow then gave me a grateful smile. Vigdis stared up at me with black eyes.

“I’m sorry,” I apologized again.

“How do you feel?” Concordia asked Vigdis.

“You know how I feel,” Vigdis muttered back sitting up wrapping her arms around her knees. Concordia smiled slightly.


“I’m sorry,” I repeated. Vigdis stared up at me then shook her head slowly. She gave me a small smile.

“Don’t be. I shouldn’t wind you up like that. I know it’s harder for you than for us. I don’t even know why I bother, you overpower me every time,” she said then wrapped her arms around my shoulders embracing me. I held her close then pulled away.

“Let’s get out of here. I think your screams might have woken someone up,” I answered getting up smoothly. Vigdis nodded and got up next to me. Concordia was smiling at us. Vigdis and I fought often and she was always our little peacemaker. That’s why she chose to call herself Concordia. The goddess of peace after a war.

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