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Number 7

“ Eris this is madness!” I insisted. She didn’t even look up at me from her packing.

“ It is not. I’m not in danger,” she answered.

“ If you knew they were coming why didn’t you stick with him?”

“ I did. But he asked me to leave. I was going to hide, but then my powers…” she trails off then glares at the ground. “ I had to kill. I was away for only a few minutes. But by the time I came back, he was gone. I hadn’t expected them to come so fast!”

“ James was warning us,” I murmured.

“ Yes, but the orders still came from him,” she growled.

“ Forget Caleb, is he really worth you getting captured?” she looked up at me then her eyes sparkling with tears. It took me off guard.

“ He’s my boyfriend Connie. And I love him. I can’t leave him to Director Morgan. Can you imagine what they could do to him? He can’t protect himself like us. They could destroy him! And I can’t let that happen.”

“ Do you really love him?” Vigidis asked leaning against the doorframe. Eris sighed running her fingers through her hair. She sat down on her bed and looked towards the window.

“ Yeah. I really do. I know it’s fast, and unexpected. But I really do love him. And he means so much to me. I can’t let them hurt him like that! I have to save him!” she bounded up again and grabbed her clothes and started stuffing them in her bag again.

“ But it’s a trap!” I insisted.

“ Of course it’s a trap. But how will they trap me? I’m undefeatable!” I snorted and shook my head.

“ No you’re not. You’re far from it. You’re very breakable Eris. And you’re driven to madness. Let us come with you at least,” Eris regarded me then shook her head.

“ I don’t want to trap you. We won’t be about to escape twice if we get captured again. And, I’m weaker when I have to protect you,” Vigidis arched her brows.

“ So you expect to be captured,” she uttered.

“ No. They can’t capture me. Since I’ve been here, since I’ve been with Caleb my powers have grown stronger.”

“ Ours too Eris!” Vigidis insisted.

“ And that’s a good thing! They won’t expect me to be so powerful.”

“ No that’s where you’re wrong,” I answered. “ They will expect your new flashy powers. They know you’re in love and therefore you’re powers a stronger. They know more about us than we do! They will draw you in to Caleb, then torture both of you. Then probably throw him out a window and keep you. And do you know what? Vigidis and I will be waiting outside to get you out as well. If you go we’re all condemned.”

“ No! We cannot be defeated by a bunch of filthy primates! And I cannot leave Caleb on that island. Or they will kill him and I can’t live with that. It will be all my fault, I dragged him into this. He’s innocent and it’s not his time to die,” I shook my head slowly.

“ Do your realize what you’re saying? After so many deaths, you’ve kill so many people you can’t stand the thought of someone killing the person you love! Don’t you think you deserve it? All your sins finally being repaid by the death of your soul mate. Don’t you think it makes sense? You tore families apart, lovers, now it’s your turn,” she started at me wide eyes her tears coming fast and furiously. She let out a cry and dumped herself onto her bed weeping. I started at her, I could feel my heart being crushed inside my chest. Vigidis crossed the room to sit on the side of the bed. She glanced at me sternly then patted Eris’ shoulder.

“ Inside you’re a good person Eris. Sure you have sinned, but you’re right, Caleb deserves to be saved. He’s a good guy and he is innocent. But one day you will pay,” she told her. Eris’s who frame was shaking as she gripped the sheets.

“ Pay. I was born a monster!” she screamed. “ I can’t help myself! I will pay, I shouldn’t have been born, the blood line should have ended long ago! We should have died out! I will pay for being forced into life, forced into a life I never wanted,” she hugged herself to the sheets. I gazed down at her my own eyes brimming with tears.

“ Remember when we were seven?” I asked. “ We swore to always stay together, to sick by each other no matter what. And we’ve not been doing that. We’ve been fighting and disagreeing so much. We’ll make a stand Eris, we’ll save our friend and pay for our sins another way. But we will save Caleb! And we will save him together!” Vigidis nodded smiling slightly.

“ Yeah, we’ll save him.”

“ If it costs my life,” Eris murmured. I smiled and nodded.

“ Cause we are sisters. And we stick together. Come on. Let’s pack!” I jumped up and shook Eris slightly. She nodded and got up from her crouched position on her bed. I watched her grab for her bag again with a strong expression on. I smiled and raced off with Vigidis to pack.

We had no other way, we took the train. At least this time we knew where we were going. We even bought tickets. Eris sat in the corner staring out the window at the landscape flashing by. She barley ever moved, she was getting paler if that was possible, she cried sometimes then would stop and have a walk around. I knew she was in pain, not being able to use her power, not being able to kill. But we didn’t want to give any clues of our whereabouts. The murderers would stop in San Francisco but James might think it was because Caleb wasn’t around anymore. We were in disguise, hair up and stuffed under caps and sunglasses. We were lucky it was summer, the only problem was that my curly hair didn’t fit under any cap! I ended up pulling it up into a tight bun and pulling a hood up. I was so hot but when the police came through the trains sometimes it was worth it. They didn’t look at us twice after they saw our tickets.

“ I actually feel empty,” Eris told us one day. We were half way across Texas and it was boiling hot in the train.

“ Empty?” Vigidis frowned.

“ Like I don’t know what to do. I need him,” Eris replied quietly. I patted her hand.

“ Don’t worry, you will see him again.”

“ I hope he’ll be alive” she murmured.

“ They won’t kill him,” Vigidis insisted.

“ I’ve never felt this way before,” Eris continued. “ In love. We didn’t even know each other that long. Only a month, a little more.”

“ Love at first sight,” Vigidis replied.

“ You also spent all your time with him. And he made you smile. You’ve never smiled like that before, for no reason, just grinning.”

“ He made me happy,” Eris sighed.

“ And he will again. We’ll get him back Eris. I promise,” I answered.

“ Don’t make promises you can’t hold,” Eris said turning to face me. “ I’m also much weaker. It’s so weird. I feel like I’m on fire. I hope I’ll have the power to save him.”

“ As soon as you kill someone it’ll get better,” Vigidis answered quietly. Eris nodded slowly.

“ I hope so. I miss him,” I patted her shoulder again.

“ I miss that smile,” I said calmly. She smiled at me, but it didn’t reach her eyes.

We arrived in Miami a few days later. Eris was walking around in circles nervously while Vigidis and I searched for a place to get a boat. The map we were looking at pointed out a boat shop on the other side of the city.

“ We could steal one,” Vigidis suggested. I shrugged.

“ I don’t think we have a choice. But we’ll have to find a fast one. We’ve already lost too much time,” I answered.

“ What do you think has happened to Caleb?” she whispered leaning towards me. I glanced at Eris still pacing, her eyes flashing dangerously.

“ I really don’t know. I hope they didn’t hurt him, but I’m sure if they wanted to they could.”

“ Would James do that to him?”

“ James did everything Director Morgan told him to do Vi. Why would he side for Caleb when he didn’t for us?”

“ Maybe because Caleb can’t defend himself and that he’s innocent.”

“ Weren’t we innocent?” I hissed back. Vigidis hesitated then nodded slowly.

“ I guess. Eris will be able to save him though. Come,” she grabbed my arm. We started down the street to a port. Eris noticed us moving away and hurried behind, her face shadowed by her cap. We weaved out way through the large throng of people. I would have liked to stop and have a look about but we were moving too quickly. Eris was shooting a head of us, she jumped into the first boat she found in the port and was already unraveling the cord when Vigidis and I arrived. I hesitated looking around while Vigidis jumped in to help Eris.

“ Hey thieves!” I heard a call, a solid young man with an unfortunate face was running towards us.

“ Connie hurry up!” Vigidis called, as the boat slowly started moving out of the port. I looked back at the man my eyes flashing. Every instinct in my body was begging me to hurt him, to kill him. My head churned and I turned slowly to face him. He was only a meter away.

“ Connie!” then a rush of blood against my face blinded me. I only had time to realize I hadn’t been the one to hurt him. The man slid to the ground cut in half, dead. Someone screamed as I cringed back my eyes wide trying to look innocent.

“ Connie come,” Vigidis hissed from the boat. I didn’t hesitated a second longer jumped into the boat. Eris sat on the floor staring at me with a hint of a smile on her full lips.

“ You feel better then,” I said as Vigidis revved up the engine and we pulled out. Eris shrugged one shoulder.

“ Much. He was too ugly anyway,” I sighed and sat on the floor next to her, my day-glo orange shirt was covered in blood. The stench made my head spin. As soon as we were out of sight from the port I slipped the shirt off and Eris tossed a bucket of water on me. It was a good escape. No one was following us. Everyone was still wondering what had killed the man.

We made good time I think. I didn’t know anything about boats and neither did Eris or Vigidis but me managed. More than once I had the impression we were going to tip but we always stayed on board. We spotted the island in the far distance when we could already barley see the city. Vigidis steered us towards it. Eris sat up the front, her eyes wide watching the water and the birds. I sat back with a book and practiced my reading. I was getting better.

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