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Chimeramortus Island

Number 5

Even though I had only seen the island from inside a little boat for only seconds I recognized it immediately. The high cliffs and sharp rocks underneath. I spotted the large trees on top and the white of the laboratory. Vigdis steered the boat towards it. As we passed around the high cliffs we all gazed up at the place we were born and raised. Just after the cliffs was a beach, a small empty beach. I could see what looked like a port a little way off so we stopped at the beach. Vigdis and I pulled the boat onto the sand while Concordia examined the trails leading down to the beach. They all looked pretty old to me.

“Do you think anyone ever comes here?” Vigdis asked as we joined Concordia in front of a trail.

“No,” I answered shortly.

“Do you think they can see us? They have security cameras,” I shrugged.

“Most likely. But we can still try to stay discreet. I think they know we’re here anyway,” I replied a little softer.

“This trail looks the oldest, the less used. We’ll have more chance not meeting anyone on it than the others,” Concordia announced marching ahead. Vigidis and I followed behind silently.

It was completely overgrown. We were walking on twisting vines and damp leaves. The trees were big and very leafy, they blocked the sun out almost completely. It was like walking in a big green chamber. It was also very moist, the air was thick and tasted like mud. The large leaves were still full of water. It had rained. I remembered the big rainstorms, the sound of crashing trees outside my room and the dark skies even during the daytime. However, I had never been outside after a storm. Everything looked clean and fresh.

My heart was beating in my chest. The thought of seeing Caleb again was making me jumpy. I could see his face in my head. I tried not to think about the moment I would have to leave him again. All that mattered was Caleb, saving him. Caleb.

We seemed to have walked for at least an hour before we heard anything. Cars, a truck maybe. We heard the crunching of the wet earth under the tires and the voices of big men. Concordia stopped where she was. I crept up to her and peeked forward. I could just make out the white flash of a moving vehicle.

“We should follow,” I whispered. Concordia shrugged.

“We could get caught.”

“Connie, how?” I demanded slipping in front of her. I followed the car’s tracks at a run. Concordia and Vigdis followed behind casting glancing around in the forest. We were moving uphill. I guessed up the cliff.

The path led straight into the SAT base. A very big building painted dark green camouflage. It had wired fences and securities cameras. I crouched behind a large boulder with Concordia and Vigidis flanking me. We watched as trucks arrived with men and some leaving. There were large piles of guns and some men going out into the forest shouting orders. I noticed most of them were young, proud, beefy, but still young. Barley over twenty. They looked in formation, waiting. They knew we had arrived.

“God he looks our age!” Vigidis hissed pointing at a young-looking man heaving a large gun. He didn’t even have a beard. I sniffed.

“These men are hopeless. If he’s sixteen then he shouldn’t be here. I don’t want to kill him,” I sneered.

“But you would kill innocent in San Franciso,” Vigidis huffed. I glared at her.

“Watch it, I haven’t killed in a long time!” I hissed.

“Eris!” Concordia called my name sharply. “Enough! Both of you! We’re here on a mission! We have to save Caleb. This is no time to be winding yourselves up,” she snapped then moved past me to look down another trail. I glared at Vigdis before turning my attention to the trail.

“I can see the laboratory,” I breathed pointing at the large white building resting on top of the cliff surrounded by trees.

“Let’s move,” Vigidis hissed starting at a run. We kept to the forest, invisible through the thick leaves. We rushed up the cliff rapidly. Vigidis stopped hiding behind a large tree. Concordia and I slid up next to her well hidden. The laboratory was only fifty meters away. I could see men in their army suits moving around outside, giving orders, running laps or talking to each other. They stood guard around the lab about two meters apart. There was no way of approaching without being seen. I glanced at Concordia, not only was her hair very visible her flashy clothes weren’t helping. Her pants were bright blue and her shirt orange slightly brown with a bloodstain. She glanced at me curiously.

“What?” she asked.

“Your clothes,” I pointed out. She looked down then frowned.

“Ah. Uh, what do we do?” she asked. I smiled.

“Simple. We highjack some SAT clothes.”

“I didn’t see any women here, especially in the SAT,” Vigidis reminded me darkly. I glowered at her.

“So? We just need something to blend in a little. I’m not saying walk right out in front. Just something if we’re seen from far away,” I replied.

“So how do we get them?” Concordia asked. I smiled again. Vigdis was already wearing dark green, her pitch-black hair was in a bun. I jutted my chin towards her.

“You go get three of those men,” I ordered. She started at me incuriously.

“What? I don’t—”

“Just do it,” I snapped back. She glared at me not moving. My eyes flashed. Concordia sighed.

“Vigdis, you know you’re mostly already camouflaged. Sure Eris is wearing black but her hair is white. You go,” she shoved her forward. Muttering angrily Vigdis slipped forward hiding behind trees as she went.

She stopped in front of four young-looking men who just seemed to be talking. They had their guns at the ready, waiting for orders. She made a noise because they all turned in her direction at the same time. She disappeared behind a tree laughing loudly. They glanced at each other then crept behind her tree. We watched them fall silently. I could see her shimmering slightly in the sunlight. She beckoned us forward. We hurried to join her. We stripped three of them and shoved their bodies deep into the undergrowth.

“One of them was cute,” Vigidis muttered darkly chucking me a pile of clothes.

“We only needed three Vi,” I reminded her smirking. Her eyes flashed.

“Just shut up! Both of you!” Concordia hissed ripping her shirt off. I shrugged and grinned at Vigidis. She glowered back. I stripped and then pulled on a pair of large baggy green camouflage pants. I had to tighten the black belt around my waist, it almost went around twice. I screwed an extra hole in with my powers. Then I pulled on a white singlet shirt that I stuffed in the pants. I knelt to pull on the large black boots. They were too big but I tightened them so they stayed on. I slipped the little gun and other ammunition into the belt. I cast a glance at Concordia before pulling my hair up and stuffing it under the camouflage cap. I picked up the camouflage jacket on the floor and slipped it on. It was too big and baggy so I rolled the sleeves up and zipped it up. Vigdis and Concordia were both ready when I finished. I glanced at them.

“Do you think we look like men?” I asked doubtfully.

“This was your idea genius!” Vigidis sneered. I ignored her.

“If we stay back we have a chance,” Concordia told us. “More than before, now what’s our plan of attack?” I shrugged.

“Go in and get Caleb.”

“We don’t even know where he is,” Vigidis reminded me.

"We’ll ask.”

“Sure. Like someone is going to give us directions,” she huffed looking away.

“They would if we were threatening their life!” I hissed.

“We have to watch out for traps too. I say we get through a window,” Concordia announced smartly.

“Can you fly too? My powers aren’t strong enough, I’d have to kill a few people before I could even jump high enough," I murmured.

“We can get into the first floor,” she replied.

“Right. What if he’s on the third?”

Concordia rolled her eyes.

“We only know of one prison in this place Eris. Our rooms. Why would they put him in Vigdis or my room? They’d put him in yours. You’re his girlfriend. Your room is on the first floor.”

Was,” I pointed out. Concordia rolled her eyes.

Was. Come let’s get going,” she moved forward creeping silently over the wet leaves.

“He could be in one of the test rooms. They’re pretty closed up too,” I murmured.

“Let’s just start with your room,” Concordia answered dryly. Vigdis and I followed behind wary of our surroundings. I shot glances out for security cameras but didn’t see any. Soon we had our backs to the laboratory’s front door creeping towards my old room’s window. It was at least four meters high and way too small. Three young soldiers stood guard under it smoking. I scowled at them.

“We can’t kill them without everyone noticing,” Concordia murmured.

“And we can’t kill them all,” Vigidis added.

“Why not?” I snapped. Vigidis rolled her eyes towards me.

“We’re not all cold-blooded Eris. Maybe we could try to go through the front door there is no way we can blast through the walls. We would have done it years ago.”

“If only we had a real plan,” Concordia sighed.

“I saw something in a movie” I admitted, they both cast me a curious glance. “With Caleb. There was this guy, James something. He snuck in under the building,” I looked down at the moist ground below my feet.

“I am not digging with my hands!” Vigdis exclaimed then clamped her hand over her mouth as one of the soldiers glanced our way. I glared at her.

“We don’t have to you duce. I’ll use my powers. We just have to dig deep enough and far enough, we’ll have to aim right into my room,” Concordia nodded slowly.

“Then we can sneak out without killing anyone else,” she agreed. I shook my head.

“I’m killing Director Morgan and all those people in the test rooms. If we keep them alive, they’ll always be coming after us. Concordia we have to kill them now, or we’ll never be left alone. The police could never guess our powers. These are the only people who know about Chimeramortuses.

She blinked then bowed her head. “You do it then.”

“Of course I will. Now let’s dig this hole,” I took a few steps back letting my powers flood through me, feeling the burning in my fingertips. I asked softly and the earth responded and let me take control. I started to dig. The earth flew up, and the hole got wider. Using my power without killing anyone started to drain me, I would have to kill soon enough. Concordia and Vigdis joined in helping me to make my hole bigger. It was about five meters deep when I stopped and peered down with clear eyes.

“It looks pretty dark down there,” Concordia murmured.

“Yeah. We’ll need a light,” Vigidis agreed.

“Huh. Too bad. We’ll have to go blindly. Let’s see,” I glanced up towards my old room window.

“It looks about fifty meters away,” Vigdis informed me following my gaze.


“Yeah,” Concordia agreed. She peered down the hole again and smiled.

“Who’s jumping first?” she asked.

“Me,” I stepped towards the hole and sat against the edge. Concordia sat next to me.

“Now we need rope.”

“I’m guessing your movie star James was a little more prepared,” Vigdis snorted.

“Shut up,” I snapped. I glanced at the trees, my eyes focused on the branches. “We’ll use branches,” I said with a small smile. Using my powers I snapped off a large branch, it crashed down next to me. The trees moaned at me, but let me use them all the same. Concordia heaved it up slowly pushing it towards me. I picked it up with my powers again and pushed it down the hole. It peeked up about two feet. I stepped towards it and gripped it tightly.

“This is gonna hurt,” I breathed before jumping down the hole. The branched slowed my fall but ripped my hands apart completely. I ignored the pain and when I got to the bottom I collapsed against the earth. My hands were covered in blood. I quickly let my powers out, as I healed my hands Vigdis scooted down as well cursing. I fixed her hands up then Concordia’s.

The only light was coming from above us. I looked up through the hole to the forest and the leaves the filtering sunlight. Then I looked back towards the large wall of earth before me.

“Fifty meters,” I sighed them let my powers take over. We moved ahead blindly. In a straight line, everything was dark around us, the dirt fell on our heads, it caught in our clothes. I counted my steps, slowly. Our only light came from the hole behind us and our slight shimmering bodies.

“How far now?” Vigidis asked tapping my shoulder.

“How should I know?” I snapped back.

“You’re in front,” she spat.

“That’s enough,” Concordia cautioned. “They might hear us.”

“Five meters under the earth?” Vigdis snorted doubtfully.

“There can be probes in the earth,” Concordia insisted.

“Whatever,” Vigdis replied. I took five more steps then stopped. Everything was silent. I turned slowly. I couldn’t see Vigdis and Concordia but I could hear their breathing.

“Do you think we’re under my old room now?” I asked.

“Probably. Let's go a little further,” Concordia pushed before me. I could feel the little specs of dirt fly past my face as she hacked at the earth with her powers. I pushed mine out to help her. We walked a few more meters then stopped. I looked up at the rough earth above us.

“Step back,” I ordered pushing Concordia back.

Both my sisters took a step back, I felt their movements. I started tugging at the dirt, stepping away and aiming for it to land right next to me. It fell freely after a while, crashing down, tumbling towards us, and covering us head to toe. The dirt kept falling for what seemed like minutes, and then it stopped. I stepped forward balancing on the dirt and looked up the hole. I could only see darkness.

“Useful,” I snorted and slowly started walking up the large pile of dirt, balancing against the sides of the hole. Concordia and Vigdis climbed slowly behind me. I stretched to through the top. It was hard, it didn’t feel like dirt.

“We’re under something alright,” I murmured.

“Do we blast it?” Vigdis asked.

“I don’t think we have a choice,” I answered stiffly.

“I’ll do it,” Vigdis grabbed on to me and moved up to my level. I frowned then realized she couldn’t see me anyway. I heard the ripping of concrete as the space above us blasted open. Concordia let out a small cry. I immediately stuck my head out of the hole and gazed around.

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