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The massacre

Number 5

It was certainly my old room. My prison. I recognized the walls, the floor, the ceiling and the little window. The explosion had showered the room with big hunks of concrete. The men in white coats standing around died immediately. Their strength flowed into me and I finally felt replenished. I scanned the room for more.

My eyes were drawn to the gigantic construction in the centre of the room. A big metal chamber. A prison. I understood immediately. A new prison. Something that would most certainly contain me. I didn’t bother looking at it anymore.

Then I cast my eyes towards my old bed. Nothing but a steal frame. The frame was so badly damaged by the explosion that I barely noticed the body lying on it. I gasped and pushed myself up through the hole. Vigdis and Concordia popped up behind me. I rushed forward and starting to ripped the rocks off the bed and the body. Vigdis helped while Concordia stood guard her eyes wide. I knew it was only a matter of seconds, anyway the security camera was still on. There would be a whole army arriving in minutes.

Caleb was lying unconscious on the bent metal frame, his slight breath was a big relief to me, besides that he was covered in blood. I wiped it away feeling my heart beating painfully in my chest. His face was swollen and beat up, with two black eyes and swollen lips. He wasn’t moving, the exploding concrete had knocked him out. I stared at him desperately.

He wore the same clothes he’d worn that night out with me. The night I’d shown him the truth. Only they were soaked in blood, dry and fresh gushing from his forehead. I traced my hand down his cheek, it was shaking. I couldn’t help collapsing over his chest. I hugged him tightly tears spilling over.

“Eris come on. We have to move him,” Vigdis told me prodding my back. I got up slowly then dropped to my knees painfully on the rubble of concrete. I was at his height exactly.

“He's got a concussion?” I informed her, letting my powers prod lightly at his body, testing his pain. She placed her hand on his chest glowering.

“Help me,” she pushed her eyes flashing. I nodded and let my powers fill me. I cast my healing powers out and forced them on Caleb. Rapidly his injuries pulled together, the dark stains around his eyes lightened. At last, he opened his eyes. I gazed at him, his black eyes widened when they saw me. He stayed still even though I knew he could run a few miles if he felt like it.

“Eris?” he breathed, his hand reaching towards my cheek. I nodded and clasped his hand in mine. My face was inches from his.

“Caleb. I’m getting you out of here. And I’ll leave you alone after that. I swear,” I whispered. His eyes widened.

“You still want to leave me?” he asked frowning. He sat up abruptly looking down into my eyes. For a second I couldn’t answer nor look away. My heart was pounding in my chest I could barely hear anything over it. I starred up at him my knees aching.

“No,” I breathed then bowed my head. “No, but I have to,” Vigidis stood stiffly by my side.

“Eris I love you,” Caleb told me grabbing my wrist and standing up. I gawked at him as he pulled me up from the ground smoothly. He smiled slightly wrapping his arms tightly around my waist, I could feel his warm fingers against my skin.

“How is that possible?” I breathed.

“Eris I love you,” he repeated, then bowed his head to kiss me. It took me off guard. I was swept away and didn’t even notice the time flying. I felt like I was falling again. My chest was filled with joy. I couldn’t contain myself. My powers swept through me as I clutched myself to him, running my hand through his soft hair.

“Eris!” Vigidis snapped pulling me back. I gasped as my hands were ripped off Caleb. My eyes were completely black as I faced my sister. She ignored them and was looking towards Caleb.

“We have to go. We are not here to kill. We don’t want to have to destroy so many lives,” she told him. He nodded then looked around, no one was near. But I could hear them approaching.

“We have to move,” I announced grabbing Caleb’s hand before he could reply and ran. I skidded arriving at the hole.

“We’re going back down?” Concordia asked pulling her cap off and shaking her ebony hair out. I nodded and pushed Vigdis down the hole. She didn’t argue and rolled.

“Caleb, get out of here,” I moved him towards the hole. He glanced down it then sent me a small smile. My heart skipped a beat. He slipped down the hole balancing on the pile of dirt.

“Start moving,” Concordia called halfway down the hole herself. I heard the soldiers arriving, I could hear them at the door punching in the pin to open the doors.

“Eris hurry,” Concordia grabbed my wrist and tugged me down. As soon as I hit the mound of dirt Vigdis screamed. Fire, at the end of the tunnel. A canon ball shooting in our direction.

“Get down!” I screamed expanding my powers towards it and destroying it. It exploded, the earth shuddered.

“Out now!” Concordia shouted as another sabot round appeared. I felt her pushing past me and climbing up the hole. I swore and helped Vigdis and Caleb up as well. I destroyed the second sabot round and clambered up behind them. The tunnel collapsed seconds after I pulled myself up.

The doors had opened and a whole army stood before us. Vigdis and Concordia stood on both sides of Caleb. I was kneeling next to the hole my eyes wide.

There were at least fifty guns pointed on us, and set behind them, there were several tanks. I froze. I had to get Caleb out. They wouldn’t hesitate to kill him. I turned my head up slowly to gaze at him. To my surprise, his eyes were drawn on mine. He gave me a small smile, his eyes twinkled. He knew he was powerless, but he trusted me. I still couldn’t believe, he did. He knew everything about me. And he loved me. It seemed impossible.

“Did you really think we didn’t know what you were doing? We’ve been tracking you since you got onto this island. Do you like your new home,” a large soldier barked pointing at the metal prison in the centre of my old room. “Now, if you want your boyfriend to live, put your hands in the air,” a large soldier barked pointing his gun towards Caleb’s head. My eyes clouded over but I didn’t want to move. I mostly didn’t want to destroy them all in front of Caleb. I didn’t want to be his haunting nightmare for the rest of his life. I knew that if I killed them all in front of him it could destroy him. I stood up slowly raising my hands in the air acting scared. Vigdis and Concordia stared at me in horror.

“What are you doing?” Vigdis hollered her eyes flashing completely black. A man fell, his head slipping off his shoulders.

“Fire!” the second the word was uttered they all started showing us with bullets. Even the tanks from behind.

Concordia and Vigdis grabbed Caleb and covered him in their powers working together, to get him away. They dived behind the large chamber. Grimacing I concentrated on my slaughter. First, the five first soldiers died. I began to glow and my powers increase. I used them to shield my body and concentrate on the tanks. Exercising my powers I lifted one tank and crashed it into another. I could feel the ground shake underneath me as a sabot round was shot down our shattered tunnel. I got caught off guard and tipped backwards. All their fire was aimed at me. I sheltered myself with my powers. Their bullets were heavy and powerful. They weren’t normal little ones, these were made specially to kill a Chimeramortus. I suddenly felt alone and weak. Some bullets got past and scratched my cheek. They kept shooting at me. I rolled up in a ball covering myself completely.

“Eris!" it was Caleb’s voice. I looked behind me just in time to see Vigdis pulling him back to their hiding place. Her eyes were completely black as she showered off the bullets. I blinked once then let my powers rip out of me. I didn’t make their deaths painful. I made them quick. I didn’t waste time. I shot the bullets back to their owners. Another sabot round shook the tiles cracking them but I stood my ground. My powers burned within me. I could almost hear Caleb’s voice in my head, encouraging me. I had to kill them all if he were to survive.

I moved from left to right. They all fell in their turn until the room was silent. Underground the sabot rounds had stopped as soon as they had understood I had won. Caleb, Concordia and Vigdis came creeping out from behind the chamber. I was sitting in the pile of tiles and concrete. A single tear streaked down my cheek. I had never felt so bad about killing people before. Especially people who would have killed my loved ones. But suddenly I was more human. And I regretted it. Caleb seemed to understand. He wrapped his arms around me and held me up pulling me against him. I wrapped my arms around his neck pressing my face into his sculptured chest. He stroked my hair.

“We need to go. Now,” Vigdis urged placing a hand on my shoulder, squinting at me. I looked up into Caleb’s black eyes, he pressed his lips to my forehead and gave me a small smile.

“Right,” I agreed then took his hand. I moved all the soldiers’ bodies out of our way glancing at Caleb. He kept a straight face. The tiles on the floor were cracked and soaked in blood. We rushed out of the room and into the long white corridors. I kept Caleb’s hand in mine.

“You two need to get Caleb out of here. Now,” I announced my brows pulling together.

“Where will you be?” Caleb demanded. I glanced up at him my eyes wide. He was dead serious. I still couldn’t believe he still loved me. His arm slid around my waist.

“I’m going after Director Morgan,” I told them. Caleb scowled at me shaking his head.

“He’ll be too well guarded Eris,” Concordia replied harshly.

“Only a Chimeramortus with my powers can stop me. I’ll be fine. I’ll kill him,” I glanced up at Caleb. “I have to.”

“What if you run into James?” Vigidis asked.

“I’ll get rid of him,” I answered shortly.

“Don’t kill him!” Concordia cried.

“I’ll knock him out. Don’t worry,” Caleb’s hand tightened around my waist. I could barely breathe but I didn’t want to let go. Not ever. “We meet at the beach in twenty minutes,” I announced.

“And if you don’t come?” Vigdis asked.

“You leave without me,” I replied bitterly. Caleb’s arm tightened again.

“Eris…” he started.

“Just go,” I cut him off, pulling out of his grasp. He looked slightly hurt. I ripped the army jacket off so I was just in the slight singlet shirt still tucked into the pant’s belt. I pulled the big boots off and then the cap. My hair tumbled out shimmering.

“Twenty minutes,” I repeated moving into Caleb’s arms again. I kissed him running my hand in his hair then abruptly moved away so he couldn’t grab me. I looked back and smiled before I slipped away down the corridor to an air vent I’d spotted. It was a good way to travel without being noticed. I didn’t want to kill anyone else in one day. For Caleb. I would try to kill as little as possible. No one deserved it but Director Morgan, who I was about to kill anyway.

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