The Shimmer Project

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Number 7

The Chimeramortus has to kill. She has no choice. All her instincts push her to destroy. All her life, her powers have torn her apart.

When the Chimeramortus uses her powers and takes lives, she feels complete, whole, there’s a certain bliss that she obtains. If she doesn’t use them to kill, they burn up inside her, crushing her insides and breaking her from the inside. It’s either her or the victim. She needs to take life to live. She has no other choice. The only relief is pain, the only joy is death. That is our mutation.

They told us we were created to destroy humanity. They told us we were dangerous, that we needed to be locked up. It was true of course, we are dangerous. We are deadly. Eris is the most dangerous creature I’ve ever met.

But I always like to think that maybe we were made to change humanity, to protect it from something. Perhaps I had been reading too many comic books. Eris seemed to think that what they told her was true, that her ultimate purpose in life was to kill and destroy and that our healing powers were only useful to stay alive and save our sisters. That we were an invasion.

James had always told us that we would save humanity one day. Our powers were much greater than just moving objects with our minds, than communicating with the elements to use their strength, we were also utterly immune to every disease, illness anything known to man. And we had the ability to remove sickness from humans as well. He told us that that was why we were around, we were the next step in evolution, we were here to save humanity.

Eris had always been in a little bubble, always thought silently, always kept to herself. The scientists believed it was because she was the queen. That was what they called her. The queen bee. The most powerful of the most powerful. The most deadly of the most deadly. In a way, her more overwhelming need to kill made her the weakest of us all.

We were born without names, but we had access to books, and I quickly took a liking to mythology. We chose our names from there. Eris was the goddess of discord and destruction. Vigidis goddess of war and Concordia goddess of peace after a battle.

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