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Daddy Dearest

Number 5

Wearing a black suit, carrying a small pistol in one hand. He was the only one not trembling with fear. The only one daring to meet my gaze. My father. In his arms, he held an unconscious Concordia. He’d most likely lured her into a trap to knock her out. Now he was using her as bait. What sort of a father would do that?

“Stop now! Or she dies!” He bellowed.

“Do you think that will work on me? That I would let you take her!” I stood up straight making trucks explode behind me into a wall of flames.

James cocked his head to one side then pursed his lips. I felt my powers strengthening, I could tell I was glowing brightly because he was squinting at me. I turned quickly and lifted two men into the air, they crashed together and I peeled their skin back and knotted their bodies together in a gruesome bond. They fell back to the ground.

“Eris!” I snapped my head around to see James marching towards me. He was still holding Concordia. He gazed at the intertwined bodies. He could never kill Concordia. He was the wrong person for this mission.

“No more than what they deserve,” I spat. I could see his shoulder trembling. I scanned the battlefield then realized everything was in flames, the trees, the police cars, and the soldiers. Everything had gone up in smoke.

Vigdis stood gazing at us wide-eyed. A few men cowered in the distance, staring. The young man who had been standing on the tuck watched us, gripping his gun tightly. I looked down at James again.

He put Concordia on the ground gently. Then turned to face me as he stood up, his hand snapped out and caught me across the cheek. I went sprawling against the ground. There was an audible gasp from the soldiers watching.

“Chief! He’s mad! Get away from her!” the young soldier called. I glared up at James, tasting the blood in my mouth. He ignored his men.

“Happy?” he asked me waving his arm around. “Are you proud of yourself now?” he roared. “Have you got it out of our system yet? What sort of fuck up temper tantrum is this?” he seethed.

“I wasn’t the one who brought them here,” I growled standing up slowly and spitting the blood out at my feet. Vigdis moved towards us.

“You’re a stupid girl Eris,” he said. “What are you trying to accomplish? Your powers are too great,” he was shielding his eyes. “You are too powerful to live in this world. You’ll kill everyone!”

“How dare you?” I growled. “You’re the one who made me what I am. You should have killed my mother, my grandmother, before this could ever happen. It’s your fault we’re alive, you kept breeding us to get stronger!”

“And what a price I’ve had to pay! To see you, grow up behind glass windows, never being able to hold you when you were tired, sad, hurt. I love you. I’ve never loved anyone, as much as I love you!”

“James,” Concordia breathed. She gasped on the floor. I could see her eyes rolling into the back of her head.

“What did you do to her?” I growled.

“A sleeping drug,” he growled back.

“Another one?” I spat. He turned away from me and picked Concordia up off the ground gingerly.

“Come back with me,” he murmured. “You cannot live here, you know, just as well as I do, that you’ll kill so many people, and it will break your hearts. You’ve never had this much power,” he was still squinting. “I’ve never seen this much power. We don’t know what it could do to you. It may corrupt you, hurt you. What if it makes you turn against each other? You are a danger to this world Eris,” his voice softened.

I rubbed my stinging cheek.

“Our powers are what’s kept us alive all these years,” I murmured.

“You can negotiate. We can make new rooms for you. You can live together. Whatever you want, but come away with me, save this city from yourselves.”

“No!” I stepped back shaking my head. “No! Never! We’ll never go back there! This is a trap! You’re lying! You haven’t changed! A real father would never, never do this to us, again! Don’t you think we know what will happen? Pregnancy as soon as we arrive, we’ll be locked up until we die in childbirth because we’re too dangerous, but maybe our daughters will be different. Just how powerful will my daughter be do you think? No, this has to change, this cannot go on. Our family line ends with us. Free. Where we want to be,” I growled.

“I didn’t think you were so selfish,” James murmured.

“Selfish!” I roared. My eyes clouded over and I ripped his body away from Concordia’s. She dropped to the ground heavily. “Selfish! A real father would be helping us in this world, he’d protect us, train us to use our powers less. Teach us so that we can get jobs and live in society. You could save us, and everyone else. You’re just too scared,” I shouted. “You are no father of mine! Trying to kidnap my sister to get to me! How dare you!”

From his dangling height, he glared down at me.

“You’ve destroyed my men, over two hundred men came here tonight, and you’ve wiped most of them out. What for?”

“Why did you come?” I whispered. “Why did you bring them here, when you knew I could defeat them so easily! You are the true murderer!”

“We need you. I need you. Eris, come home, before you kill, everyone else,” he begged. I glared at him.

“You made me,” I muttered stepping back towards Concordia. “You’re the one who made me. I’m innocent! It’s all your fault!” with a cry I lifted his body into the air then dropped it down onto a broken truck.

“Is he…” Vigdis squeaked.

“No,” I muttered. “He’s going to live a long, lonely life.”

“We need to get away,” she murmured grabbing my arm and pulling me towards the highway. I lifted Concordia’s body into the air and carried it behind us. No one tried to stop us anymore.

We rushed through the ashes of the field until we got to Pacifica. We found a truck, one of the army ones that had been abandoned. I’d tried driving before. I knew the basics. Vigdis sat in the back while I drove us back to town.

I parked it a few blocks away from our apartment, then we walked. We walked past our building and to the beach below the great red bridge. I didn’t stop, my body was buzzing, my power seeing. I dove under the freezing waves. The dark water was illuminated by my glow of powers. Concordia lay on the sand as Vigdis sat beside her to heal her. I turned my back on them and dove back under.

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