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It is interesting—if not devasting—how one altered moment can change a life. “Life is cold. Life is eerie. This is when I find it most appealing.” All Amiko Marquis wants is to be left alone. But when a charming man named B.O. begins stalking her and begging her to meet his friends, her resolve to be left alone is tested. After several no's and one yes, Amiko finds herself in the basement of an abandoned cathedral meeting an eccentric group of time travelers. Whisked away by B.O., Amiko time travels for the first time. But her night of wonder ends abruptly when a dangerous enemy of her newfound friends returns, prompting a race through time. If she hopes to save her friends, Amiko must learn to trust in more than herself and embrace the chaotic world of time traveling.

Scifi / Romance
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Teresa Knapp: Most of it had me falling off of my chair laughing and I was sure the best friend was going to end up involved when she showed up.Kept waiting for oral and then the actual act but it never came which was disappointing kind of.

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