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Spirit Affinity is the story of a young boy growing up in a world of misconception and counterfeit values, on a journey of self-discovery, navigating through socio-economic inequity, superhuman abilities, technological advancements, and supernatural influences.

Scifi / Fantasy
Plasma Mb3
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A Foreword by Plasma Mb3 | East Belleview Beginnings

A Foreword by Plasma Mb3

After giving myself about a few months to think, barely surviving the first semester of my sophomore year in college, I have begun to take certain things into my intuition and account.

My best semester was the Fall 2020 schooling semester, probably because of how easy it was. That semester was when everything changed. In-person classes became a thing of the past, seemingly as suddenly as I was tossed into my sophomore year of undergraduate studies, barely recovered from my freshman year, because of the sudden increase in class rigor and difficulty. I was a biology major then after all.

My brain had been fried from my junior and senior years of high school, scrambling to the point of insanity to hand in term papers of 20 to 30 pages long. These were history papers, which were required to either be historiographies or air-tight argumentative papers answering a question key to a topic of modern history of choice. I was sure I was in college then, but apparently, I was not.

I watched in silent annoyance and mild horror as the senior friends I made in my sophomore and junior years in high school walked out of the school to go off to college.

Wow… I thought. Here my niggas go. Here they go to conquer the world.

This was how I felt watching them leave high school, mind you. I have to thank God for bringing me into a college preparatory high school experience unlike any other. It was one that focused on the arts instead of the usual with math and science. I was obviously proud of my squad and happy for them. They were the realest people I had ever met. They weren’t fake like most people I meet. They gave it to you straight, whether you liked it or not. They were the least politically correct people I have ever been with, which was like strength to my bones. This is especially considering the absolute joke of a political climate that the United States of America, along with the rest of the world has dug itself into. The social idiocy of it is mind-boggling. Elected officials all over are so attributed and dependent on the jargon and vernacular of current American politics, which is clearly nothing more than a game. A large-scale he said, she said, tattletale, classist, juvenile rant of why one political party holds the seemingly higher moral standing, when both parties have woefully failed to truly empower, embolden, and equip the People.

Lies are everywhere I look as far as the eye can see. Everyone is lying to others who are lying. Lying and not telling the truth has become a pandemic across the world. And unfortunately, the lying is from everywhere, but mainly from where most people do not expect it. The trust of the public has been in the wrong place for generations, and this idiotic, blind trust continues to persist to this day.

Evil has hidden itself in projected goodness to the point where an untrained eye would no longer be able to tell the difference. The world watches in horror as evil people quote Scriptures from the Bible, and preach as if they are pastors, looking over their congregation.

The dryness of the social condition of the world seems hopeless at times. People are going insane on the inside if not the outside. Evidence of such is the broken condition of today’s world; a clear manifestation of emptiness and unfulfillment. Political, economic, and social power has been disgustingly hijacked by sick, twisted, power-hungry, deceitful, wealthy, and educated individuals, seeking the world to be for themselves and for themselves alone. They have no fear of God, nor do they fear death.

They wait and watch, looking and seeking who they may devour in their deplorable whirlpool of words and terminologies, hoping to pit one against another. They open their mouths, and air made dark green with the rotting stink of their evil fly out to ears in living rooms, assigning those ears to designated places in this shattered society pretending to be placing pieces of social tape upon itself for the rest of the world to pretend their stomachs are not doing barrel rolls out of fear of the insanity they are pretending does not exist.

Conspiracy theories are defined interestingly. According to Oxford Languages, they are defined as a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event.

One must wonder if denial truly is the clincher of a rebuke to an accusation. Brain damage truly is a problem in this world, evident in many political decisions, as well as the support such decisions seemingly gain from the individuals and groups that select political figures into power. What a desperate series of social dodges, escapes, and misdirections that the average man observes the higher placed peoples engage in. What an irresponsible social illusion. What an irresponsible optical illusion. What irresponsibility.

What does a man do once he learns that his most respected news channel is owned by his phone company?

What did the devil do to deceive Adam and Eve? The devil did not cause Adam and Eve to sin by force. The devil caused Adam and Eve to sin by means of deception.

Let humanity take note of the similarities between then and now, lest humanity be on the receiving end of God’s wrath when Jesus Christ returns.

God bless you all and enjoy the story.

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