Tales of Midbar: Poisoned Well

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Identities - part 1

Narrated by Dwendra

We tooketh the bus unto the School, which wert rather odd for teleporters. We didst thinketh that it woldst be best if we wert seen to doeth this sometimes and Vrenloa, who wert my bodyguard that day, and myself wert interested in observing the environs of Mage Hall and this school. The bus went from Mage Hall, through other parts of the University, which wert high in the mountains, a very desolate area with little plant life or other photoorganisms, and didst eventually arriveth at University City Adolescent School which I wast to attendeth. There wert several other teenagers upon the bus, mostly faharnis, several of them psychics, and they didst giveth us some strange looks.

Although University Valley art at a higher altitude than Minris, it seems it gets a bit more rain and snow, as well as cold mists and sandstorms sometimes maketh it that far into the Great Basin, so buildings mostly hath roofs although much art still doneth outdoors. For this reason, the school had proper buildings with roofs but they wert ancient and only a few rooms wert used, the city having been much larger in past centuries.

We gotteth off the bus, with the other teenagers, who mostly seemed to knoweth each other and walked towards the buildings. There wert some people at the gate into the grounds, seated at tables with pens and stationary. Everybody wast being directed unto one of the tables. We wert directed unto one with an elderly faharni woman with gray hair in a bun seated behind it. I saweth that things wert being written upon badges which the students pinned unto their clothing.

The girl in front of me saideth, “Het cis female,” unto the woman behind the desc.

The woman behind the desk saideth, “Sorry everybody was choosing het cis male or female so now they want you to come up with something more descriptive.”

The girl asked, “Everybody?”

The woman saideth, “Well nearly everybody.”

There was a pause and the girl saideth, “Girl who’ll make a good girlfriend.”

The woman wroteth this upon a badge and gaveth it unto the girl. “Now pin this to the front of your sari where people can see it!”

The girl walked away and I tooketh her place in front of the desk.

The woman saideth, “Now what ...” she looked at me and wast clearly surprised but I’m not sure she didst realizeth who I wert, “... do you identify as?”

I hadth considered this for a few seconds and saideth, “Scriptural Winemaker Holy Woman, the matriarch of Beit Cohen, an anavah mage, a Scriptural Winemaker priest’s wife and Grand Farmer of Benai Nibeyim.”

The woman looked unto a blank badge whilst she didst holdeth a pen. “That’s rather long, what was it again?”

I didst repeateth what I hadth saideth.

The woman saideth, “I’ll just put, 'Holy Woman'!”

I didst sayeth, “That art overly simplistic.”

The woman saideth, “There’s only so much room on the badge! Also we’re trying to avoid things that cause conflict. Remember you must treat people according to what their badge says.”

There wast only one classroom for those in their final year. Other students wert wearing badges saying things like GENIUS, SEX MACHINE or REBEL.

Then a faharni girl wearing a badge saying GODDESS looked at my badge and saideth, “Are you like a Temple Prostitute?”

I saideth, “No I art a Scriptural Winemaker Holy Woman, we doth not hath Temple Prostitutes and only recogniseth Yoho as a God.”

She saideth, “Well maybe I’m like an avatar or something.”

Then Sex Machine saideth, “Yeah, I thought you were a Temple Prostitute.”

There wert some quippa men entering, mostly with beards and badges saying BRAIRIX in Faharni writing. One of them saideth, “Hey, I’m going to fondle some glildac boob,” in quippa and the others laughed.

So I shouted, “Teacher, the Nuharas art sexually harassing me!”

The teacher shouted, “Not now. I’m busy!” Then she said to some other students, “Acknowledge people according to what their badges say.”

One of the Nuharas saideth, “We should defile the Holy Woman then!” in Faharni.

So I saideth, “Vrenloa!”

The Nuharas wert coming towards us but Nihla fleweth through them and knocked them out.

Of course then the teacher started taking notice and saideth, “You’re not allowed to use magic in school!”

So I didst sayeth, “My bodyguard is. Shouldst I aknowledgeth their badges properly and killeth them? That art what Scriptural Winemakerism teacheth ...”

The teacher screamed, “No! You must acknowledge their badges in a positive way!”

“They acknowledged my badge by threatening to rapeth me so I aknowledged their badges by having my bodyguard defendeth me from them.”

The teacher then didst pulleth at her hair and screameth, “How the fornication was that acknowledging their badges?”

“Their badges all sayth BRAIRIX, which art a Quippa word for a Nuhara warrior who fighteth non-Nuharas. They didst masacre many Yohoists.”

The teacher looked at the badges and it wert obvious that she didst not knoweth what "BRAIRIX" art.

The entire school gathered in the hall, which we didst not comest close unto filling. The Nuharas hadst regained their consciousness and wert looking confused. I reckoned there wert about 150 students, about 50 of whom wert male quippas, mostly sporting yellow beards and I thinketh they wert all wearing badges saying BRAIRIX. There wert only two female quippas, both dressed like unto Paxians whilst several of the males wert wearing grey robes, the rest wert attired in Paxian dress.

I approached the only other anavah (there wert no male anavim) present, with Vrenloa following me. This anavah wert small with a mixture of faharni and glildac features: brown skin; yellow, curly hair; blue eyes and a hooked nose. She wert standing beside a tall, heavily built faharni girl. I couldst not determineth her korbar due to her being beside an anavah. As we approached they both stared at us. The anavah looked down and squeaked something, pointing at a badge I couldst not readeth by reason of the way it wert positioned.

I asked “What?”

The faharni beside the anavah saideth, “Fornicate off!”

I asked “Canst I heareth that from her so I knoweth thou art expressing her will?”

The anavah looked up nervously and moved her hand so I couldst seeth that her badge saideth, NORMAL. “Can you leave me alone please, I’ve chosen to live a normal life, all right!”

“If it doest helpeth,” I saideth, “Benai Nibeyim art looking fort people liketh unto ...”

The faharni saideth, “Fornicate off!” angrily.

“As thou wisheth. I art in the final year class and liveth in Mage Hall if thou hast need of me.”

With that I moved away from them and Vrenloa didst followeth. I kneweth Haprihagfen gaveth anavim who hadst not learned to teleporteth the opportunity to leadeth as normal a life as anavim couldst but I’d never metteth one who hadeth choseneth such before.

The master, who wert called Rallimar, satteth upon the edge of the stage, called us unto the front (most the older students wert already there) and spoketh unto us as if we wert pre-pubescent.

After a few introductory remarks Rallimar saideth, “For you new people, this school is rather unusual as we have a lot of psychics. Therefore if you feel uncomfortable with somebody but don’t know why, they might be a different korbar. Also hipsickim tend to feel alienated as well as the psychics.”

I noticed Goddess looking around with a bemused expression upon her face.

The master didst continueth, “We’re conducting an experiment on promoting tolerance by accepting what people choose to be. We seem to be having a few wobbles on this.”

The faharni who was with Normal saideth, “Accept the korbar people claim to have!”

I saideth, “Normal art not a korbar.”

“Some people have chosen to be things that upset others,” Rallimar continued, ignoring me. “I know, nibeyim and anavim tend to interpret things literally, katcheyim tend to do it symbolically and hipsickim tend to use common sense, which doesn’t always give the right answer either. Can we not identify as any sort of warrior or anything religious, political or controversial?”

Then a scruffy faharni man with long, messy hair and a tangled beard stoodeth up from the chair, uponeth which he hadst been seated, and shouted, “No! The point is to get the students to understand that it’s OK to be whatever they are inside. That’s not going to work if you say they can’t be things that others object to?” As he spoketh he walked unto the front of the stage near unto where Rallimar wert sitting. “I realize there is some bad history between certain groups but those now present aren’t responsible for what happened in the past.”

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