Tales of Midbar: Poisoned Well

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Identities - part 3

Narrated by Dwendra

I wenteth with Vrenloa unto the latrine and then unto Minris Vineyard, which wert at a similar altitude. There we didst checketh the records they didst haveth in the Dog House for “Normal” who’s real name wert Invali. Slegim and Slegmetot were warned to stayeth away from her and, if that wert not possible, to be kind unto her and to tryeth not to frighteneth her. She hadth been approached by Haprihagfen to recruiteth her but she hadth responded unto this badly and madeth it clear that she didst not desireth to learneth to teleporteth.

The master’s office wert a fairly small room with a desc and a few chairs. Normal and her friend, who’s badge didst readeth FRIEND, hath gotteth there a bit before Vrenloa and myself and wert sitting down in chairs. The chairs wert arranged in a ring, rather than having one behind a desc for the master. Rallimar and the scruffy man wert also there and wert seated in chairs. Normal, coward away from me.

“It art the first day of school!” I said unto Rallimar, trying to controleth my anger. “Thou haft marked me out as different in front of the other students by empowering, no encouraging, my enemies to stateth their mortal hatred of me, allowing them to threateneth me in Quippa, which only I, Vrenloa and them seemed to understandeth and, when I didst challengeth them, letteth them denieth the true meaning of what they wert stating then summoning me here! Dost thou thinketh this art a good way to runeth a school?”

Rallimar saideth, “Sit down,” and waved his hands to indicateth that we shouldst sitteth upon the chairs, which we didst.

“I haft enough trouble fitting in without thou adding unto them!” I shouted. “This art what happened as soon as I started school in Laraget!”

Then he calmly saideth, “Now you’re not in trouble but I think we need to discuss some things.”

“I art in trouble because of how the other students doth now seeth me!” I snarled.

“You need to be comfortable with who you are inside,” said the scruffy man.

“I art comfortable with who I art inside!” I said. “But some people, like Normal here, art not!”

“Calm down!” saideth Friend. “You know it’s dangerous for you to have strong emotions.”

“I’ve gotteth over..!” I started to sayeth crossly and then remembered Normal, who wert staring at me with her eyes wide, looking very frightened, so I continued calmly “... that and suggesteth thou shouldst hath the same treatment.”

I realized Rallimar was pointing at Normal and had obviously just cast a spell. Normal looked down and seemed to collapse.

He turned unto Vrenloa, “Who are you?”

Vrenloa saideth, “Vrenloa, Dwendra’s bodyguard.”

“There art about fifty Nuhara’s with 'Brairex' badges,” I saideth, “and only one of me and I art forbidden from using magic. That Nuhara didst lieth about the meaning of Brairex and probably saideth what he believeth the other Nuharas wouldeth liketh him to sayeth. Their scripture clearly sayeth it meaneth using violence against non-Nuharas.”

Rallimar saideth, “Solgol, what does the Quippa word ‘Brairex’ mean?”

A female voice saideth, “‘Brairex,’ plaural ‘brairexan,’ literally means ‘struggler’ but it’s almost always used to mean Nuharas who use violence against non-Nuharas usually as soldiers or terrorists.”

Rallimar saideth, “I’ll have to have a talk with those Nuharas later. Perhaps your Sixteen identification is overly ...”

The scruffy man interrupted and saideth, “I think the real question is how you see yourself?”

I thoughteth and saideth, “I art trying to restoreth the true teachings of Winemaker scripture widst art also the true teachings of Yohoist scripture but with clarifications concerning Yoho’s avatar. Unfortunately Nuharas didst killeth all ...”

Rallimar saideth, “We don’t need a history lesson.”

The scruffy man saideth, “What makes you think the Winemakers aren’t following their scripture correctly?”

I saideth, “Well, hast thou readeth Winemaker scripture?”

The scruffy man saideth, “No.”

Rallimar asked me, “Is this going to be a lecture? Perhaps we need to leave a detailed explanation for another time. Your parents should have told you about Imvali.”

I saideth, “My parents art dead.”

Rallimar saideth, “Sorry did this happen recently?”

I saideth, “A millennium ago but it art about a year unto me. They didst betrayeth Yoho and myself by converting unto Nuhara and giving me unto Nuhar Zorg to beeth his wife. I hath rather complicated feelings about them.”

Rallimar asked me, “What’s your name?”


Rallimar saideth, “Solgol, what are the differences between Dwendra and Sixteen?”

The female voice saideth, “There are school records for Dwendra but information about Sixteen from diverse sources, much of it speculation or controversial claims. I’m unable to find any differences for matters where reliable data is available for both of them.”

Rallimar rolled his eyes and asked, “Solgol, what do Dwendra’s records say about her parents?”

The female voice saideth, “The data fields dealing with Dwendra’s parents are blank.”

Rallimar asked, “Who’s your guardian?”

I saideth, “I doth not haveth one.”

Rallimar saideth, “Solgol, who is Dwendra’s guardian?”

The female voice saideth, “The data fields dealing with Dwendra’s guardian are blank.”

So Rallimar asked me, “Who represented you at the parents’ and teachers’ meeting?”

I asked, “What parents’ and teachers’ meeting?”

Rallimar saideth, “Your parents or guardian should have been in ... Never mind! What you clearly weren’t told but should have been is that Imvali was born in University City and is the daughter of two popular lecturers. She’s a very nice but rather shy girl but was harassed by some strange people and has a medical condition which makes it dangerous for her to experience strong emotions. Therefore you should be nice to her.”

I saideth, “I wert trying to beeth nice unto her but she didst not wanteth me to talketh unto her.”

The scruffy man looked back and forth between myself and Imvali, with his lips pursed and his brow furrowed. It wert hard to telleth with two other anavot in the room but I thinketh he wert a nibey or katchey and therefor kneweth us both wert anavot.

Rallimar saideth, “Can you talk yet Imvali?”

Imvali opened and closed her mouth a couple of times and made some small noises and then saideth, “I don’t want to be teleported.”

I saideth, “I wilt only teleporteth thou if I needeth to to saveth your life or if you asketh me to.”

The scruffy man saideth, “Now you’re acknowledging Imvali’s fear of teleportation but perhaps you could have simply denied being able to teleport her.”

Imvali saideth, “Of course she can teleport me! I can tell!”

Rallimar saideth, “Can Sixteen teleport people?”

Vrenloa saideth, “Anti-korbarism law!”

The female voice saideth, “I’m prohibited from divulging that data.”

I saideth, “I canst not answereth that question without violating the anti-korbarism law.”

Friend saideth, “Fornicating rules about what you can and can’t say! The Holy Woman’s the same sort of person who harrassed Imvali! They teleported her and terrified the fornication out of her and there are boys who want to fornicate her! Some sort of crazy Winemaker group! One of them even looked like he was from that spaceship that landed in Minris!”

I saideth, “It wouldst be strange if most boys didst not hath some desireth to hath sex width thou but wouldst they wanteth the sort of relationship that wilt entaileth? I didst not knoweth of this but they shouldst not bothereth Imvali if she telleth them not to but they can cureth her emotion problem. If they continueth to bothereth thou, thou shouldst informeth me or any others liketh unto me or speaketh unto a priest or mage.” I looked unto the scruffy man and asked, “Also why doth thou expecteth me to contradicteth her beliefs about my abilities, which mayest or mayest not be true, but telleth everybody to endorseth what others doth identifeth as?”

“It’s important for people, particularly teenagers, to recognize what they are inside and know that it’s OK to be that,” said the scruffy man.

“Imvali rejects what she art inside,” I said.

“No she doesn’t!” said Friend.

“If she wert comfortable living a normal life,” I said, “she wouldst not be scared of meeting people liketh unto me.”

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