Tales of Midbar: Poisoned Well

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Identities - part 4

After lunch, my form teacher, who wert named Argatan, saideth, “I’d like some of you to say a bit about the things you say you identify as. Glildac girl,” she pointed unto me, “as you like the sound of your own voice, can you explain what you are?”

I wenteth up unto the front of the room and saideth, “I think you hath probably heardeth of me. I wast borneth a millenium ago unto likoztim who wert part of a program Benain Nibeyim wert using to breadeth anavim from nibeyim and katcheyim. The children of nibeyim and katcheyim art called likoztim and art usually hipsickim. A child of two likoztim standeth a nine in sixteen chance of being hipsickim, a three in sixteen chance of being nibeyim, a three in sixteen chance of being katcheyim and a one in sixteen chance of being anavim, hence my code name Sixteen. Unfortunately my parents ...”

“All right!” saideth Argatan. “I think that’s enough for now! Now you,” she pointed unto a quippa boy, “Brairix, can you tell us what you identify as?”

The boy saideth, “I not understand.”

I translated into Quippa for him.

The Brairix saideth, “It is good Nuhara.”

Aragatan didst stareth at him for a few seconds. “Can you elaborate?”

I didst translateth unto Quippa.

The Brairix saideth, “Nuhara is my religion.”

“What things does a Brairix do to be a good Nuhara?” I asked and then didst translateth unto Quippa.

“I insist that women show me respect but you don’t,” the Brairix saideth angrily in Quippa.

I translated that for the class.

Aragatan saideth, “Now what about you, Goddess?”

Goddess didst starteth to talk about her own greatness.

Before leaving school we wert toldeth to thinketh of descriptions for what didst identifyeth as for the next day. We wert asked to includeth our sex, orientation, race, korbar, religion and other things we didst thinketh important.

I wenteth unto the form meeting at the beginning of school the following day. Two boys wert wearing saris.

Argatan saideth, “Now I’ll ask some of you to explain the things you identify as ...”

“Can you speak Semic?” a katcheyah asked loudly in Semic.

I replied in the same language, “Of course, it’s the first language I learned as it’s what my family usually ...”

“That was the only Semic I know!” shouted the katcheyah.

The Goddess, who’s real name wert Bliatani, saideth, “I’m a female, het-cis, faharni, hipsickah and Oshmiragni, the Godess of seduction and willpower. Her, my Holy Site is in the desert on the other side of the planet so not many people worship me, but I’m going to change that. I can even seduce minions of Yoho, you know the ones who look like humans with wings, and at my Holy Site there’s an idol of me having sex with one standing up!”

Had she actually doneth some research! I’d certainly heardeth of such an idol, a hologram of it hadth appeared when the avatars wert given their second instruction so both they and, or course, Breeze and Tenacious, wert anxious to findeth such an idol.

“What about you Nitran!” shouted Aragtan before somebody else couldst speaketh. She pointed unto one of the boys who was wearing a sari.

The sari wearing boy whose name wert apparently Nitran saideth, “I’m a female homosexual.”

Another boy asked, “Isn’t that the same as a male heterosexual?”

Most the class laughed.

“No,” saideth Nitran, “because I can compete in girls’ sports and use girls’ toilets and changing rooms.”

Some girls screamed. The room erupted into an uproar. Argatan held up what wert probably an artifact, saideth something I couldst not heareth and the room wenteth quiet. Then Argatan saideth, “We should acknowledge what people identify as!”

I saideth, “Even if it hurteth others such as me acknowledging the Brairexan by slaughtering them?”

Argatan saideth, “Obviously ... OK I’m not comfortable with boys competing in girls’ sports and using girls’ toilets but if they identify as female ...”

“They identifyeth as female homosexuals!” I saideth. I thinketh she hadst casteth a mute spell upon the class but I wert not affected, being a mage. “They art sexually interested in girls!”

“Are you a lawyer?” asked Argatan.

“No but my husband wert recently involved in a legal case involving the treatment of school children and his father art a lawyer.”

We went unto assembly and wert told school had been cancelled for the day whilst the staff soughteth legal advice about who shouldst be allowed to useth what toilets.

As Rilleticket, who wert my bodyguard that day, and myself walked from the school, with a large number of confused teenagers, Friend cameth up unto me. She saideth, “I’m not really comfortable about asking you for help but I can’t think of anybody else.”

I saideth, “We mayest hath our disagreements but I don’t considereth you an enemy.”

“In the form lesson, the teacher said that people should do something characteristic of what they identified as. Of course Imvali identifies as a female, heterosexual, hipsickah, faharni Trulist. Somebody asked her to get a boyfriend and she burst out in tears and had to have a calming spell put on her. I want to ask you what anavot do about boys not liking them?”

“Most of us findeth male anavim and marryeth them. If we’re Trulists we converteth unto Winemakerism so we canst doeth that.”

“But Imvali’s terrified of anavim.”

“If she identifies as a hipsickah,” Rilleticket did sayeth, “then she shouldn’t be able to identify korbarim.”

“Perhaps she needs to identifieth as what she really art,” I saideth.

“Well obviously she can identify kobarim,” saideth Friend, “and I don’t know if she can pretend that she can’t identify anavim.”

“If she learned to teleport, she couldst goeth all over the planet and findeth male anavim,” I saideth. “I mayest be able to bringeth a less frightening anav boy here and seeth if she liketh him.”

“She’ll probably need to be warned and have somebody standing by with a calming spell,” saideth Friend.

Then I saweth Bliatani and asked her how to spelleth "Oshmiragni" so the avatars, Breeze and Tenacious wouldst be able to researcheth it (of course I didst not explaineth that unto Bliatani).

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