Tales of Midbar: Poisoned Well

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Murdering Babies - part 1

Narrated by Eleprin

The University hospital consisted of several buildings, at least one clearly disused, on a mountainside between the main campus and University City. They had some tents set up and a sign saying, NEW ENROLLMENTS and a group of people, clearly several of them katcheyim, sitting on the ground nearby. I headed for that tent with Printorac, Mum, Fenusara, Nivulan, and three Blue Badges.

We were ushered into one of the tents, Fenusara’s Blue Badge remaining outside. There were rows of chairs in the tent with a few people sitting on them. The bearded bennis nibey at the desk, with a tattoo of Denadria on his forehead gave me, Printorac and Nivulan some forms and told us to fill them in. I noticed that me and Nivulan got one which Printorac didn’t.

“Don’t fill in this!” said Nivulan, holding up the extra form that only the women were being given.

“Really you should fill that in,” said the man behind the desk. “Don’t let her tell you what to do!”

We sat in some chairs and filled in the forms. Mum had to countersign my forms and I had to countersign Printorac’s.

“You really should do what the man said and sign this form!” said Mum, countersigning the extra form.

“Let me read it!” I hissed.

“I don’t see why you listen to Nivulan and not that man!” Mum complained.

I was horrified by what the form said. Images swirled in my head: the Myracel, with all of Indratar’s family including some small children on board drifting away from her to an unknown fate; Scrildan women and children being killed by Indratar because they were defending their homes against the Recrexni; the Gurfandrel exploding with several of Indratar’s friends and relatives on it due to an attack by Scrildan terrorists; the children I’d killed when defending myself from Lishrashic; the quippa baby who’d been sitting in a house in Rendamar when one of the Mysterious Monsters sent a fire ball through it, trying to kill me and my companions. I stood up, held up the form and said loudly, “Women don’t sign this form! It empowers them to murder your babies without telling you you’re pregnant!”

“Abortion isn’t murder!” said the man behind the desk.

“It is if it’s not due to a serious medical problem,” I said. “And how often does that happen? Ectopic pregnancy, the embryo can be transplanted or removed and frozen ...”

“I think we’ve got trouble,” said Fenusara’s Blue Badge, who had stayed outside.

“Do you know how many frozen embryos there are?” asked the bennis.

“Abortion isn’t murder!” a woman shouted, bursting into the tent with several other scruffily dressed people. They were the group who’d been sitting outside.

“Killing one person for another’s convenience is always murder!” I replied. “And that’s what most abortions amount ...”

With that the nearest two of the women from outside threw themselves at me. Fenusara, who was obviously pregnant, being thin and farther along than me, screamed and jumped in front of them, drawing her whip and I heard Printorac and the Blue Badges casting spells. Even mum tried to use her paralysis bracelet. I used my avatar power to knock out the five aggressive women, and two men (although some of them had already been incapacitated by the others). I got bursts of really weird personalities. They liked to think they were superior to most people but knew they were in the wrong, deep down, which made them very agressive against anybody speaking the truth.

“Fornicating gods!” screamed the bennis, going bright red.

Fenusara spun and waved her whip at him. “My son’s a Trustee and needs an heir!” she screamed and pointed to me. “She’s carrying his heir!”

The people who’d been sitting, filling in forms just sat there, staring.

“They want us to sign these forms saying they can murder our unborn babies without even telling us we’re pregnant,” I explained to the people sitting round the room. “I hate children being killed! When your enemy choses to fight you in a city, the death’s of non-combatants are their fault, not yours!”

“Not that that ever happens to you!” said Mum, hastily.

I turned to the bennis who was still cowering from Fenusara’s whip, “Now Denadria, the goddess of motherhood and adventure, wouldn’t want you cooperating with murdering babies. I know that because her avatar’s a good friend of mine. Who’s fornicating disgusting idea was this?”

“Do you know where you are?” he asked, clearly terrified.

“I’m not insane!” I replied.

“She’s very mentally stable,” said Mum, “but she’s pregnant.”

“She did marry Printorac,” said Fenusara.

“Thank you Mum,” said Printorac, sarcastically.

“Now answer!” I snarled at the bennis.

“It’s policy!” squealed the bennis. “It’s better if women don’t know they’ve had abortions.”

“Who’s idea!”

“I don’t know, some women campaigned for it!”

“And you fornicating agreed in spite of being a disgusting immoral idea that involved murdering babies!”

“Not me personally,” said the bennis, “some higher ups but do you know how many frozen embryos there are? Some of them centuries old! Winemakers who complain most about abortion ...”

“Baby murdering!” I said.

“... won’t use them ...”

“It’s too much like having a handmaid, which our scripture depicts negatively and artificial wombs are illegal, which wasn’t our law!”

“These people attacked us!” said my Blue Badge, waving some University ID cards at the Bennis. “Who do we report them to?”

“There are a couple of, I think hospital, security guards outside,” said Fenusara’s Blue Badge. “They’re arguing about whether this tent is on hospital, city or University land and can’t decide if it’s their jurisdiction.”

“Whose jurisdiction is it?” I asked.

“I thought hospital or University,” said the bennis. “They’ve been doing this for fornicating ever!”

He clearly had never thought to ask and why would he?

We handed him the forms that didn’t empower them to perform abortions on me and Nivulan. I destroyed the baby murdering form Mum had countersigned, to be on the safe side.

“Hotels have maps showing land ownership and legal jurisdiction,” said Mum. “They sometimes have guests who need to know those things.”

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