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It's been a year now that humanity was wiped out and aliens had taken over earth like nothing ever happend but what they dont know is that they missed one Follow the story of the last human to see if she can survive this new world and what will happen to her Will there be death, adventure, or possibly love read to find out

Scifi / Romance
luna moon
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Chapter. 1

(??? p.o.v)

It's been a whole year now since humanity was wiped out a whole year since I lost everyone and everything I've ever known and loved

[Flash back 1 year ago]

(??? P.o.v)

"Oh come on aria you dont need any more books you already have to many your rooms practically a library" I say to my pink haired friend "there is no such thing as to many books" she exclaims and playfully punches my arm

"Ok ok you win" I say lifting my hands in mock defeat and she smiles victoriously "you know you could try reading every now and again" she states "I do read" i interject "fanfiction dosnt count" she deadpans and I give her a playful glare

"Well we better get back to the dorms" airs says then grabs my hand and starts dragging me out of the book store while giggling

Once we where out of the store we both froze with terror at the sight above us

In the sky was a alien ship a gigantic alien ship

Aria dropped the book she just purchased and clinged to my arm and mutters "w..what is happening" before I could reply something drops from the ship

I gasped in horror upon realizing that's a bomb I turn to aira and pull her into a tight enbraceholding her close as she wraps her arms tightly around my figure

We both know this is the end but right before the bomb hit the ground aria looks up at me with a calm smile on her face with tears cascading down her cheeks and says "I'm glad I met you I truly love you luna"

Then the bomb hit the ground With a loud boom and a flash of blinding light followed by a shoke wave that sent aira and I flying backwords into a nearby car

I Reopen my eyes but every thing is blurry and I have an intense ringing in my ears I blink a few times and slowly stand up

I smile with relief then turn to aria and say "we're alive can you believe..... it" my relief turns to horror as I stare at a pile of ashes where my best friend should be

"A..aria" I stutter then let out a pain filled cry as tears fall from my eyes

I look up at the alien ship with rage flinging in my eyes then did the only thing she could do run

[End of flashback]

(Luna's p.o.v)

I've been running ever since it's been hard surviving out in the wild but I'm determined to stay alive I refuse to die from something outside of my control

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