Pandora's Noah's Ark Box

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Introducing the mysterious 'Kraken,' and a complete guide to revealing, meeting, meeting with and interacting with, super advanced intelligent ET Aliens present here now.

Scifi / Thriller
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Pandora's Noah's Ark Box And Iran


Pandora’s ‘Noah’s Ark Box’

[Music references in the text: Skrillex – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites; Will Atkinson – Numb The Pain. Metta & Glyde – Network In Heaven.]

She was wearing a Fournié type of ‘robe de style’ or contouche made of thin and light suede leather when she came over, complete with skin-tight leather gloves, and waist stays on the outside front, and beautiful high heel shoes beneath. All of the same basic colour but each of a fractionally altered shade thereof.


...If you had me on 24/7 surveillance, ninety five percent of the time you would not be able to distinguish me from just any other ordinary person. Live in an ordinary apartment, okay it does have a nice view over the big winding river, and the beautiful smallish but modern city, and the South Side across the river. Do some academic ‘work’ at a Campus City away up somewhere in the northern suburbs, a very little work to be fair. Walk down to the corner drive-through to buy some beer, occasionally. Carry a light burlap woven fabric bag to go down to the local mall and buy food from the grocery shops.

I’m a publicly available guy. Social media exposure, that kind of thing. Easy to find if you knew who you were looking for and/or why. Anyone can find me if they wanted.

‘Ninety five percent of the time’ could add up to years and after a while you’d just get bored and go away.

And then, this kind of thing would happen:

Brrt-brrt, brrt-brrt.



“It’s Jay. Do you remember me?”

“Sure, Jay. Of course. How can I forget? How are you man? I was thinking about you just the other week.”

“You remember me? From back then in Sidney, with the twins...?”

He was referring to the time I spent three weeks giving him an intensive course in self-defence under the supervision of the twin brothers, the revered Lacey brothers from Hong Kong. Any knowledgeable source on Martial Arts generally, will record their references to the Hong Kong Lacey twins marked with the word ‘revered...’ Laceys were close friends of the super icon Bruce Lee, of course, but their own legendary status, although almost never publicly seen in the West, was widely acknowledged by the cognoscenti and their friendships and respect by other practitioners extended right throughout the whole span of the ‘high end’ martial arts world – they were personal friends and occasional wilderness training pilgrimage colleagues of the absolutely deified Japanese Gogen ‘the Cat’ Yamaguchi.

“You know, right, don’t you, that both of them just passed away. I was really saddened.”

“Yes. Yes. I know. Well, they have become ‘translated into the heavens’ with general Guan Gung...”

One of the Laceys, David, was called ‘the little general’ when he was alive. He looked very much like the typical image of ‘general Lord Guan Gung,’ the patron deity of Chinese Martial Artists.

“John. I was really hoping that you would remember me -”

Amad ‘Jay’ Malkoun was the chief of one of the world’s biggest and most powerful ‘bikkie gangs;’ why would I choose to ‘forget’ such a person? LOL

“John – you saved my life back then with what you taught me.”

“Not me, Jay. That would be Dave and Vincent. I just worked under them.”


“Yes, Jay.”

“They told me you also worked for a government, you know, secretly. But that I was not to worry because you were only a desk guy in the economics area.”

“And they were right though, yes? There was no need to worry. Besides, you hadn’t done anything illegal at the time as I recall,” I laughed.

Of course, I certainly knew what he, what those behind him, were up to. I advised whoever I needed to advise in the country where I was, just as a matter of course and duty. But those guys in the departments there all had the brains of two-day old swamp bugs and there were people even higher up than them still, pulling their strings anyway – but like as if you don’t already know that!

The other government’s office I reported to, had only the interest to watch and to observe, and to maybe make use of information much much later on. And that is probably all I am able to say about that unless you stick the thumbscrews on me.

“I wonder,” Jay pressed forward. “I wonder if you can do something for me, as a sort of personal favour, to me?”

“Sure -, maybe, what thing?”

“I have this cousin, over where you are, see -, and they have this money from their father’s estate from a long time ago, and well, they don’t want to be in the kinds of business that was going on back then in those days...

“...I was hoping you could give them some pointers as to where to invest or what kinds of business they should be in. Proper legal-like business.”

“No problemo, Jay. Certainly I can do that.”

“Oh great. So many thanks, shaqi.”

“It’s great hearing from you, Jay. After so long. The old days, eh? Amazing times. I see you just barely escaped that car-bombing they did on you in Athens...”

“Aaargh. Don’t remind me, man – I had a bad headache for weeks and weeks. But, hey, good cars, those Mercedes.”

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