The Shadow Knight

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In a kingdom beyond the great sea’s, where light barely shines and the darkness is all you see, there was a young prince so noble and bright that was destined to save his kingdom with all his might, he might meet a few friends or foes along the way but he’s searching for the one thing that’ll be his escape…

Scifi / Adventure
Drago Simmons
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chapter 1

In a kingdom beyond the great sea’s, where light barely shines and the darkness is all you see, there was a young prince so noble and bright that was destined to save his kingdom with all his might, he might meet a few friends or foes along the way but he’s searching for the one thing that’ll be his escape…

The boy's name is prince Carthos he’s 16 and the son of King Jackson, his mother had vanished off the face of the earth years before but always told him to stay strong and that one day his strength would save them all, she disappeared without a trace a few days later, no one knows if she’s dead or alive but the king had sent most of his men and shadow knights to find her but none ever succeed so he gave up. Carthos always believed his mother was alive and he was going to find her even if it meant his or his country’s death.

“Carthos!” The king yelled as he burst into his sons’ room.

“Father, what is it?” Carthos asked sitting up from his slouched position on his bed.

“Carthos my son you will train with Sir Wild in becoming a fantastic sword master, there will be no discussion about this, you will do as I say and no amount of begging will change my mind.” The King turned away ready to walk out of his son’s room muttering, “He’s coming, I must be prepared…”

Carthos was too shocked to say anything to his father, he watched and listened as his father walked out of his room, just as he settled down onto his bed again his brother came in.

“Ouch, Sir Wild huh? He’s rough and very hard to deal with, considering that you can’t even back out that makes it ten times worse.” His elder brother said looking straight at him.

“Whatever Ethan, just because you quit at everything you do does not mean I do the same.”

“I do not quit at everything you little brat.” Ethan growled at Carthos.

“Just get out.” Carthos watched as his older brother stalked out of his room before having the guard shut his door as he returned to his slouched position on his bed thinking about how much fun training with Sir Wild might turn out to be.

“CARTHOS!!!!!” Sir Wild bellowed bursting into the boys room just as the first rays of sunlight came over the horizon.

“What is it? I do not like being woken up before the sun is in the sky.” Carthos muttered as he buried his head under his pillow starting to fall back asleep before both the covers and the pillow where yanked off his body and the sunlight struck him in the face.

“Wake up, today we begin our training we will run around the castle five times before we will go inside for breakfast, after that I will teach you how to hold a sword and you will not get a break until you have mastered it, it should be around lunch time by then so we will stop to eat and finally until dinner I will be teaching you how to move with a sword. We will do this everyday, six days a week, you will only get one day of rest do you understand me?” Sir Wild stated as Carthos struggled to get dressed and focus on what he was saying.

“Yes I understand.”

“Good lad, lets get running.”

Sir wild said as he grabbed Carthos arm and pulled him out of bed and out of the room down to the starting point and they began running, Carthos was still new to this but he was an excellent runner he was having a little trouble keeping up, but he managed to stay only a few steps behind Sir wild. Ensuing their run, Sir Wild took Carthos to the very back of the castle and showed him how he was to hold the sword as he balanced two very condensed books on his head while having tomatoes thrown at him. He managed to move gracefully while slicing the fruits and keeping the books perfectly balanced on his head by mid- afternoon. They had a late lunch and got back to work, the sun had set and the stars lit up the sky as they finished their training. Sir Wild smiled as he clasped Carthos on the shoulder.

“You did very well today boy, I am proud to say you have the spirit just like your mother did.”

“My mother? You trained her?” Carthos asked as he caught his breath stretching his arms over his head to help open his lungs more.

“Aye, the lass had a certain spark to her that most men found frightening, but it interested me to see that in a lady.” Sir Wild laughed, “If your father hadn’t married the class I would have proposed long ago.” He smiled and Carthos couldn’t help but smile back, he had only been in his sixth summer when his mother vanished.

“What was she like? My mother, I never got to meet her. I remember little pieces of her but not as much as Ethan, my other sibling, my father or anyone else has.” Carthos looked at Sir Wild wanting to find out more about his mother.

“Well lets see lad, she was strong, hard-headed and an optimist to the bitter end, never met another soul like her, she also had amazing beauty, her hair was a fiery red that matched her mouth, she had perfectly tanned skin from helping every maid as well as from training with me, she was thin even after having you and your siblings, she trained to her heart’s desire. Why I remember she was pregnant with you when she was training and you kicked and punched her in her stomach, the poor lass all she did was laugh and make me promise to train you when you hit the right age. Stated that you would succeed her in training, that you would be strong, noble and kind to everyone, she loved you even before you were born, my boy.” Sir Wild let his tale end there before standing up. “Alright it is late, you need some sleep to get ready for tomorrow. Go along now; we will talk more about your mother tomorrow if you wish. Go on now.” Sir Wild shoed Carthos away and he obeyed retreating to his room. “Just like your mother, maybe you’ll find her…” Sir Wild muttered before vanishing into the night.

When Carthos finally made it to his room he went out to his balcony while his legs and arms screamed in pain and watched the stars. He remembered doing this with his mother often so he always made an appoint to go out every night he felt like he was connected with his mother. “Oh mom, what am I going to do?” Carthos asked into the night. “It’s hard training but I like it, it makes me feel so close to you, I don’t want to let that go…” He whispered and felt a light breeze going around him, which he took as his mom telling him to stay strong. “I will, I promise.” He blew a kiss into the dark hoping it would reach his mom before going inside and falling asleep.

“Alright Carthos lets go!” Sir Wild walked into his room looking around before going out onto the balcony and looking down seeing the youngster stretching getting ready to run. “Carthos my boy, what are you doing up so early? I thought you would have been sleeping.” Sir Wild shouted down to him.

Carthos glanced up hearing Sir Wilds voice and smiled shouting back, “Hey you are late Sir, look the sun is already over the treetops, you need to catch up I already ran eight laps around the castle, so let’s go.”

“Early risers now are we?” Sir Wild smiled and shadowed so he was behind Carthos without him noticing. “Alright I will catch up to your eight laps.” They both got ready to run.

“Try matching my laps.” Carthos was having fun already, they both took off running by the time the breakfast bell had rung Carthos had finished twenty-eight laps with Sir Wild only one lap behind.

“Okay lad, you did well, and only on the second day, very good.” Sir Wild smiled and wiped sweat off his forehead as they walked inside Carthos was smiling his face red.

“Wild, Carthos my boy how was training?” Jackson had asked as they sat down to eat.

“Very fun, father, while it is hard I enjoy it very much.”

“He is a very fast learner, Jackson, just like his mother.” The King and Sir Wild shared a smile as they ate.

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