The Guardian Angel

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Lilo is what you would call a very obedient child. She understood what was right from wrong and even knew how to handle herself in a situation as well as the situation at hand, should she get in harms way. But nothing could prepare he child for what was going to happen in the near future. Not only will her abilities, whether by nature or not, will be put to the test, but also Nani’s. Which in terms will scare her more than death.

Lilo, as well as any child that they encounter, adore Nani. Her gentle nature and soothing voice allow kids to not see her as a stranger that might harm them in some way, but as a kind woman who in turn, loves children. Nani would often watch over children who have lost their way and can’t find their way home. At times like these Lilo would get jealous because she’s focusing her attention on another child rather then her. Nani does notice this and sees to her once the other child is gone. Do not be mistaken though. Lilo is quite friendly to the other children around her age. It’s just a sibling thing that occurs once in a while, perfectly normal.

As for right now, Lilo is exploring the woods that surrounded her. She had been waddling around for more then a few minutes. She isn’t afraid to find the fact that she might be lost. For she could always cry out for dear Nani and as always she will come to her rescue. For now, Lilo will continue her way through the dense forest. She eventually came to a lake. The water so blue that it was hypnotizing, and so deep that it was a beautiful dark shade of blue. Fish were jumping out of the water like they were performing. The rays of light hitting the water just right so that you can see the rocks below. This fascinated Lilo. Nani would often show her the beauty in everything. Not just because in majority of things there is beauty, but because Lilo is still a child and should not have to face the cruel reality that is the world.

Nani knew it all too well, and wish she hadn’t. It frightened her to see Lilo go through such agony and pain. She promised their mother, may she rest in peace, that she would let no harm come to Lilo. That was a promise that she intended to keep not matter what.

Remembering the day she found Lilo in their old home was like remembering the pain, tears, even the numbness in her legs as she ran from the haunted memory. Feeling the rain, the tears of the heavens falling down upon her fair and tear stained face as she cried along with them. She was now on her own, having to be forced to grow up, and they had lost an angel. It broke her heart to leave such a beautiful home to rot away in the never ending forest, hidden away from civilization upon a canyon. But now there was absolutely no going back. Not only because the atmosphere would cause her the heartache that she had when it happened, but mostly because it was too dangerous for either of them to return.

Lilo swayed side to side, listening to the humming birds sing, to the shifting of leaves and the quite stream running past her. The sounds were just so calming that it nearly put her to sleep. She never wanted it to end. The relaxing sounds of nature can sooth anyone in distress. Lilo, just like Nani, loved nature and all that resided in the beautiful and peaceful side of the world.

Nani may see the world in black and white, but she also sees the colors in between the two. Once Nani shook her head to free her from the troubling thoughts, she caught up to Lilo. Watching the young child see the world in an innocent view was what made her most happy. Though she knew Lilo can not stay a child forever. She just prays to her mother that she’d help her, give her signs that if she ever lost her way with Lilo, that she’d help her right back on it.

Lilo looked over to Nani smiling gently at her. If she ever smiles, it is usually for Lilo. Nani doesn’t speak nor smile as much as she should. To Nani, there wasn’t much to smile about besides the small carefree child that she will forever love and protect. Walking over to her, Nani picked Lilo up and began to walk along side the stream. As they made their way down the stream, Lilo pointed and giggled at the jumping fish and a large toad that was sunbathing on a rock. Lilo’s attention was then pulled to the loud sound of crashing water against itself. Nani stopped at the edge of the waterfall, gazing down below them. A large pond with trees lining up around it, sat at the bottom of the spilling water. Lilo slightly balled her hands as she looked over the edge.

Softly, Nani patted her back to show that it was okay to be afraid and then started down the side of the cliff. Lilo clenched to Nani, not because she was afraid to fall, for if she did Nani would catch her, but because she was not use to things like this. Nani had been recently training Lilo how to handle things like this, that way she could do them herself if she ever had the need to. Still she prays that she will never have to. Now at the bottom, where the pool has yet to over fill with the wonderful liquid, Nani set Lilo down. The curious child wondered over to the pool, gazing at it and wondering if there was any life that laid beneath the surface. To her satisfaction there was. She could see tadpoles, a various of assortment of fishes of various of colors and or patterns. Before the child could stick her hand in the water to pet one of the bugged eyed creatures, she was picked up once more.

Lilo looked up and saw the top of Nani’s head as she was set on her shoulders. Ridding high and mighty as she glanced around her, seeing everything in a new view. Lilo loved sitting atop her shoulders; It brought her so much joy that the only way she could express it was by laughing. Nani was happy when Lilo was happy.

Nani continued to walk for another hour or so. Surrounded by nothing but trees. The glorious wooden giants, the keeper of dearest secrets, and the shelter givers that you seek when the time is right. They, amongst some others, are her true friends. They help guide her as well warn her when there is danger about.

It has taken Nani her entire life to get where she is now with her abilities. All that time she spent training the five sense that she was blessed with and learning how to discipline herself with them before she began to hone them. This is something that she hopes Lilo will fly pass.

Often a time Nani would think to herself that there’s too much for Lilo to learn at once. She would also have debates on what she should learn first. To practice it was the hard part because Nani knows that every living thing is different; they live, grow and learn in different ways. For example, Nani could easily strike a target fifty yards away just after a year later of training her eye sight and how to use such a weapon at age ten. While Lilo on the other hand couldn’t do such a thing. Only time will tell, she’ll tell herself and leave it at that.

It hadn’t been long since she felt the wind pick up. One gust of wind was warning enough. Looking around her for a moment and she felt it. Their eyes were watching her as she walked through the green scenery. Nani pretended like she heard the leaves rustling in the wind.

Lilo was asleep. She laid her head down atop of Nani’s and eventually she dozed. Her arms rested against either side of Nani’s neck. The slumbering child has no clue to what might happen in the next few minutes.

Swift movements that scattered about the forest floor. Sure she had lost them for the minute, but she’ll find them before they find her. For the moment that she has, she needs to hide Lilo. Nani safely tucked her into a hole in the ground that was cover with roots. She then rose up, awaiting her enemies that are lurking in the dark of the days’ shadow.

Yellow eyes were watching her from a distance. Dare she stare down the beast that interrupted the beautiful day she having with her little sister? Of course she would. It had been a peaceful afternoon before it had decided to come along. Not only was she going to scare them off, but show the rest of them that they’ll never win against her. No matter the amount she’ll face.

What popped out of the shadows was anything but a beast. It was a man. One that tries to reason with her. All of his options are beneficial to the Mathosila, the Vampire race.

“Long time Nani,” he always talked to her with the tone of that of a friend. He was not an ally. He was just another blood sucker who took innocent lives. “How’s everything going for ya?”

She refused to respond to his arrogant ass. Taunting her was useless and he knew it.

“Not gonna talk as always eh?” he said “That’s okay. I just need you to listen. Hear me out if ya’ will.”

He continued his banter by speaking of their new king whom was also their top general and how they wanted her to come home. VanHelsine was not her home. It never was to begin with.

“You are a sister in need and we are here to help you.” He stood in the same spot, if not having to shuffle about a bit as he spoke. “Why is that you hate your own kind with that of a burning fire?”

Nani refused to speak once more. Not because she was rude like that and hated them with a burning passion, but because of an incident that happened a few months prier to now. But he doesn’t need to know that. What he does need to know and hopefully they’ll get it through their feeble skulls is that she does not want anything to do with them, not after what they pulled a year ago.

“Nani...we truly wish that you would come home. The children miss you so much. And the king himself would like to meet you. It is a great honor and you should accept the invitation. Who knows, you might become top dog amongst the birds.”

It wasn’t anger that she feels ragging inside her because she doesn’t feel mad. It didn’t seem like joy either for she had no glee within her. But she knows that it had to be somewhere in between the two. Though she kept wondering what their newly found king would want with her besides sentencing her to death. The king eh?, she thought, What would his majesty want from a vinestin, a traitor like me?

It wasn’t that she cared because she doesn’t but she just couldn’t help but wonder if this was all a trick. Nani wouldn’t put it past them, they have done so before. Many of witch she flipped right back on them and even escaped some of their deadliest ones with just a few bruises and scratches. She assumed that they would be smarter than this but apparently not. In all honesty it was a disappointment and that she expected more Something tricky, deadly, and hard to get out of. Then it brings her to the thought of who she is and what it is that she can do. Like her ability to read minds, predict her opponents next move. The whole concept of excitement was getting rather boring since there wasn’t really anyone else who had the same power that could put her to the test. Unlike her parents and older sister, Nani was more like Brian.

Brian was a dare devil in the flesh and would often take risks that seemed impossible. That is why these two siblings were like two peas in a pod. He would often take her out into the forest of which surrounded their village and teach her how to not be afraid. It’s okay to be afraid, but you have to know when it is okay to be afraid. And that will make all the difference, he once told her. It’s been years since she last visited him, she should do that once she has dealt with these imbeciles.

Nani calmed her thoughts to a slow pace so she can come up with a plan. ‘Think like Brian. What would he do?’ She asked herself. That’s when it hit her.

Nani had been gone for a while now and Lilo was getting restless. In all honesty, she hated when the bad people came. They would also try to take her away from Nani and hurt her. She just didn’t understand what Nani did to them to make them hate her. A distant memory came to Lilo all of the sudden. It seemed like it was yesterday but she knows it wasn’t because Nani was talking. Nani didn’t ever speak in front of her, nor anyone else for that matter.

She hopes Nani is okay. There wasn’t really any sound coming from where she was. No sounds of agony, screams, growling or anything breaking whether it was bones or tree limbs. The memory still bugged the tiny girl. Why was it so important that she remember now of all times? They usually gave her nightmares when she paid attention to them and they weren’t happy memories either. One memory was just pure darkness as she heard harsh whispers and household items breaking as well as someone, maybe more than a few feet pounding on the ceiling as she heard a baby’s cry. The crying was barely audible from where she was at and the whispers grew louder and louder but soon faded away in another direction, opposite of where they came. A heart wrenching howl was cut short as she heard bones break. What was going on? And more importantly, why couldn’t she see anything?

Her thoughts were cut short when she heard a twig snap. Lilo whipped her head in the direction of the sound and found a man walking past her from a distance. Who was he? What did he want? Why was he being so quiet? These thoughts rushed through without pausing to ponder them. The man was very tall, probably taller than Nani and she was just about six foot tall. He looked like he could hold himself in a fight against twenty of the bad people. His shaved head was a darkly rich brown and his skin tone was that of carmel. The beard that had already grown to cover the bottom half of his face was just as dark and short as his hair. One other thing that she notice was his scars. There were so many of them. Some as long as she is and others were the size of her head, length or width. They were all a bright shade of pecan. Besides that and the fact that there was about three others with him, was that he had a lot of knives with him. Again, some long some short. Lilo didn’t know a whole lot on anything for specifics only that she knows what she saw.

A giant paw stepped right in front of her face. Her eyes turned into pinpricks as it stepped away from her hiding spot and the paw alone was almost as big as her head. After taking a few steps away from her, she examined it. Pure black, stood taller than she was and looked like it could swallow her whole like a snake.

It walked over to the man and did the impossible. It spoke. It’s tone was obviously that of a male and from the sound of it, it seemed to be young. What was it? she asked herself. Fascinated by the large and deadly creature, Lilo decided she had to poke it, but couldn’t from this distance. She was going to try to use her camouflage skill. She hadn’t understood how to use it fully or what its ups and downs were but she figured she try. Nani didn’t let her use her abilities very often and when she did she could only use certain ones. It was more or less a bummer to her, nor was it entirely fair.

“I haven’t heard anything,” The creature said “nor seen anything. But I do smell Mathosila near here,” It paused for a moment and sniffed the air before saying “one of Lycan decent and a human. What do suppose a human is doing in these woods?”

“Not sure. Humans haven’t treaded these woods in five thousand years,” The man said, his voice deep and gruff as he spoke. “there would be no reason why they would come here. What of the Mathosila? What reason do they have coming into Lycan territory?”

“I would assume it would have something to do with the Lycan decedent. I have Titian checking it out as well as Soroarra who is scouting about the area for anymore of those filthy vermin.” The dog said. Lilo thought or rather assumed that it was a dire wolf but then compared the two and regarded the dire wolf to be bigger than whatever this was.

It was an animal, but one that could speak perfect english in a human tone of voice. And what was even stranger was that the bulky man understood every word that it said, perfectly and even held a conversation with it. But that’s the least of her problems. The wolf like creature started to speak in a foreign language. One that she never heard before.

“Utai ohni bahala.” It said and ran off. If Nani was here she would have known why it ran off like it did. Nani was in the process of teaching her how to speak telepathically. So far its been a tough battle to win. As long as you believe in yourself, you will never fail me, Nani told her. She doesn’t remember when but she knows that it was definitely her that told Lilo that.

The man started heading off as well. Lilo ducked back down in the hole so he wouldn’t see her. After a few minutes had passed, somehow the girl got it into her head that it would be a good idea to stick her head out to see if they’re gone. In an instant she was grabbed by her hair and lifted into the air, coming face to face with bright green eyes that at first were of anger.

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