The Guardian Angel

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One of their kind

It was the man that was just here. He had pretended that he left and instead of actually leaving, he hid behind the tree to wait for the right moment to snatch her up. As soon as the being realized that it was only a child, he set her down, letting go of the fist full of hair he had grabbed to get her out. Quickly Lilo tried turn dive right back into the hole. The black wolf towered over her as he blocked her way in

“I told you there was someone here.” It said.

“I see that.” he said before he turned his attention to Lilo. “I mean you no harm child. I and my friend here are scouters. We make sure our land is Mathosila free.”

he knelt to her level as he told her this. What land? What’s a Mathosila? Why don’t they belong here? The man barked a laugh at her confused state.

“I see you are very confused young one.” The wolf spoke up, sniffing the air around her.

“This is the scent of human that I picked up earlier. Why would they leave their young alone in these woods when they should very well know the stories that they make up for it?”

“I am known as Rifter and I am a proud Lycan of the Majoria tribe. These woods belong to my tribe.” Rifter said, holding out a hand to Lilo and dismissed the note of telling her what they do to trespassers. That kind of horror is not meant for innocent ears. Lilo kept in the middle of the two, watching and listening as the two began to banter back and forth in the unknown tounge.

“Kiwy narrie unna siki fe unti hety duna” which means, this little girl and we are the same. But the wolf didn’t see it as that.

“Hitatiy uoh, banh sheli uoh Banthy?” The wolf had asked Rifter ‘If so, then where is her mother?’ Mother. That was the one word that she caught. Nani had told her that their Banthy, or mother had taught her the ancient language in which you must be of that lineage to even begin learning it. So now all Lilo knows what they said was that it had something to do with mother. Did they know where her mother was? She didn’t have the chance to meet her but Nani says that she looks just like her and would one day grow up to her spitting image.

“Banthy..” Lilo said. It was an odd word to say, but it felt right.

“Do you know where your Banthy is girl?” The wolf asked. Lilo shook her head in response. She stared at the dirt beneath her feet as she sat on the ground. She’s always wanted to know what it was like to have a mom. Imagining that she’d be there when she had a nightmare that scared her to the point where she couldn’t just fall asleep again. Or that no one could match her home recipes and that would play with her until she was tired. And hold her close when she’d cry because she had hurt herself. Nani does all those things but she tells her that she’s not her mother, but her tinneh, her sister. Or Uri tinneh, older sister.

“Chaser, we will have to bring her back to an elder. If she is human and knows that Banthy is mother in the Lycan language than she might not be entirely human.” Rifter said as he tried to pick up Lilo. Lilo mewled a no and backed away. Showing them that she wants to stay right where she is.

Chaser huffed a laugh at the child. “Perhaps she is waiting for someone to come back. She does have the faint scent of the Lycan that I picked up. They could possibly know each other. Maybe this is their child? Many of Lycan children are born to look human before the scent kicks in. Maybe that is the case?” he had a point. Humming the thought for the moment and finally agreed. Rifter picked Lilo up just enough to hover over the ground as he set her back into the hole. That was when two more of those wolves came towards them. One was slightly larger than the other.

“Rifter, Chaser...I found multiple Mathosila cornering a Lycan-” A golden brown wolf said as it came to a stop, but was soon interrupted by Chaser.

“Then we must help before the child could suffer the same fate as them if that is their parental guardian.”

“You didn’t let me finish....They were all defeated by that one Lycan. She wasn’t even using her wolf abilities but yet she took down a small fleet of Niels’ scavengers without breaking a sweat. She -oof”

The smaller wolf next to him bumped him. He looked at her as she stare at the ground. More specifically at a burrow beneath a tree. One that had glowing blue eyes that looked a little too big for its owners face.

“Oh.” Was all the wolf could say.

“Hey there little one.” The smaller wolf had a higher tone of voice indicating that it was female. She turned her attention to Chaser and Rifter. “What is she dong out here all alone?” She had dark brown and silky looking fur. Unlike Chaser whom had yellow eyes, and the other male wolf whom had slightly greener shade, the girl had deep chestnut brown and they seemed so welcoming.

“A tale for another time.” Rifter said. “What of the girl?”

“Oh, she’s gone now but she doesn’t seem to like the Mathosila too much.” The male said. “Is that what you meant?” Chaser nodded to confirm his question.

“Huji nata fe niji kolua myebe teste huluahah mek walo hety teste, juya ki niji blain.” ‘For now we will leave until her guardian comes to get her, only then will we act’, he says.

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