Killing The Male

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Hack the Hacker

Chapter 14 Hack the Hacker

Skip was pacing the floor like a man possessed when they returned. Banging his mobile phone
against an empty palm he suddenly raised a finger pointing accusingly at the two visitors,
“What have you, Mr Nolan got me into?” He stressed the ‘you’ like a Scotsman, which he was originally while his tone was a mixture of fear and anger.
“What ever has happened ?” his visitor asked calmly.
“Just had the Big Bitch on and she has been penetrated, her defences fell and well...” his answer trailed off has he tried to digest the news. The he added, “no one has ever penetrated her before.”
“Was she a virgin?” asked the female Faye somewhat flippantly.
This threw a bucket of petrol on the fire.
“That,” Skip exploded shaking a fist in the air, ” is why I don’t allow fucking females in here.”
“Don’t swear.” Came the authority of Mr Nolan, “tell me what has happened.”

The young man paced the floor one more time, his almost emaciated body swinging as if in a storm, then he threw himself into a large executive swivel chair causing it to rotate violently.
“Big Bitch has been hacked and she thinks they are looking for me. She says she is sure it is from the work she has been doing finding this nurse of yours.”
“Has she any proof, it could be a coincidence?” suggest Mr Nolan.
Skip shrugged his shoulders as if it was a meaningless question.

“What about your system?” asked Faye from back in the shadows of the room.
“As good as they get, firewalls galore, anti malware, screw any bot you name it I have it, Proxy
servers all over the place. I make a living, Thanks to Mr Nolan here, testing systems for hacks so what do you think this will do to my reputation if I end up like Big Bitch?”
“Mr Nolan got you started in this business?” asked Faye intrigued
“Sure did, heading for detention centre, for hacking , he stepped in , found me a partner who is good at selling but crap at computers , got this place. I know it don’t look much, a disused corner shop in a bad part of town, but hell it beats a stretch inside and being buggered every night.”
“So how do you make your money.” Faye asked looking at the good Samaritan .
“JJ goes to big authorities like the police, companies etc and says do you want your security system to be given a work out?. Bit like giving your immune system at bug to defeat. They pay us and we write a report on what we find.”

“So what about the nurse?” cut in Mr Nolan.
By now, having got over his initial shock and anger, Skip suddenly appeared more upbeat.
“Two really good possibilities came up.”

Turning he pressed some keys and a young woman appeared on the main screen.
Spinning round his chair, he asked the shadows, “Is this the one you saw?”
“Could be , very similar, different hair do mind you.”
“Of course ” said Skip somewhat dismissive, “try this one.”
Another face appear and the response from the shadows was immediate.
“Yes, Yes, the eyes, the eyes have it. That’s her, definitely, the eyes. I will never forget the direct
look she gave me, only for a split second . So searching.”
“Eva Crick” the young man announced with pride.
“Well better than Eva Brick” quipped Faye
Both men turned and looked at her sternly, “this is no joking matter.” Her mentor said. The young woman pulled a face as if to say “uhh”.

“So Eva let us find out what you call yourself now. Should be easy with her date of birth,” Skip was talking to himself has he punched a large black keyboard which appeared to contain so many keys Faye did not think such a keyboard existed, anywhere.
“Babes tend to grow up and get married, more than once then bang we are chasing names a

Faye recognised the marriage registry logo and then the search screen scrolled.
Within no time at all she was looking at the marriage certificate of Eva Crick which enabled her to metamorphose into Eva Songster.
“We have an address but it looks like a student address.” Skip said in a matter of fact tone as if he had been here a hundred times.
“What about the groom?” queried Mr Nolan.
“Just let me screen shot that and store it ” answered Skip.
“Post grad research student” answered Faye reading the rest of the certificate.

Then suddenly all the screens began to die. One followed another as if in respect for each other until only the reading lamp on the main desk lit the room.
“What the ...” started Skip.
“Power cut?” stated Mr Nolan cutting him short.
“N..o ” skip replied slowly, “Power is on to the monitor and the all the other stuff and my main
power surge system is OK not tripped.”

Skip stared with total incredulity at the green writing that appeared on his main screen.
“Have I got your attention?” it said
Silence overwhelmed the room until Mr Nolan grabbed his two companions and dragged them to the darkest part of this disused shop.
“Can they see us or hear us?” he asked Skip.
But the youth was too much in shock. All he could say was
“I have been hacked. I have been hacked.” he said it at least four times until the larger male shook him by the shoulders.
“Skip, this is no ordinary hacker this is above anything you will ever know. Can they see us or hear us?”

Skip looked directly at Mr Nolan seeing a dark shape in the gloom.
“No to seeing us, I use sticking plaster over the camera, one of my security features. Very low tech I know but it works. Sound I think not, for if they had the sound card and sound system they would not have used the screen. It is a very slow and antiquated way to communicate but uses least energy. They appear to be running the system on the least energy having closed it down. That’s how they did it, closed us down and operating the screen from God knows where. My defences don’t bloody well work with the system switched off. But how did they do it?.”
Faye spoke for the first time, “Are these your people?” she whispered to her mentor.
In the gloom she thought his head nodded in confirmation.
Then Skip answered his own question ” wow, They are doing it through the Bios.” he said this in pure admiration.

Having not received an answer to the first question their uninvited guest posted a repeat,
“Did I get your attention..Skip?”
Before the youth could go into shock at his own name appearing on the screen,
Mr Nolan reassured him, “They got your name from Big Bitch”
After a moments silence, he spoke again, “Well, Skip answer them.”
Skip typed, “?? who the fuck are you?”
Screen: “Do not swear at me young man or I will destroy all your data and programs. ”
Skip: ” Screw you.”

Screen: ” My name is Akra and I am in control here. I am trying to find a male.”
Skip: “Aren’t we all?”
Screen: “this is a special Male, adopted by one Isabel Cable , He was called Clive. Do you know a Clive.?”
Skip half turned and looked at Mr Nolan who was standing directly behind him gripping the back of the executive chair as if being thrown out of a plane. He shook his head.
skip: “No Clive in my world.”
Screen: “Come, come Skip you have gone to a lot trouble to find Eva Songster ,why?”
Skip: It is what I do to pass the time. Go into a computer system ,have a look see and leave.
Screen: “Do not insult me Skip.”
Skip: “Sorry cannot help you ,now sod off.”
Screen : “Below is a number, ask Clive to phone it we have something from his mother who is now on Kron9.”
A mobile number in large red print appeared below. Mr Nolan made a note of it.
All three looked in silence at the screen and then suddenly as if by magic everything returned to normal. Skip’s little world began to turn again on its axis.

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