Killing The Male

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Part 3 The Greys:Mr Olivetti

Part 3 The Greys

1) Mr Olivetti

2) The Detective

3) The House of Koggi

4) Sultry

5) K-Kay

6) The Cabal

7) The Garage

Chapter 19 Mr Olivetti

It was a smoked filled den of with more than a hint of debauchery. The cigarette smoke was the least harmful substance there while the female employees were mainly topless, the men ignored them. One card game with no limit stakes that started at nine and was destined to run through the night occupied 6 players and four onlookers. In another world some four feet away several men smoked something strange and drank a yellow liquid of an unknown origin. Not far away in a small alcove one woman and three men sat in silence looking grim.

An older man joined them sitting close to the female facing the men. He had a shield of authority about him, dressed in a dark grey suit, open shirt, dark hair but with bushy grey eyebrows. Clearly his hair was coloured, his eye make up lacking the expert touch. His face was pinched, with dark darting eyes.

“They are here, two of them. Carla ?” he said this as if addressing the group. A waitress with large but deceptively firm breasts approach standing at his side waiting for a command.

“usual” he said and she tottered away on heels.

Two females approach the table, one very tall clad in skin tight leather outfit, the other much smaller but slim. Neither had any hair which had not been shaved and both walked slowly, eyes alert like eagles on a perch looking for food. The tall one carried a metal tube the size of a large cigar, the other nothing. The tall one gave the impression of superiority whilst the smaller who wore a suit, sported a business like approach.

“Mr Olivetti, ” said the smaller one with a smile of a greeting “my new associate Fen34" she waved her hand at her companion. The name Olivetti was famous in the town for ice-cream but that had been a long time ago. Yes, the name still appeared on vans and ice-cream cartons but in reality it was owned by a distant conglomerate, the Olivetti family having sold out and moved away many years ago, except one son who remained to make a living in the area of life between legal and illegal.

As they stood by the table looking down on the group the tall one spoke in a strange guttural language but very rapidly. The young woman seated leaned closer to the last Italian of this ice-cream family and whispered, “Human males stink, or are repulsive , take your pick.”

“What did she say, ” Asked Olivetti of the smaller of the two females.

“She says you are a fine body of men.”

Mr Olivetti smiled, “Is she armed?”

The smaller woman said one alien word and the tall female turned 360 degrees showing clearly the skin tight suit could hide nothing on her pencil thin figure.

“What is the tube?”

“A recording device.” said the smaller woman then spoke again in the strange tongue.

Her companion held up the device to all the see.

The older man’s companion picked up a pen and wrote on a pad “It’s a disrupter.”

Mr Olivetti read the note but showed no reaction. He showed no reaction when the waitress returned with a large malt and leaned across him, her breasts brushing his arm.

He motioned to the waitress who immediately secured two chairs and placed them for the guests.

“We screwed up.” Mr Olivetti opened, “I am truly sorry, ”

Mr Olivetti noted that the one called Fen34 seated herself first, showing rank, he thought.

“To lose the vest was criminal.” he said, lifting is palms to haven to apologise, “to let the quarry escape like that was also criminal.”

“The vest cannot be used without the control and you have that?” came searching question.

Two of the men moved uneasy in their seats then one placed a head band with what looked at buttons stitched onto it, in a yellow and red colour . “Here it is ” he said but in such a sheepish manner that both females studied him closely across the table.

“Is there something you are not telling us?” asked the smaller female.

“No , ” affirmed Mr Olivetti in a strong confident voice. “We have no idea who took it.”

“Your world is full of petty thieves” said his guest.

“Indeed, it is.” Mr Olivetti agreed then pressed on ready to change the subject, “The old woman vanished into thin air, is that normal where you come from?”

“Hardly,” she replied then looked at her companion.

Her companion spoke rapidly as if annoyed.

This time the young woman next to Mr Olivetti did not say anything or write anything, she looked blankly on.

“If you want a refund...” started Mr Olivetti

“There is the question of the male.” interrupted the smaller female.

The taller woman spoke with some anger and all those facing her got the impression they were not flavour of the month. The young seated woman again leaned into the employer, “She says, kill them all and get a new crew.”

Her employer nodded as he fully understood the situation yet he made no other gesture or utterance. Now the smaller female spoke with haste to her companion who appeared to accept the message if somewhat reluctantly.

On the notepad the young woman wrote. “Not time to train a new crew , need to find the human female as well as the male, then .” she wrote no more.

Looking briefly at his guest the older man tried to read her face only to find a blankness there that was like a flat calm sea, boring but still a worry for those trying to guess what comes next.

“K-Kay,” he said in a pleasing tone, “Can we have a private chat, just the two us?”

With just a nod of her head the smaller woman appeared pleased at the suggestion.

In a small office, she hardly waited for the door to close before starting to explain.

“Things have changed in my line of command. Fen34 is a top assassin, if we cannot retrieve the male in question she is here to kill him, denial of service they call it.”

More concerned with the immediate future, Ollivetti asked,

“the cigar size cylinder is a weapon, correct?”

K-Kay nodded reluctantly. The two had been working together for two years and she trusted this man as much as anyone on the planet. She understood his motives and pride and his prejudices.

“She wants to kill us and replace us , right.?”

" No ” replied K-kay, “Well,she is an assassin but there are limits, we need to find the male, capture him if possible and if not, well .....”

The unfinished sentence rattle the man, he paced round the office desk,

“Will she kill us if we find him?”

“If the mission is a success and we capture him, you will be rewarded and as an act of faith you can keep the diamonds we paid you for the botched job.”

This pleased the man since refunds can turn very messy in his line of business.

One little thing like an insect bite pinched his brain causing him to feel uneasy. “You told me, when we started looking for this man, that he was very, very valuable and could not be harmed but now you are prepared to kill him. What has changed.?”

“Line of command. A different group are top of the dung heap hence rules of engagement and they are more ruthless than the last leader. I think I have been watching too many your Hollywood films. Shall we say the priority had shifted.” The female answered nervously then sat down on the desk. Mr Olivetti walk round his desk staring down at the soft pile carpet , as if circling a golf hole in the ground, trying to decide how to putt.

He went on, ” my team are good, I will not replace them easily, also I will defend them to the last. Loyalty be-gets loyalty.”

“Loyalty is an admirable quality in humans but I am only interested in results and I cannot keep Fen34 on a leash for long, luckily she does not speak your language having just arrived.”

Then she added in a tone that was part pleading, part warning,

“You have to give me something, something to pacify her.”

“OK,” started Mr Olivetti slowly, “You said his immune system may be compromised and we have been bribing, thank God for Asian culture, NHS staff to gain access the patient records. That was a so slow and costly we had a brain wave and searched the staff. We found a number of staff who had low to medium skilled jobs in the immunology departments of various hospitals, then one of our informant mentioned that certain valuable drugs had been lost, wasted or corrupted which usually caused a stink. We managed to match these incidents up with one person who moved between hospitals but there is a snag.

“What is that.” asked K-Kay briskly as if impatient for an answer.

“That person is always different, different age, different nationality, different sex even on one occasion. Yet?

“And Yet?”

“My gut tells me we are dealing with the same person, one hell of a drag artist come chameleon or your people have even more strange abilities than I first thought. I don’t think they are agents working for him, take too long to train, such expertise is not in any D.I.Y manual.”

“That is progress of sorts.”

“Well, if I knew which hospital he would be at next we ..”

“Would notify me” K-Kay finished his sentence.

“Precisely ” affirmed Olivetti but thinking ‘like hell we would’.

His guest swung her legs off the desk and landed expertly like a gymnast dismounting.

“I will hold off Fen34, but my time here is limited.”

“Why is he valuable?” Olivetti asked this question every time they met but never got an answer so he was taken aback when she replied.

“Because he is a male with real balls, and those are exceedingly rare where I come from.”

Olivetti misread the answer replying “Brave men, truly brave men are not common but valuable.?”

“There is a market for everything Mr Olivetti.”

“so there is.” reflected Mr Olivetti to the empty office.

This woman was a strange beast he decided with now, an even stranger companion who he suspected was more than a match for most of his associates, as he like to call his hired muscle.

His younger female waitress stroke companion came in, near naked as usual, this time without a tray of drinks.

“You need anything ?” she asked suggestively, “Sultry, he answered, “in here quick.”

Sultry was the woman who could speak this strange language or at least a fair bit of it. As the waitress, who was very much at his beck and call was leaving he added, “And Carlo, him too.”

The three sat round the desk in a conference .

“Here it is, we keep the money for the failed job of snatching the old woman, but we sure as hell got to get this guy, the one we are following through the hospitals.”

“Mr Olivetti,” said Sultry who was always very respectful, ” this is a strange business and these are very strange people we are involved with. Perhaps we should...”

Her boss cut her short, “Too much money involved and anyway these characters are not going to say OK win some lose some and walk away, no sir they are not. This guy they are after is really, really important to them and I want to know why.”

“So” said Carlo, “may I suggest we ignore him and go after the nurse.”

“Why?” Asked Mr Olivetti.

“Because, we have seen the nurse, I don’t think she is a fake, but the man is a ghost with a different face for each day of the week. That nurse was there by accident , I am sure of it.”

“How so sure?” asked Sultry.

“The way she moved, the way she reacted, I don’t think she had fired a gun in her life.”

“Nearly took me out, the bitch.” snorted Sultry.

The three sat in silence while the boss thought about the course of action. When in thought he would put his hands on his head, then rub his right ear as if it bring forth a genie or something.

“Ok” he said at last, “If the nurse character is real should be easier to track down than this slippery toad of a man we are chasing. Both of you try to locate her and I will keep the rest of them on the male. If by some miracle we find her do not spook her, understand. You have 10 days .”

“Yes boss” both spoke as one as if they had planned the whole thing.

“What is the connection between the old woman, the nurse and the slippery toad.?” mused the boss man having forgotten his employees existed.

Carlo and Sultry looked at each other then left the room quietly.

The question was left unanswered.

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