Killing The Male

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Battle of the Bridge

Chapter 9 Battle of the Bridge

There was no mistaking the Range Rover that parked on the other side of the bridge. Without doubt Eva recognised it as the one she had spent cuddled up to at the farm.
She counted four occupants and guessed these must be the four, three men and one woman, also from the farm.
Akra confirmed this and also confirmed they were carrying weapons.

After a blazing row with her host and the newcomer who did not want Eva to face these people and had made a strange request of her that shook her moral confidence, Eva stepped out onto the snow covered road. Slowly shuffling her way in the snow to confront the Range Rover, the closer she got the larger and more menacing the vehicle looked. It is strange she thought that the car suits the owner, large, powerful, dangerous and above all, use to having its own way.

Her stomach turned, her legs felt weak while her mind raced itself to distraction. She had 11
minutes and 53 seconds to delay before the passing. In her hand was the revolver, fully loaded with the safety off. Having never fired a gun in her life she felt it was all for show. Firmly she clung to the notion that she would have no need to use it.

Prim had been dead against her going to delay the strangers while Akra supporter her old mistress on the grounds it was not Eva’s fight and if killed she could help neither Prim nor her son. Akra was also adamant she could not use her arsenal in support until after the passing, if then since energy levels were already low. S5 was of a different opinion since if she could buy the required time they could get away and the humans would lose interest in Eva, after all they had come for Prim.

For Eva’s part she felt a debt for she felt without the aid of Prim on that cold winter night should most probably have perished. Anyway, this beats the hell out of injections, bedpans, blood pressure readings and being nice to stuck up doctors. The danger of it all appealed to a deep up to now hidden part of her psyche.

At the entrance to the bridge the nurse stopped, holding the revolver casually at her side so the
opposition could clearly see she was armed. A sense of acting the part came over her so she took up a defiant stance with legs apart, head held high and with a facial expression of pure undiluted confidence. At least that was what she hoped she conveyed.

All four alighted from the Ranger Rover with the alpha male, a man of 6ft plus , heavy facial shadow, and open white T‐shirt underneath a very old black leather jacket. Casually he , like Eva, had a weapon which he held at his side almost mimicking his adversary. Two other humans stood behind the open doors of the Range Rover, one on each side, while the fourth , a male of small stature, stood to the side, almost leaning on the sand stone bridge. It was the female which caught Eva’s attention for she had neatly cut short black hair with minimum make up, and neat gold earrings. Not at all a brassy gangster’s moll. Eva thought she looked intelligent but had no real evidence for this conclusion. The question popped into Eva’s brain that this female was the real leader, the one with the ‘smarts’. On such instinct she decided if it became a shooting match she would target this ‘doll’.

‘Rubbish thinking’ she said to herself and waited for the big male to speak.
He opened the meeting with the proposition, “Give us the old lady, and you can go in peace.”
“What old lady?” countered Eva after a suitable pause to squander a little time.
The man seemed to bite his lip , holding himself in check before continuing,
“Please don’t play games, we know she travels in the camper van.” he gestured with a slight wave of the gun towards the camper.

Eva had a panic , “did they know about Akra? if they did that was her secret weapon for finding
Prim’s son gone. Also Akra would be a prize in her own right. Sure, there were computers that could beat the hell out of a chess master but this; Akra was something else.
“What would my mother say if I handed over my grandmother to a bunch of strangers on a bridge in the snow for no good reason except they were looking for an old lady, any old lady would do.” Eva felt pushy.
A small voice in her headset breathed , “well said.”

Then waving the gun casually as if to the make a point, ” What would you want with my
grandmother anyway, she is cantankerous , difficult, and dirty?”
There was a long pause as if he was waiting for instructions. This told Eva he was not certain of his information, his position, there was a doubt hanging in the air like an unused coat hanger in need of some data to place upon it.
At last he answered, “Her name is Prim and she is not like you and I. In fact this is not your fight so why risk your neck on a lost cause that has nothing to do with you?”
“My Grandmother, has everything to do with me, for some things are right and proper and that is how things should be. One does not hand over their grandmother to strangers. YOU may sell your grandmother for the price of a good time girl and a night of pleasure but not I.” Eva was surprised at her own fighting talk and clearly the male was getting angry.
“You bloody silly bitch.” he said

Just then headset come to life ,” They are leaving the camper, pretend you are handing them her over.”
“Very well” said Eva in a softer tone, ” I will show you my grandmother and you can decide if she fits your requirements.”
The man smiled, ” Seeing sense now are we.?”
There was another precious minute wasted then S5 slowly evolved from the body of the camper.

The big male stood his ground as if he expected this point to be the one of maximum conflict.
Prim could wait no longer she had to cover the ground ready for the passing, so she gingerly stepped into the open.
“Now we are really getting somewhere ” boomed the man. A sense of relief seemed to wash
through the gang of four. They had found their quarry, now they need only collect it.
He waited with a silly grin on his face as the two older women made their way towards the bridge.

Then, suddenly he realised they were not turning towards the bridge itself but going straight he
broke his position and stepped forward.
By some ancient instinctive reaction Eva stepped one step back and raised the gun. She had no
intention to fire but perhaps the tension got to her, or the sudden movement of the man caused a reflex action but the weapon added a clap of thunder to the peaceful air of the village. At that moment a train hurtled beneath them causing even more chaos. To her utter surprise Eva saw the glass shatter in the door window of the Range Rover behind which stood the female would be kidnapper.

To Eva’s horror the big man took one step forward, brought the shotgun level with his hip and pointed the barrel at Eva. The blast hit Eva, first one and then a second barrel almost simultaneously. Eva staggered backward surrounded by a blue light, quivering and dancing as it absorbed the energy. Looking down at her feet as she sorted her balance she could see the snow all around her melting and turning to steam. By some wizardry the grey tarmac, complete with dried cow manure appeared in a circle some 3ft in diameter. Recovering she brought the revolver up to eye level aimed at her adversary, the alpha male. However, he did not appear to notice her but was shouting at his comrades,
“Did you see that, they fucking disappeared.”

The young nurse turned her head and could see no trace of her two companions. What she did see out of the corner of her eye was Mr Penny, complete with shotgun arriving to investigate the noise.
‘Shit’ , thought Eva , ‘has everyone around here got a bloody firearm?’
“Don’t worry lass, ” he shouted raising his weapon, “I’ll even up the odds.”
As if to lend his support Mr Penny’s dog started to bark furiously.
Everything was getting out of control and it was only a matter of minutes before most of the village would appear.

Akra took matters into her own hands. The big camper’s engine started then it moved slowly at first then with great speed up the slight incline to Eva’s position.

Eva needed no instruction for she threw herself into the open door. Reversing and turning in one movement it stopped opposite Mr Penny.
“Go home for God’s sake, they will kill you, they cannot hurt me.” she shouted this with all the
sincerity and panic she could muster.
Then she heard the soft whirl of a starter motor and realised the Range Rover was on the move.
“Take the driver’s seat” Arkra commanded in her earpiece.
Ignoring the command Eva jumped out and grabbed the older man by the collar “Get the fuck
home.” his dog went mad.
“Stay Stinker” Mr Penny halted the dog .

Something strange in an incident packed with strange events took place. The air around them
quivered and felt hot, like opening an oven door briefly to look at a cake.
Both Eva and Mr Penny looked at each other unable to explain it. Then looking to the bridge they saw blue smoke coming from the Range Rover.
Realising significance of the blue smoke she abandoned Mr Penny and clambered back into the
“Drive , Drive she shouted but nothing happened. The engine idled in a state of readiness with
nothing to do for there was no command.
Now Eva was in the driver’s seat and on a totally black dashboard with no instruments to be seen was the stark green words,
“OUt of all Energy ‐Emergency shut down‐Akra.”
“Jesus ” Cried Eva, ” I have never driven anything like this before.”
She lurched 4ft then took off down the hill into the white mass of land through which somewhere, a road lay.

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