Jimmy Strong, Alien Expert!

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Jimmy Strong is a normal 11-year-old boy. One evening while wasting time waiting for his mum to come home from work, he has a chance encounter. From the semi-darkness he sees two people walk on water, how can this be happening. His new-found friends after their chance encounter open Jimmy’s eyes to a world way beyond his wildest dreams and he enjoys showing them around his world. The next month is one of fun and excitement and more than a little danger. But it all ends well and changes Jimmy’s life forever. Follow Jimmy’s first Alien encounters and be sure there are many more to come.

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Chapter 1

“Imagine if you can, that you are an alien being. You have secretly arrived on earth and now living amongst us. What would be the major requirements of that existence?” Mrs. Smith asked them.

This was the first-year English language class at Warburton comprehensive school. Mrs. Smith the English teacher had decided to get the students to write an essay on the subject of aliens. This was due to a recent spate of alleged UFO sightings in the local area. She knew this got the kid’s creative juices flowing.

Sitting in the classroom was 11-year-old Jimmy Strong, who looked over knowingly at Canasta Bridge and her brother Sydney and smiled. He like them knew more about this subject than anyone in the classroom or even the whole village would ever have imagined.

Jimmy lived on one of the local council estates and although much maligned by those that don’t live on them, they and the people on them are not all bad as some people like to make out.

Jimmy’s dad was a lorry driver, who spent lots of time away. Because he did national and international haulage for his company. His mum was working for a supermarket in the nearest town.

In the last few years, Jimmy had become quite self-sufficient for an eleven-year-old. Because of Dad being away quite often with work and his Mum having to work two nights a week sometimes until 9 pm. Recently, Saturdays and Sundays as well that she had no choice in having to work. He was quite mature for his age and it soon became clear, that within reason he didn’t need babysitting. He had his house keys on a chain around his neck, which he guarded with his life. His mobile phone was set to ring his Mum and Dad in an emergency and his parents had several good friends locally that kept an eye out for him.

“Yes Jimmy, enlighten us please?” Mrs. Smith asked.

Jimmy, who was daydreaming about all the things he knew, was taken aback at the sound of his name. Only then did he realize he had his hand up to answer the question.

“They would have to be able to blend in with us, Miss. So they would have to be able to take the form of humans. They would also need to be able to communicate with us so, they would have to have some sort of translator device like they use on Star trek.”

Everybody in the class laughed at the mention of the hit TV show.

“Thank you, Jimmy, very good” Mrs. Smith intoned. “Also Miss, they would have to find somewhere to hide their space ship or we would know they were here” Jimmy continued.

“Very true Jimmy, you seem to be an expert on the subject, I’ll expect a really good essay from you?”

“Ok class we have three things,” she said turning and writing on the blackboard that had been behind her.

1. Ability of verbal communication?

2. Ability to fit into society physically?

3. Need to hide their space ship from prying eyes?

“That’s a good set of things on which to base your essays, which you can start now and if not finished by the end of the lesson then hand them in tomorrow.”

Canasta held up her hand, “Yes young lady?”

“What if they didn’t want to go to the trouble of integration Miss, what if they just kept themselves hidden from the humans?”

“Yes Canasta that is also a possibility” she turned and wrote on the blackboard


“This doesn’t mean they have to be invisible. They could be invisible as aliens by assuming the form of something else, a dog or a cat perhaps, good answer Canasta!”

One of the classroom fools, Norman Rust, had to get his little joke in at this point.

“Miss, if they wanted to be invisible they could take the form of something inanimate, couldn’t they?”

“Yes Norman they could, that’s a very good point” She responded.

“Something like Mary Philips?” Norman interjected making fun of one of the girls in the class. In the short period that had passed so far in the term, everyone realized she didn’t like to exert too much energy.

“Not very funny Norman,” she told him, as Mary tried to look inconspicuous. But there were several giggles in the classroom.

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