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The Horizon

By Samuel Garbett All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Scifi


The year was 2865. The galaxy known as the Meridion Cloud, governed by the Novus Collective, had funded a voyage to colonise a new planet in the Capella Vortex. 

A scout party had relayed information that the planet, named Archimedes by it's founding scientists, had perfect living conditions and was currently uninhabited. The government poured money into the construction of a first-class CS22 model starship, a colony frigate large enough to hold four-hundred civilians. Said civilians had all volunteered to board in hopes of becoming the first generation of lifeforms on Archimedes.

The ship was controlled by Captain Victor Raymond, a renowned pilot responsible for the victory of three major space battles. He singlehandedly led an armada against an invading fleet of advanced pirates, defending the Meridion Cloud with minor casualties, rewarded with the undying respect and gratitude of the Novus Collective.

A few of the military personnel on board The Horizon consisted of Lieutenant Kara Jacobs, a young woman with a promising future ahead of her, taken under Raymond's wing. Lieutenant Uruk Gorge, an orc from the Gojak clan, was a fearless warrior before enlisting in the Meridion Corps, quickly climbing the ranks to become one of the first orc lieutenants in the field. Private Erin Jax, a tomboyish teenager, signed herself up for The Horizon's maiden voyage after learning that it was piloted by Captain Raymond, an early hero of hers. 

With medical doctor Jewel Firth accompanying the crew, the health of the ship's residents would be in more than capable hands. Doctor Yiri T'relm, an elven scientist, had volunteered to travel under Raymond's command in hopes of helping the academic advancement on Archimedes. His research and theories based around the development of biological cybernetics was close to legendary and he believed that this could only help his status.

Two engineers were recruited by the Novus Collective, Tene K'void, an elven male with two-hundred years of experience in hyperdrive repair and standard starship reconstruction, and Anith Brood, an anti-social man with a talent for electronics and spacecraft circuitry.

The journey had been planned and was expected to take no more than three years. The residents would make the ship their temporary home and had been supplied with enough food and drink to bide them over until their arrival on Archimedes.

They set off from the Meridion Cloud's capital planet of Diomia with crowds cheering and fanfares blaring. The Novus Collective had come through for the galaxy once again, promising an increase in resources once trade routes had been established between the two colonies. 

But thirty days after The Horizon left the spaceport, the ship began to malfunction drastically.

And this is where our tale begins.

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