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Entry Two

Project Oblicity Files - Entry Two


5:37 P.M

Characteristics of Oblicity

Oblicity has been unlike any substance seen before in the human history of synthetic materials. The substance has combined properties of multiple different materials and has many other undiscovered abilities. Doing a number of tests, we attempted to discover all the aspects and abilities of Oblicity to be able to use it to its best potential.


When undisturbed, Oblicity appears to be translucent and see through. However, with any sharp jabs or quick movements at Oblicity, the transparency aspect of it disappears. The entire material darkens and clouds up into a dark and opaque substance. The mentioned effect fades away to the normal appearance after being prodded in the same manner a second time.


The Oblicity is quite smooth to the touch, and has almost a gelatinous feel to it. It is quite malleable, and can be easily molded by a person’s hand. However, the material is extremely difficult to puncture through. When a needle was pushed into the surface of Oblicity, the substance immediately reacted to the movement. The surface of the Oblicity hardened for a mere moment, enough to expel out the sharp metal instrument.


The Oblicity, when exposed to regular air in Earth’s atmosphere, is not as affected by gravity as normal objects. When left alone, this substance will slowly float a few inches off the floor. It can be moved in any direction, yet still float in the air after being moved to a new location. Note:(Oblicity does not continually elevate in the air by itself. The substance stays in a stationary position, but can be pushed around in the air.)


The Oblicity tends to have a natural form: a thin, hollow sphere, similar to the appearance and build of a bubble. It can however, be manipulated into different shapes, in a nature of putty. When two clumps of Obliquity in its natural form collide, they grow into a larger sphere, spitting out white, irregular shaped,rigid globs in the process. Unfortunately we have not determined if the globs have any use, or are just an unnecessary side effect. At the current moment, the white globs are dubbed oblich. This oblich has none of the same aspects as Oblicity but has been proven to be of the same material.


A single bubble of Oblicity, the size of a tennis ball weighed on scale 2.7 grams. A piece of oblich of similar size weighed 3.2 grams.


7:52 P.M

Although oblich differs from Oblicity, it still has potentially valuable characteristics and could benefit from more testing.


8:59 P.M



The physical appearance of oblich differs greatly from Oblicity. It is not the malleable, clear, floating goopy substance that Oblicity was, although originally created from it. Oblich is a white, chalky colored shade, with occasional varianced patches of grey and clear spread throughout the surface of it. Its natural state appears in hand-sized,irregular shaped clumps. However, it shares one aspect with Oblicity - it also has the ability to float in the air. When placed side to side with a sphere of Oblicity in the air, the oblich seemed to be attracted to Oblicity. When the Oblicity was pushed in one direction, the floating oblich rushed towards it in every situation.


The texture of obich appears dry and flaky, but is actually the opposite. In fact, the material has a similar feel to oblicity, yet is much harder to manipulate and move. It is almost like semi solid Oblicity. Note: (An interesting test experiment showed that when oblich was passed through the surface of Oblicity, its characteristics changed. The oblich darkened to a dark grey tint, and solidified. Even if the oblich was exposed to air afterwards, it still stayed in that condition indefinitely.)

Special Property:

The oblich has one defining characteristic that Oblicity does not have- it is a potential edible food source. Note:(Oblich can only be consumed in its solidified form, not its original resting form. As noted earlier, oblich’s solidified form is created through passing through Oblicity matter. ) This was first tested without any test subjects actually consuming the substance. Instead, it was run through a machine that tested the chemical components of an object. Oblich contained low doses of Vitamin A (retinol), Vitamin C, (ascorbic acid)Vitamin E,(tocopherols) and multiple other nutrients, which wasn’t found in Oblicity. After learning this, a test was conducted with a rodent test subject. These rodents were only fed small portions of oblich each day for a time span of 3 week, but were otherwise left to do their daily activities. Note: (They were fed the oblich in small grey pellets) When they were released at the end of the 3 weeks, they were just as healthy from the start of the experiment. However, the rodents’ fur had turned all white, and their eyes dimmed to a grey tinge. The appearance of the rodents seemed to have no affect on their health. Another test was conducted by human volunteers in the same circumstances. Just like the rodents, they appeared perfectly healthy, yet their hair was bright white and their irises grey. However, for the human test subjects, we were also able to see how the skin was affected. The people’s skin was bleached of the normal warm orange and pink skin tones and were a pale white. Note:(Volunteers received unplanned payment at the end of the experiment due to the unexpected shock of the appearance of their skin.)


Department of Sciences

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