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Entry Three

Project Oblicity Files - Entry Three


8:38 P.M

Introduction of New Project Oblicity Plan Set In Motion Today.

Following up with Dr. Connor’s interview on Tuesday, we received 15 tons of Oblicity. With the substance was a plain file folder containing detailed out instructions on how to create more Oblicity. We recorded her words during the conducted interview, specifically related to her plan with Oblicity. Dr. Connor is no longer in charge of the material but will continue to aid in a new mission called Project Oblicity. In this project, a group of people would live in an Oblicity created environment and determine if life is possible other than the Earth’s surface. This project will be conducted over a 5 year time lapse, unless certain situations occur to terminate the project. The project is strictly government access only until it has succeeded or ended, to not further stir the general public into getting their hopes up. In the stimulated city, each household would live in their own Oblicity “Bubble”

Over a two month time period that started on Friday, households of all ages in the United States- excluding the households containing people who had physical or mental illnesses, elderly above the age of 85, and people of bad morals(criminals, or any people with severe misdemeanors or felonies ) - were placed in a poll. Out of that poll, 300 households were chosen to participate in Project Oblicity, and contacted by one of the agents. If the family decided not to participate, their place was recounted. It was made sure that the family was specifically told to tell no one about what they were doing. They were given the entirety of those two months to either decide and if they did decide to go, prepare to leave their normal lifestyle for 5 years. At this point they were not yet told what the experiment was. Once they agreed to participating and signed a non-disclosure document, they were able to learn the specifics. If asked why they were leaving, we had supplied them with the excuse that they were on a business trip. Of course, we met a dilemma along the data. Not many parents would allow for their children to participate in a “secret government research project” for 5 years of their life. With these people, we decided to give them a more ideal reason for going, if they chose, as incorporating children in the living households would benefit the project. If any family chose to spend 2 years in the experiment, they would receive 200,000 dollars by government funding. This was enough to sway most people selected who were indecisive, but not all of them.


87.32% of households selected chose to participate in the experiment for the whole 5 years, no added incentive included.

13.47% of households selected were persuaded to participate in the experiment if also receiving the incentive.

0.54% chose to back out of the experiment entirely.

There were multiple papers the households had to sign before taking the next step. Each household member, excluding young children unable to write or read and infants had to read through the documents carefully before signing and printing their name at the bottom in specifically red pen. They first had to sign a paper agreeing not to reveal any of the Project’s contents to anyone outside the experiment. Another needed each household’s permission acknowledging that they would be responsible if any harm came to them, and would be their fault. The last document they had to fill in was personal, and asked about their personalities, their hobbies that they enjoyed, and their level of education.

After that process, the households that completed the documents correctly were given an unmarked, yellow package sent from the Government of Sciences. In the package ,contained a small, pink plastic ticket, a brochure, a piece of paper with writing on it, and a lighter. The ticket was marked with the seal of the Government of Science, and was the entry pass to the apartment complex where they would meet with the organizers of Project Oblicity. The brochure in the letter explained the very basis of the ideas of the experiment, but more information would come later in the organized Project Oblicity event, which had the time, date, and location written on the slip of paper. The adults of the house were instructed to burn and destroy the piece of paper as soon as they committed it to memory.

Omitted Example of a page of document:

{Project Oblicity - A New Fantastic World!

Hello! If you’re reading this, then that means YOU have been chosen as one of the 250 households for Project Oblicity, a new conducted study by the Government of Sciences!

Now, I’m sure you are wondering what Project Oblicity is? You signed all the papers, prepared to pack your belongings, and you have been waiting patiently after completing all of the intended steps.

As you all know, pollution of the Earth has worsened over time, to the point where global warming is a real and vital threat to our planet. Especially America, where many people have carelessly forgotten what is more important- their enjoyment of the health of Earth? While it won’t affect you now, think about your children, your grandchildren, and generations below you. How would you feel if they had to suffer consequences due to your actions in your past?

So far, just trying to reduce pollution doesn’t seem to work. So we’ve tried going at a different angle. With the help of Dr.Connor Haley, a specialist in biotechnology, we have created an simulated environment where people live with no pollution - at all! For five years, your household and 299 others will be living next to in the beta version before we introduce it to others! Don’t worry about your children, as they will be provided with the entertainment they desire and a proper education by professional teachers.

At the end of the two years, if the experiment is provided successfully, we will slowly present the idea to the public and start integrating new people and possible cities of these simulated environments to counteract climate change!

This simulated environment is much different then you might imagine - no matter how intense your imagination is! So sit down, and try not to be shocked.

The simulated environment, dubbed Oblicity, has a structure completely created out of a new, synthetic material … also called oblicity. Haven’t heard of it? Well, it hasn’t been released to the general public yet, so that might be why. Oblicity is a clear, stretchy, flexible, and malleable material that also has a property where it floats. The residents of Project Oblicity will be living in round, oblicity shaped spheres, 7.2 miles above Earth’s surface area.

Yep! You will be living in what essentially appears to be floating bubbles in the sky! But don’t worry, the material that the homes are made out of were heavily tested beforehand and guaranteed safe.

How would one even survive in bubbles in the sky, especially at such a high distance? Well, most of the credit goes towards the material of Oblicity. The substance has a unique quality of being able to remove carbon dioxide from the air and supply oxygen to people as well.

The next dilemma to face is the food situation. We actually will only be supplying everyone food for 3 weeks before stopping. Worried? Don’t be! You see, we want Project Oblicity to be as self sustainable as possible, and one way we can do that is by the food. The 3 weeks of food in the beginning of the two years is just so that everyone can slowly adjust to eating oblich.

What’s Oblich? Well, Oblich was discovered with Oblicity. Basically, this material grows with the simulated environment. Each time you interact with another household, or a school, or just want a break from being cramped inside a bubble- we’ll explain more details about how this is possible later - oblich is produced in the aftermath. Oblich appears as small white and unevenly shaped clumps, and contains vitamins and nutrients enough for even a babe or a growing child!. It is also very filling, so only eating a piece or two for a meal is enough to last until 5 or 6 hours. Another good thing about eating oblich is that it can properly hydrate a person, needing no need for water. Now, if you love to eat different types of food, this might seem horrifying and uncomfortable, but don’t worry - you will adjust!

One unfortunate side effect of the oblich is the fact that your physical characteristics might alter a small bit. By the end of the first month of consuming oblich, you might notice that your skin, hair and eyes are starting to lighten. By the end of the second month, your skin and your hair will appear to be completely bleached white, and your eyes pale to a grey. While there is no way to completely remove the side effects at the moment, our scientists are researching ways to counteract or prevent the process at this very second. By the end of the first 5 years we should have a solution.

Now, take a look at the other items in your packages. The first thing that you should pick out is a small pink plastic card. This card is your passage, or ticket to the Project Oblicty meeting, where you will learn more information about your living situations, and meet the people you will be living with for the next 5 years. The slip of paper in the package gives you instructions on how to get there, the proper attire to wear, the date, time, and all of the important information about the meeting.

Please take the lighter given in the package and make sure to burn the slip of paper before you leave!

Q & A:

If I want to leave Project Oblicity right now, could I?

Unfortunately, sorry to break it to you, but it’s too late to back out now! As you have already signed the disclosure documents and read important information regarding Project Oblicity, you are not allowed to option out. You were already given the chance for that earlier.

However if you try to leave the project, or share any of the information provided here with third party outside sources in any manner, the consequences will not be worth it. Acting against government rules can strip you of your citizenship and much worse.

Will I be able to contact any of my friends or family other than my household during my two year time period?

Similar to the earlier question, the answer to this is a big, fat NO. You are not allowed to contact anyone, even just to talk to them, due to the high circumstances of revealing Project Oblicity by accident. Another more important reason why is simple because it wouldn’t be possible. No technology is used in Project Oblicity, and the only people you will be able to be in reach from outside the simulated environment is us.

Am I going to be famous after this? Will my name be in some sort of record?

If the experiment runs smoothly for the intended 5 years, then yes, your name will be put into the records for the first people to live in a simulated floating bubble environment. To be honest, that will probably give you a lot of media attention that you may or may not wish for yourself.

If I go through the 5 years of the ‘beta version’ of the simulated environment, am I able to stay if it is successful and becomes a full on city?

Yes, any are welcome! You may want to anyways, as through the 5 years you might get accustomed to the peaceful ways of your bubble home. We in fact persuade you to take that path once the 5 years are over!

Will there be medical coverage or insurance if I hurt myself during the 5 years?

Sorry, but unfortunately, you don’t. Any injuries that occur to you or anyone in your household are not on us, and you are responsible for them.

Take pride in knowing that participating in Project Oblicity will be doing a great deed for the entire planet. It will be long, but worth it. We’ll be seeing you soon!

- Sponsors of Project Oblicity}


-Department of Sciences

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